c***dhood lover and her mum :P

this was about two months ago and i was over at my friends house revising for my exams. i had always liked her but i never thought that she liked me. so, we were sitting in her garden reading over some notes and then she turned to the subject of sex. she asked me if i had fucked anyone yet and i said yes. she then followed by saying she was saving herself. my heart sank as i thought that my chance of banging my c***dhood love was over.

i sat there and asked if i could use her bathroom. she obviously said yes so i took myself into the bathroom. then when i was half way through pissing i saw her reflection in the mirror looking through the gap where the door didn't close properly. i said 'i see you' and she there was no answer. i then said 'i see you liz' but then she said 'its not liz. its jane.' jane was her mum so my eyes shot out of my sockets and i rushed towards the door. Jane was such a MILF it was unreal. i ran to the door and she burst in pushing me back and shoving her hand down my trousers grabbing my cock. she moved down onto her knees and pulled my trousers down while doing it. she licked my shaft down to my balls and then put her mouth over my eight inch now hard cock. she slowly put her head down and down and started deepthroating and it felt amazing. she told me to sit down on the toilet and then kept sucking my cock.

by now liz was getting suspicious to what i was doing. i heard her call my name and then heard her coming up the stairs. i told jane to get off my dick so she didn't find us. jane instantly repeated 'she wont mind, she'll probably join in.' my dream was nearly coming true. a threesome with a MILF and and beautiful c***dhood lover. there was a knocking at the door. 'Tim are you ok' i repeated with my voice sounding strange as my dick was being sucked and it felt so good. she entered the bathroom to be shocked, but delighted. she slowly walked over to me and pusher her mum aside and started giving me a handjob and then started licking my japseye. i shivered in pleasure and asked if we should move into the bedroom and they agreed.

i was lead into the bedroom and pushed onto the bed on my back. liz started to pull down her panties to reveal her virgin pussy. she slowly mounted my cock and her mum stood at my head so i could lick her pussy. it was so sweet and moist but her daughter was so fucking tight. she slowly moved down my wet cock and she started to moan very loud. you could see that she wasnt used to fucking and i could see some bl**d on my dick from her virgin pussy. she then got off my dick and then cleaned the bl**d off my dick with her mouth. she swapped position with her mum and then i could unleash my cock on her loose moist and mature pussy thrusted hard and powerfully and then i felt the cum pumping up my cock. she rode my cock and then i cummed inside her warm, wet and loose pussy.

i was finished and then i recovered and told liz to get up on her hands and knees and show me her virgin ass. my wet dick needed no lube and i gently inserted my wet cock into her tight ass. i cummed in minutes of entering her ass becuse it was so tight. it was amazing. the best day of my life.
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