Valerie had moved on from our life together with a vengeance; at first, “a vengeance” could be taken literally. She destroyed me in the courtroom during the custody hearing. Her lawyer made me sound like the second coming of Charles Manson or something. I had never intended to try and take Madison away from Val; she was far more fit to raise a c***d than I was. But Valerie had all but cut me from any form of visitation. I had been busted a few times, and Valerie, once drawn to my whole “bad boy” thing, had decided to remove me from Madison’s life completely.

But time, and her happy, stable second marriage—which was stronger than ever after six years—had softened her. I didn’t realize it at the time, but there had been some changes in me as well. Val had picked up on that. She was always the sharp one. She had finally let me become part of Madison’s life, and I was determined not to screw it up. So, I had agreed to take a parent-teacher conference. It had seemed like a good idea, but I was finding that I hated it, and I hadn’t even been in to see the teacher yet.

Val had married herself a handsome architect, ten years our senior, but still in his early thirties at the time, and she and Madison moved to a part of town where my “type” was not appreciated. I sat in a tiny chair in the school hallway and drew cold stares from the yuppies waiting to be told how brilliant their little third-graders were. They could read the schedule posted on the door and they were not pleased to see I was next and had been blocked out for twenty minutes instead of the normal ten. They assumed that meant that my c***d was some sort of troublemaker and the poor teacher would need extra time to go over all of her shortcomings. Of course, they assumed that. I had trimmed my beard neatly and tied my hair back into a nice tail, but I wasn’t going to wear a shirt and tie as I rode my bike over to the school. I’d noticed there weren’t any other Harleys in the lot when I pulled in. So, while I was clean and had on my best-smelling cologne, my leather jacket, jeans and boots made me stand out like a redheaded stepc***d—in a Chinese f****y.

The door opened and a well-dressed black couple stepped out of the room. “So nice to see you again, Doctor James; Mr. James,” a pleasant female voice said from inside the room. “I’ll give you a call about that fundraiser next week.” They said goodnight and headed out, grinning from ear-to-ear as Doctor James clutched a report card that practically glowed in her slender hand. A very pretty young woman in her mid-twenties stepped out of the room and glanced at the schedule. She had on a skirt and sweater combination that spoke of both youth and professionalism. Her round little glasses and short blonde hair were adorable, but also made her look “all business.” This little woman was the type that could make me look like an idiot, and her beauty, and the way my heart leapt when I saw her, would make it all the worse. She looked around for Val or her husband. “Anyone here for Madison Wright?” she asked. Everyone looked at the biker-dude. Who else was going to have the double session?

“I’m Madison’s dad,” I said, standing. Some of the staring faces turned away as I drew up to my full height. Sometimes it was nice to be a big man.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, not quite hiding her surprise. “Well, come on in,” she said pleasantly as she recovered. The teacher noticed the chilly looks I got. “We have extra time blocked off,” she added. “We need to talk about getting Maddy into the gifted and talented program.” Just like that, this girl was rapidly becoming my favorite teacher ever. I followed her into the room, barely attempting to hide my grin. The yuppies didn’t need to know all Madison’s smarts came from Valerie.

“Thanks for that,” I said as the door closed.

“What? Oh, it’s all true, and people around here rub me the wrong way sometimes. Please keep that last comment under your hat.”

“I’m Brian Walker. Madison uses her step-dad’s name.” That used to bother me, but lately I had found that Valerie had good reason to give the c***d Elliot’s last name. He had earned the honor; I had not.

“Nice to meet you, Mister Walker. I’m Miss Shevenko. Please have a seat.” I looked at the tiny chair. Miss Shevenko laughed. Her laugh had an earthy quality that I immediately found appealing. She went to her desk and pulled out the office chair and offered it to me. She sat in one of the little chairs. She actually fit in it pretty damned well, and didn’t seemed embarrassed or put off by putting the six-and-a-half foot man in a chair that made him an extra eight inches taller than her. She was confident. She leaned forward in her chair. I started out trying to lean back, to give her room, but had to lean forward to see the papers in her hand. Jesus, did she smell terrific. When I had drawn closer, she paused for a moment. I was afraid my proximity was frightening her. “Sorry,” she said. “My favorite b*****r wears that cologne. Might be why he’s my favorite.” She blushed only slightly, and regained her professionalism almost immediately. “Let’s talk about Madison’s academic progress,” she said showing me some testing graphs. “When we were just doing traditional mathematical operations, she did fine, but since the principal has allowed me to start employing cognitively guided instruction, she has blossomed into a shining star.”

“Miss Shevenko, you lost me at cogently. It sounds like you’re telling me you figured out she’s smart.”

“That’s exactly what I meant. When we tell her exactly what to do, she does okay with it. When we give her a problem and let her solve it her own way, she does it better than any of the c***dren in her class. She stacks up pretty well against the top fifth grader we have in school, and he’s considered exceptional. I’d like to put her into the gifted program, but I need parental consent.”

“I was always kind of figuring out new ways to do the math when I was a little shaver.”

“Did the teacher put you in the gifted program?”

“No, she made me stay in at recess until I did it her way.”

“That’s a shame, Mr. Walker. I’m hoping we can do better by Maddy.”

“Well, I don’t have custody at all, so I’ll have to ask Val. But it sounds like her cup of tea.” The rest of the conference went at least as well. There were lots of details and papers I had to take to Val. What I remembered most, though, was that there was a very pretty girl with blue eyes behind cute little glasses and a full chest under a sweater that was neither loose nor tight, and she was telling me that my k** was great. I felt incredibly proud, even though I wished I’d had more to do with Madison turning out that way. I left with a nice handshake, and got close enough to get one last whiff of the pretty teacher. Miss Shevenko smelled as good as she looked, and that hardly seemed possible.

This was the last conference of the year. I figured I’d never see her again, and if I did it would be sheer dumb luck. But at the end of the conference she had handed me a fundraiser sheet, and for some reason, I didn’t give that to Val. I went to work on it myself. For the next few weeks, I sold scented candles to bikers in every dive on the wrong side of town. I had four things going for me. They didn’t already have them; I convinced them their old ladies would love them as presents; I was big; they were d***k. I did pretty well hitting up my co-workers at the glass factory as well. At the end of two weeks, I showed up at the school, got a visitor’s pass from the office, and went to my daughter’s classroom. They still remembered me from conferences, so they let me in the building. I presented Miss Shevenko with an envelope with over two thousand dollars in it. She was overjoyed. She nominated me for something called “Star Parent of the Month.” That was hysterical to me, but it was meant as a nice thing.

I won the damned award. My boss not only gave me the morning off to receive the award, he sent one of the office girls to take pictures so that it could go in the company newsletter. I was invited to the end of the quarter assembly at the school and got a little plaque, and the school took a picture of me as well—to put on the big display in the school cafeteria. I had had my picture up on a wall before, but under entirely different circumstances. I was really happy. Then, the principal asked me to say a few words. I ain’t scared of much, but public speaking terrified the shit out of me. I’d always just taken the F instead of getting up and giving a speech in front of the class. The teachers just assumed I was lazy. I was about to refuse to speak, but then my eyes found Madison in the crowd. She was so beautiful, and she looked proud of me. She deserved something.

I went to the mic and closed my eyes. “I-I have a daughter…” I stammered. I opened my eyes and saw Madison there, on the edge of her seat, waiting for me to say something intelligent. “She’s very bright and very sweet, and she deserved a better dad than me. She got one in her stepdad, Elliot. But I’m doing my best now. I will do anything for her, even if that means not being a loser anymore.” There was an awkward silence. Madison smiled, but cried a little at the same time. Miss Shevenko was beginning to mist up as well. “But this award shouldn’t be mine. It should be Madison’s. She makes me be a better person. She’s an angel, and she’s so beautiful.” I started to walk away from the mic, figuring I’d said enough. But it felt so uncomfortable for everyone, too heavy for the moment. So, I stepped back to the mic. “And with Maddy being so beautiful, I just want to remind all you boys that she’s got a big scary biker dude for a dad. Treat her nice.” There was kind laughter from the teachers and parents, and I quit while I was ahead.

After the assembly, I headed toward the exit, but Miss Shevenko caught up with me in the noisy hallway. “Mr. Walker! Mr. Walker!” she called, but I didn’t really think of that as my name, so it didn’t catch my attention. “Brian!” I stopped and turned back to see the pretty teacher behind me. “That was incredible. I cried a little.”

“You are a damned kind woman, Miss Shevenko. I know I’m no good at talking to a crowd.”

“It was the most sincere moment we’ve ever had at one of these things. Thank you, Brian.”

“You’re a hell of a good teacher, Miss Shevenko.”

“Sashka. My friends call me Sassy, but not at school. Call me Sassy when you see me out and about, though.”

“I don’t think we’re likely to end up at the same places.”

“Maybe not…unless we plan it out ahead of time. I’m in the book.” She was gone before I could say another word.

I thought about not calling her. What the hell would we have in common? But, in the end, I decided that if I wanted to be this new man I had shot my mouth off about becoming, I would have to learn how to behave in proper circles. I wasn’t ever gonna give up bikes and dives, but I could learn how to fit other things into my life as well. So, I called. “Um, Miss Shevenko? It’s Brian Walker.”

“Is this about school?” she said sweetly.

“Um, no.”

“Well, then I’m sorry, Mr. Walker. Miss Shevenko magically disappears when she drives off the school lot and magically reappears at 7 AM. Now, if Brian wanted to talk to Sassy, then something could be arranged.”

“Hi, this is Brian. Mr. Walker had to leave. While I’m on the line, could I talk to Sassy?”

“Brian!” she said excitedly, almost squealed, to be honest. “I was hoping you’d call.”

“Sassy, could I take you out to dinner?”

“I would like that, Brian.”

“Um, Friday at 7?”


“I have a car. You don’t need to worry about riding on the back of a bike.”

“I was kind of thinking I might ride my own bike. I’m not a biker chick or anything, but I like to ride my little Ninja 250.”

“I like leaning the other direction when I ride,” I said with a little laugh.

She chuckled back. “Well, with your long legs I can see why,” she said. “You’d have your knees on your chin trying my bike! Tell ya what. Let’s skip the dinner on Friday and ride up the coast Saturday morning instead. We can stop at Mustang Sally’s Roadhouse for lunch. It’s pretty tame during the day, and I won’t get laughed out of the joint for having a little bike.”

We set the date and spent the morning riding up the coast. I had two-way radio headsets and we had a wonderful time chatting. On the way back we sat at a little overlook and she snuggled in close enough for me to get an arm around her. There was nothing suggestive about it, just a nice little cuddle. I liked her. She was a very regular-girl type of person, not what I had expected from a college-educated woman. She had cute red leathers that hugged her form, and I really liked that, too. We started riding often, but the dates ended with just nice little kisses. She was a good kisser, and she liked to let these kissy-face sessions go on for a while, but she never got carried away or wound me up too badly. Then, on about our seventh or eighth date, she broke off the kiss at her door and invited me in—just to talk.

She had a very tiny apartment, even smaller than mine. I made quite a bit more at my job than she did. The boss had taken a chance on me after we did some aptitude testing and got me trained to be a mold maker. It was pretty specialized work, and it paid pretty well. Sassy asked me to sit down and got me a beer. She removed her red leather jacket and hung it on the kitchen chair. She wore a black t-shirt with a big red heart and crossed silver daggers on it. Her full bust stretched it pretty far. I really liked the shirt.

She sat in the chair, passing up the chance to sit next to me on the couch. I figured our little fling had reached the end. I understood. What future was there in this relationship? I’d miss her, though. “Brian, where would you like this to go?” She was usually pretty straightforward, so it didn’t take me by surprise.

“Well, I don’t know that it matters much, because I think it’s about to end, isn’t it?”

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“You, Sas? You’re a dream. I just figured this was the talk where you pointed out how different we are.”

“I don’t feel a whole lot different from you. I think I’m pretty different from who you were a while back, but I think we’re pretty much on the same page with things now. Am I way off base?”

I had to think about that. “Well, I’m not sure how I’d fit in with the PTO at your school.”

“Brian, I don’t fit in with the PTO at the school. It’s a rich neighborhood. I was raised working class, and I recognize the value of a guy who holds a steady job even if he doesn’t have a college degree. My dad and b*****rs don’t have degrees, and I love them something awful. They’re the ones who taught me to love bikes. You’re more like them than I’m like the folks in my district.”

“You do seem pretty down to earth, Sassy. I really like that about you.”

“And you told me that you had a wild past, but how many of the bad things you did have you done in the last five years?”

“None, I guess.” I was liking this talk.

“I want us to be something more than what we are right now. You’re sweet to me and to your daughter. And you’re a big handsome boy, and I like big handsome boys.”

“You’re sweet to me and my daughter, and you’re a beautiful little girl. I like beautiful girls.”

“Well, then.”

“Well, then…” Time to cowboy up wasn’t it? “I would like you to be my old lady, Sassy. You have more class than any girl I’ve ever dated, but you’re fun. Stuff with you, it’s all from the heart, no bullshit.”

“Thank you for that, Brian. I would like to be your old lady. And I’d like you to be my boy. Let’s make sure we agree on what that means though. To me that means no other girls for you or boys for me, and we actually become a daily part of each other’s lives. Seeing you once a week has been fun, but I need to either go forward or end it. Otherwise, I’m gonna get hurt.”

“I like everything you just said, Sas.”

“Well, then let’s talk about sex.”

“Go right ahead.” I had been the first one to say I wanted our relationship to become steady. It was her turn to take the lead.

She still didn’t move toward me. She peeled the label off of her beer bottle in one whole piece and then stuck it back on as she thought about how she was going to proceed. “I want to have sex… pretty soon. But not right now. I’m a one-man girl, and you’re that one man to me now, and hopefully for a very long time to come, but it would seem weird to start fucking right on the end of this serious conversation.”

“I understand that, Sassy.”

“You’re sweet and shy about some things with me, Brian, but you’re also tough and confident in most ways and with other people. I want the sweetness between us always, but not the shyness. I don’t want you to be shy about anything with me. I’m a grade school teacher all day long, but I’m not a priss.” She put a little extra emphasis on the last word. She obviously didn’t like to have people think of her that way.

“No, you’re definitely not a priss, Sassy.”

“I like the confident side of you I see with your friends. From now on, be that guy with me.”

“I hear you. So, next time I come over?”

“Probably, Brian; let’s not set it in stone, though. We’ll take it as it comes.”

“Damn, Sassy, you do think like I do a lot of the time! Until next time, then?”

She finally moved to me and I rose to meet her. She kissed me warmly. I put my hands on the seat of her leathers and she put her hands on the back of my jeans and squeezed my ass. I was glad I wore chaps instead of full leathers. “Until next time,” she said in kind of a dreamy voice. She kissed me goodbye. We broke the kiss and I headed out the door.

Sassy had invited the cocky side of me into the relationship. I stood outside the door only long enough to remove my chaps. Then I knocked again, planning to declare it was now the next time. She was waiting right at the door for me. “You are so fucking smart!” she said as she threw the door open wide and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. She pulled me on top of her, sliding me out of my jacket as she did so. She didn’t pause, but proceeded to take off my t-shirt. I rolled onto my back. “You first,” I said, letting my confident side take over. Sassy nodded and smiled. She got up and stood at the foot of the bed. She put her right foot up on the end of the bed and pulled her boot off and let it drop to the floor with a thump. She repeated the display with the other boot and then looked at me to ask if she should get my boots while she was down there. I nodded slightly, and she slowly pulled my boots off. I love my boots, but damn it feels good when they come off like that!

Sassy began to remove her glasses. “No,” I said. She smiled and left them on as she slowly unzipped the leather pants she wore. That made a fucking great sound. She had to do a little wiggling to get out of them, and she played it up for me. She turned so that I could watch her ass as she bent to lower the pants to the floor. She stood at the end of the bed in just her panties, t-shirt and little socks. She took the socks off and shot them at me like a k** with a rubber band. Well, teachers like to claim they learn things from the k**s. She reached for the bottom of her shirt. “That stays on for now,” I said. “I like the way it looks on you. Do that magic trick girls do where you take the bra off and don’t take the shirt off.” Something told me that Sassy would know how. She did. That thing turns me on every time. She finished with a flourish and let the bra float slowly down to the ground. She had a very full bust, but she was only twenty-four and in good shape. Her breasts hadn’t dropped much when she removed their support. It was a more impressive trick than removing the bra from beneath the shirt.

“You like my tits, don’t you?”

“You’re getting sassy.”

“No, baby. You’re getting Sassy.” Good girl.

“So, Sassy, you a screamer?”

“Not really, but I’m a bit of a cusser. And I tend to really encourage my boy. I hope you like that.”

“That’ll do just fine.” I patted the bed and she crawled in next to me. “I like little shows like what you just did with the pants.”


“You can dance for me.” She started to get up. “I meant as a general suggestion for some time down the road. Right now, I want you here.” I pulled her to me and kissed her, putting my hands on her ass. “That’s a fine little ass,” I said when we came up for air.

“And I was worried about you being shy.” She laughed softly and opened the fly of my jeans. She reached in and grabbed my cock. “I knew you’d be big,” she said with a smile. I had to return the smile. What else could I do? She slowly stroked me for a while, not teasingly, but not in a hurry to do other things either. We were both happy. I massaged her ass, and she massaged my cock.

I began to form an idea about Sassy. She wasn’t a loose woman, but she liked sex and she knew what the hell she was doing. I was the one who finally decided I needed to move things along. I needed to get free of the jeans. “Go ahead and take my Levis off.” Sassy pulled my jeans off slowly, and got my socks while she was down there. She touched her glasses and looked at me. They were adorable, but could get in the way sometimes. I nodded and she put them on the dresser. She returned and kissed her way back up my thigh. She gently cupped my balls with one hand and grasped my cock with her other. She put her pretty mouth over my cock and began to swirl her tongue around it as she bobbed up and down. She really got the notion of pacing. She would go slow for a while and then speed up just before it got to be something less than perfect. Then, she would slow back down before she made me cum in her mouth. She knew it wasn’t where I wanted to cum the first time with her. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t cum where I thought I was going to anyway.

She pulled off of my cock and smiled. She had gone as far as she could three times without my letting one fly. Sassy straddled me and began to rub her panty-ed crotch slowly up and down my erection. That moved me to action. I grabbed her ass and rolled her quickly to her back. I was a little rough in the way I snatched her panties off of her, and she gasped and seemed excited by the sudden physical assertiveness and the hunger it implied. She had me fired up, and she knew it.

I was a little shocked and even more fired up to see her pussy was bare. Every day in front of those k**s, walking down the school hallway, sitting in parent teacher conferences, with a bare pussy. “I love being eaten,” she said almost breathlessly. “A bare pussy is good for that.” I buried my face in her sweet little cunt and went at her greedily. I sucked at her lips and kissed her clit a few times. It stood up nicely, asking to be found. I slid down and began to tongue her opening. She fingered her clit from above as I stayed low.

When my tongue grew tired from working her delicious little pussy, I slid a finger into her, then crossed another over it and began going in and out at a nice steady pace. I knelt over her then, so I could watch her work herself as I finger-fucked her snatch. The pretty little teacher had fair skin, and it began to flush red as she got more and more excited. I moved to the side a bit so I could massage her tits through her black t-shirt. She moaned softly, but she didn’t put on a show. She was into what she was experiencing, and she kept her focus on that. When I stretched down to kiss her, she grabbed the back of my neck and took my tongue into her mouth. She liked kisses; I had learned that early on.

“You are so fucking hot,” I whispered.

“I’m gonna cum, baby. Watch me cum for you.” She kept going for another minute, and I pulled my fingers from her and watched as she worked toward her finish. I had always loved watching women do this while I fondled them. I was part of it, but I also knew that I was getting back and staying out of her way so she could hit the right spot. Sassy surprised me a little by grabbing my hand at the very end and pressing it beneath hers. She kept her rubbing motions, but let my hand be the thing that she actually touched against her sex. She came with a series of quiet little “Aaaaahs.” She had worked for it eagerly, but now let it come naturally. It didn’t diminish her desire, but it relaxed her in a most appealing way. She sighed and looked up at me. “Thanks for the help.”

I went back between her knees and kissed her labia and snuck a few licks. I knew that in her relaxed state she wouldn’t be too sensitive for that. I just had to taste that wonderful little pussy again. “You are so beautiful, Sassy. I love your body.”

“I need a good fucking,” she said. “A really good hard fucking to get us started off right.” She had let me go long enough without contact that I wasn’t going to cum ten seconds after I started. She had brought me almost painfully close to the edge several times, and that sometimes actually made me take longer to finish in the end. It wasn’t lost on me that she had referred to the good hard fucking as a way to get us started. She had lots of ideas in her pretty little head.

I lined myself up to enter her. “You really are a beautiful woman, Sassy,” I said. She smiled and urged me on with her eyes. I ran my thumb up the length of her slit to help open her up. I didn’t want anything to get caught and pinched. Besides, I loved to touch her bare pussy. That had never been a fetish for me, but it looked great on her. She was definitely an adult woman, so it didn’t make her look like a little girl. That was definitely not one of my fetishes. I rubbed her clit just a little with my thumb, and she reached toward it with her hips. That provided a very nice angle, and I pushed into her.

“Hell, yes, big man,” she said as I entered her. “You fill a girl up good.” She wasn’t k**ding about giving encouragement. I responded immediately to her words. I felt great, and I wanted to make her feel the same way. I began to swing myself into her with long slow strokes. “So deep inside me. So deep inside me.” I began to pick up the speed a little. “Oh, yes. Give it to me good, Brian. I want this so much, baby.” I had wanted to be as controlled and perfect as she had been, but she was getting me really fired up. “Give me your strength, Brian. Fuck me good and hard.” I let myself go. I drew as far as I could without slipping out and drove back in until our hips met. I did that over and over again. “Hell yes. Hell yes. Your big cock hits my clit every time. God, you can fuck, Brian!” I was starting to sweat from the exertion. I was giving her everything I had now. She was timing her responses perfectly, and made the most of everything I did.

She continuously spoke encouraging words about how good I was, but it was Sassy who was great at this. Sometimes a guy has to change angles to find a spot that pleases his girl, but with Sassy all I had to do was keep a good steady pace, and she shifted herself in just the right ways to maximize our pleasure. Her tits bounced under her black t-shirt we had never gotten around to removing. Each time I thrust into her naked pussy, Sassy’s full breasts would bob up and down. “Best… ever had,” I grunted. “Best cunt… world!”

“Thank you!” she squealed in delight.

“So fucking hot… wet!”

“I am hot and wet… You make me hot and wet… Don’t hold back, baby… I had one already.” Among the many amazing things this beautiful little blond had to offer, was her ability to get words out when she fucked. She had perfect timing. I could grunt a few words, but she could speak with inflection. I’d never had a girl so good with her lovemaking talk. “Cum for me, baby. I want your cum!” That wasn’t going to be a problem. I’d started this out wanting to make it last, but she was urging me to just let it go. She had said this was just the start.

I watched her tits bounce beneath the heart on her shirt. “On… shirt… Love… shirt!”

“Cover it with cum. I want to see your cum on me!” I didn’t know I was going to ask for the shirt thing, but I was overjoyed she was into it. I hammered her until I was close to the very edge. Then I pulled out as I began to erupt. The first string caught the top edge of her bare pussy, but the next several shot across her body, leaving a trail up to the neckline of her t-shirt. I was still in the throes of a very hard fuck, and I put my big hands up onto her tits and kneaded them. She bucked against my thigh, rubbing herself there and moaning as I worked her breasts. I finally slowed as I regained my senses. “You did me good, baby,” she said. “Want a breather?”

“Just for a minute or two. You are so hot, Sassy. I can keep going for you.”

“Good, Brian. I want you to. It’s been a long time for me, and I like to fuck.”

I lay next to her and kissed her. “Sassy, if I was as good at something as you are at fucking I’d like to do it to.”

“That was nice,” she said. She kissed me again.

“Sassy, how’d you get to be such an incredible kisser?”

“Oh, I’ve always loved kissing,” she said. “And I had lots of practice. I liked boys all along, but I didn’t start fucking until I was a sophomore in college. I just didn’t feel ready for it. So, I had long kissing sessions.” She showed me some more of her marvelous technique. It had been a long time since I had made out for more than a few minutes before moving on to heavy action. I took my time and actually got distracted from the notion of getting back to fucking. I was enjoying just being treated to her lips and tongue. She knew I was loving it, and she went with it. “This is fantastic,” she said. “When you’re ready, just take charge and let me know. I could do this all night, but I’m willing to do anything else you want to do.” We kissed some more while I dreamed up things I’d like to do to her.

“Take off that shirt,” I said when I knew I just had to have more of her gorgeous body.

“Free at last, girls!” she cried as she let her big breasts fall free. She had big areolae and bright pink nipples. They were very erect, and I just had to roll them around between my lips and tongue for a while.

“Play with your pussy while I do it.” She happily obliged, and she moaned softly as I continued to suck and nip at her breasts.

“I want you in me,” she said dreamily.

“Best pussy in the world,” I said. “Glad to oblige. Ride me like that little crotch rocket you drive.”

“The Ninja is a sport bike,” she corrected. “That monster between your legs is a crotch rocket.”

“Sassy is such a good name for you.” She smiled and stroked my cock a few times to make sure I was fully erect. Certain that I was ready, she mounted me, facing toward my feet and her hands on my knees.

“Holy shit,” she whispered as she took me inside of her. “This is a good place for me. I should hang out here more often.”

“Open all night.”

“It’s just like on our bikes,” she said. “You lean back and I lean forward.” She began to ride me with a simple up and down motion at first, after a while she began to snake her body and I found that she could create incredible sensations with minimal movement. She was going slowly again. She had the best sense of when to do that. She kept up her slow slithering movements for a nice long time.

“Holy hell, Sassy, can you ever fuck!” She gave me a naughty grin as she turned back over her shoulder. I lost my ability to keep still. I began driving up into her. She leaned forward and held herself steady against my knees. I had to keep a hand on top of her ass to keep her from flying off of me. As my grip on her began to settle, I found that my other hand couldn’t behave. I used the thumb and finger of that hand to split her ass cheeks apart. She didn’t seem surprised or frightened by that, so I snuck the thumb from my top hand down to her little asshole and began to play at it.

“I love it in my ass,” she said. “Your hand is big, though. Let me get something.” She scrambled off of my legs and got some lube from the dresser. She didn’t return to her reverse cowgirl position. She got on the bed on all fours and handed me the tube. “Just go slow. I haven’t done it a lot, and your fingers are huge… Not to mention your cock.”

“You… you want that for sure?”

“Hell, yes, Brian. I’m not a priss.”

That she wasn’t. “Elbows down. Ass up.” Sassy liked the firmness in my voice. I squeezed quite a bit of the lube onto my fingers and inserted my index finger.

“Fuck yes,” she said as it entered her. “That’s good, baby.” I worked that finger slowly for a while. She was tight back there, but she didn’t fight against me, and that made me confident she was going to be able to do this. She never seemed to wince or flinch. I crossed my index finger under my middle finger and worked both fingers into her tiny hole. “Oh, hell. Your cock is gonna be huge in there,” she said. Sassy always had lots of inflection in the way she spoke, and there was both anticipation and a touch of nervousness in her voice. She began to move to meet my probing fingers. “Gotta get loosened up,” she said. I held my fingers still and let her work herself around on them for a while.

I was getting incredibly turned on from this action, and my head was filling with ideas. “Sassy, are you pretty flexible?”

“Loaded question,” she grunted. Even she had limits to how much she could talk while fucking something up her ass. Then she answered the loaded question with better news than I had dared hope for. “Yoga,” she groaned. “I can put… both legs… behind my head.”

“Put some lube on my cock.” She turned and got the tube from me and pushed me to my back and then stroked me with the lube for a bit. She knew I didn’t need to get harder, but was pleased with the idea of getting me slick. She also liked the expression on my face as she pumped me. “Back to where we were, girl.” She got herself into the reverse cowgirl, but lined me up with her asshole. “Guide it in. Your pace.” I propped myself up on my hands so I could watch her sit on my cock and let it slide slowly into her ass. I stacked the pillows behind me to help with the end of my devious plan.

“UNNNNH!” she grunted as she worked her way down onto me. She circled a bit to work me deeper. She would stop and let herself get used to fitting me into her incredibly tight ass. “I need a little help,” she said. “Push it in all the way.” I gave it a good thrust. “OHHHH FUCK!” she yelled. “Big boy,” she whispered when she caught her breath. “Good to go… Where’s the yoga come in?”

“Right here,” I said. I had been watching a little porno earlier in the week. Yes, I had pictured Sassy in the female lead. I sat up and slid my arms behind her knees; she brought them up almost to her ears with little effort. I kept my elbows behind her knees and locked my hands behind her neck in a “Full Nelson” wrestling hold. I leaned back on the pillows and pulled her with me. I began to fuck her ass fast and hard.

“Holy fuck! Holy FUCK!” she yelled. “Hell yes! Hell yes, Brian!” I pounded into her from what I was finding a remarkably comfortable position. She had no problem maintaining the position either. Her ass was tight from every angle and squeezed the living hell out of the cock that pounded it. I’d been in a few asses before, but Sassy’s was not one I had expected to ever really be pounding like this. It was incredible to have a classy girl I really cared for be so open to this kind of action. Hell, I never would have even thought to ask if she hadn’t led me there.

“You beautiful little fuck!” I yelled. “You are so damned gorgeous.”

“Keep doing… me hard, baby!”

“You’re no priss, Sassy!”

“Fuck my ass, Brian! Fuck your old lady!”

I kept going as hard as I could. She had brought me close to the edge with the handjob before we started. Smart girl. She was letting me get my rocks off without having to go at her little ass all night. “Gonna cum, Sas!”

She called out short exclamations. “Cum in my ass, baby!” “Cum in my ass, Brian!” “Cum in my ass, my big lover!”

That sort of encouragement deserved a speedy response. I unleashed in her ass, letting go of my hold and taking her hips to hold her down as I came deep inside of her firm little ass. “OHHHHHHH, HELLLLL YESSSSS!” I hissed, as my pumping slowed.

Sassy surprised me again. She crawled back to all fours and let me watch my cum drip out of her tiny hole. She made small gyrations to entice me with it. “You said you like little shows,” she after a while. “How was that?”

“That was real good, Sassy. You are the best at everything we’ve ever done.”

“Thank you, Brian. I’m pretty good at co-ed showers, too.”

“I bet you are.”

“Let’s get really nice and clean, and then we can get all dirty again.”

“Miss Shevenko, you sure assign a lot of homework!”

“This is just the beginning of the term,” she said. “Wait until you see the final.”

I was sticking around for that. I surely was. Best teacher ever.

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