I Can't Control It

woke up, laying on my left side, to the sound of Marissa making quiet whimpering noises. I
knew it was her because she had an unmistakable “little girl” voice that she moaned with while we had
sex. Or while she masturbated. Just whenever she had pleasure.. down there... My back was to the edge of the bed, and normally Marissa slept in my arms more towards the wall. I opened my eyes and saw
her over on my small blue couch in the corner of my room. She had her legs pulled up and head down,
curled in a ball with both hands in between her small thighs. Her back was to me, I only saw her back.
Marissa has a tight, round ass. She is a light skinned latina with long, bright brown hair that reached
nearly to the middle of her back. Marissa's eyes were a sexy light brow, darker than her hair. Her lips
where plump, and she had a round set of 38B tits, and her small pinkish-brown nipples perked up.
I smiled because I knew she was probably over there fingering herself, and I wanted to go help
get her off. Right as I went to pull the covers off me, I notice that I wasn't even covered. My room was
abnormally warm for it being the middle of December, and my ceiling fan twirling at full speed. I was
already naked from last nights fun, and so was she. We've been together for over 2 years, now. Right as I went to stand, I sniffed in a musky, bleach type scent. It was really funny smelling. Not totally
bad, but sort of a pool stench. I don't have a pool, nor do any of my neighbors, so this was strange to
I twisted myself up and stepped out of bed, stretching out my tired legs. While I rubbed my
face, I noticed there was some wet stuff around my mouth. I thought it was just drool at first, I seem to
produce a lot. But, I found that this is what the smell was. It was fucking cum!
“What the fuck?!” I exclaimed as I took a step towards Marissa.
She was startled and jerked her head around to see me. I felt sweat down my ass crack when I
walked, an abnormal amount, so I tried to wipe it away. It sure as hell didn't feel like sweat. I also
found more covering my stomach, cock, balls, and thighs. The cum was in my ass and everywhere else.
“Oh my fucking god!” I was almost yelling now. “Marissa, what the fuck happened?!” I was so
shocked to wake up and find myself covered in a guys cum... it pissed me off. I am definitely NOT gay. “Seth... I, uh...” Marissa stuttered in a very soft Spanish accent. It was really Americanized.
“You what?” I demanded an answer with a scowl on my face. “How the FUCK are you going to
explain this? What the FUCK did you do?” I walked right up to her but she stayed curled in her ball.
“What the hell is going on Marissa? Did you let some guy fuck me last night? Tell me right NOW!”
“No, Seth, I swear!” Marissa had a shocked look on her face. Presumably because I’ve never
yelled at her before, we've never actually had a fight.
“Then tell me what the fuck all this shit on me is!”
“It's cum, Seth! But, I didn't let a guy fuck you, I swear.”
I almost puked from the thought of being covered in cum. Sure I’ve came on my stomach when
I jacked off, but never like this, not in my ass, not around my mouth!
“So tell me what the fuck is going on!” I screamed at her.
“Oh god, Seth...” Marissa started crying. I didn't feel bad, given the circumstances. “I... it's so
fucking crazy, I honestly can't explain it!” She was pretty much sobbing now.

That's when it happened. That's when she showed me... her... dick... Marissa stood up and
showed me HER DICK!

“Um.. What the fuck?” I stared at it quizzically. “That wasn't there last night!”
“Yeah, no shit, Seth! I don't know what the fuck is going on... I’ve been jacking off none stop, I
can't control myself! How do guys live with this thing?!”
This actually made me sort of smile, but I was hiding it from Marissa... It was so god damn
funny I could barely control myself. But what she said next made me lose all sense of humor...
“I used your ass and mouth to get me off, baby, I’m so sorry.”
Marissa looked so innocent and horrified and sad all at the same time that I just couldn't be mad
at her anymore... It wasn't alright that she did it, but I was done screaming.
“Uh... it's not alright, but I forgive you... I guess...”
Marissa gave me a giant hug. She squeezed me tight and I felt her hard cock press against my
balls. The tip pushed them backwards between my legs. Her cum was squished between my thighs and
her thighs and hips. I pushed her back to look at the thing again. It was huge! At least 3 inches bigger
than mine.
“How the hell did this happen?”
“I have no idea, Seth, I’m so scared.”
“I'm so jealous...” I said smiling.
“It's not funny, asshole!” Marissa cried and punched my chest.
She was still so hard it's crazy... Marissa told me she came about 4 times already since she woke
up less than an hour ago.
“How are you still going?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“I don't know!” She stared desperately at me. “It feels so good to cum.” She started stroking her giant, thick cock again, I believe u*********sly.
Her eyes told me she was longing to cum, and eager to fuck something. I handed her my pocket
pussy from my top drawer and a bottle of lube. She unloaded a giant squeeze of the clear gel into the
hole and started frantically jacking off with it. Down to her balls, the pocket pussy didn't cover half of
her long cock, and it was so thick it started to rip the sides of it. Only a couple seconds later, she shot
her load. It flew a couple feet and hit me around my cock, balls, and stomach area. She came so much,
so many strings of her sticky white cum flew and covered me and the floor in front of me.
“Oh, shit...” She moaned, but Marissa didn't go soft at all.
“Holy fuck...” I whispered. “I'm gonna go take a shower.”
As I turned around, the pocket pussy broke and her cock slipped out. There was no longer a hole
for her to contain the giant b**st. Marissa stood and trotted up behind me. She grabbed me by my waist
and crammed her monster cock deep into my asshole.
“I'm so sorry, Seth, but I have to fuck something!” Marissa sounded in such despair and filled
with lust.
“No... Get the fuck off!” I grunted as she plunged my, already cum filled, ass. But, I couldn't
make her stop.
Cum oozed from my ass, sliding passed the sides of her cock. She was fucking my cream
filling out of me. It actually didn't hurt since my asshole was already well-fucked and lubed by her
shemale cock and seed. I swear, when she got balls deep, her near nine inch dick was pushing passed the opening of my colon and moving in an inch or two. It hurt a bit because it felt like her penis was
going inside of my stomach. Marissa locked her arms around my waist and I held on to them for dear
life. She only pulled out a half an inch or so before cramming it back deep inside my nearly virgin ass.
She fucked my ass so hard and fast...
After a minute or so, I actually started to LOVE the feeling of my full asshole. My stuffed little
fuck hole that was being abused and stretched by my shemale girlfriend. When I started to fuck her
back, Marissa told me to reach around and spread my cheeks wide open for her. Once I did that, I felt
the full f***e of her amazing dick. Her balls were between my cheeks and her dick buried deep to the
base. Now it was going into my colon by surely more than two inches! I couldn't take it anymore, with
my loud moaning against hers, I shot my load all over the floor. It wasn't as spectacular as Marissa’s,
but I didn't even have to touch myself in order to blow more cum than I ever have in my life. My hole
twitched and tugged on Marissa’s cock just perfect enough to make her start unloading inside of me. I
loved it and never wanted it to end.
Marissa exploded in me. She covered the soft, warm walls of my asshole and filled it in to the
brim. I felt every strand of her hot sticky mess shoot inside me. It was at maximum capacity when she pulled out. Her seed just started dumping from my used fuck hole. It leaked between my crack, down
my thighs and even ran down the back of my balls. Marissa then told me to sit on my knees, touching my cock in the pool of my own cum. I got down on the hard wood floor as she demanded. She then dangled the freakishly large and still rock hard prick in front of my face.
“Suck me off, baby boy.” Her eyes were so lust filled and her hips still moved back in forth
waiting for my warm wet mouth to wrap around her hard dick.
I did as I was told and opened wide. I didn't even have to go to her, she shoved deep in my
mouth, and didn't stop at my throat. By the time Marissa was balls deep in my face, I was deep
throating at least 5 inches of her shemale cock. She started ramming herself in and out of my face. I
was being throated by my girlfriend's penis! Marissa placed her hands on the back of my head, and
every time I tried to come off for air, she f***ed me to keep sucking. I couldn't breathe, and that left
me with no energy to fight against her. I started regurgitating the cum she shot down my throat while I
was sl**ping, but she only fucked it back down. Wet sloshing noises echoed from inside my mouth as
bucket loads of drool spilled down my chin and hung in long sticky strands from my face and Marissa’s
I was sweating terribly and my eyes were so watery that I couldn't see a thing. My entire face
was drenched, from either sweat, tears, or my own slobber. My whole mouth and lips were wetted by
my spit and leaked it profusely. My saliva pooled inside my mouth and was running out the corners
and down my chin and chest. I squeezed my eyes shut for a few seconds. When I opened them again,
my eyes were rolled in the back of my head. Half from pleasure, half from lack of oxygen. This made
Marissa f***e herself to stop. I gasped giant breathes of air, but only got four gulps before she rammed
herself deep down my throat again. This went on for about seven minutes, my entire front, including
my balls, were flushed with my own sticky and wet slobber. She plunged my throat until I was within
and inch of my life, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head, and then she finally let me breathe.
Finally, Marissa started to cum, again. She shot to strikes down my throat directly into my
stomach, and then she started to pull out. Some of her cum spilled out of my nose as it laced my entire
throat, coating the inside with hot, sticky cum. Most of her shemale seed overflowed my mouth. It
gurgled out with my mouth pointing up and glazed half my face. Marissa glazed the other parts as she
shot her last bits of potent baby juice across my willing head. She was finally satisfied and her prick
finally started to deflate. Marissa got on her knees with me and gave me a hard, sticky hug and a big
kiss on my cum filled mouth. She stuck her tongue inside and swirled it around in the bucket of
shemale sperm she unleashed into my mouth. When she pulled way, strings of her own cum were
hanging from her mouth, and she tried to lick them all up.
“Swallow it all, baby...” she whispered to me.

So I did...
100% (9/0)
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