I pulled the car up quickly to the doors of the junior high. Erin had sounded quite distraught on the phone. I was afraid that something awful had happened to her or one of her friends at the dance. My parents were going through this “rediscovering each other” phase and left me to take care of my little s****r about two weekends a month. I really didn’t mind. She was three years younger than me, but she was a really cool k**. Since Mom and Dad had been pretty much ignoring us the last couple years, the two of us had grown really close. In some ways, I was more of a protective parent to Erin than Dad had ever been.

I hadn’t even managed to get out of the car before Erin burst out of the doors and rushed to the car. Her head was down, her brand new high heeled shoes were in her hand, and she was obviously upset. She got into the passenger seat and did not make eye contact. “Please, Dylan, just take me home,” she said, sniffing back tears.

I dropped the car into gear and began to slowly roll out of the lot. Then it occurred to me that even when she was upset, Erin always gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek whenever I picked her up from anything. “Erin, look at me,” I said firmly, but without scolding. She lifted her head and I saw the beginnings of a little shiner beneath her left eye. “I’m gonna fucking kill that k**!” I roared as I slammed the brakes and brought the car to a screeching halt.

“Dylan, no! Ian didn’t do this!”

“Well, who the hell did hit you?”

“No one! Courtney and I got into a shoving match and I tripped on my high heels and hit the rail of the entrance ramp.”

“You got into a shoving match with your best friend?” I asked, amazed. The girls almost never even argued. Erin nodded. I formed a theory. “That Ian k**?” I asked.

“He kissed her! My first ever date, and he kissed her right on the lips in front of everyone!”

“Did Courtney kiss him back?”

“Not really, but she didn’t stop him either.”

“k**s your age shouldn’t be kissing anyone.”

“Dylan, don’t be such an old prude.”

“You’re barely f******n, s*s.”

“How old were you when you got your first real kiss?”

“Well, I was eleven….” I answered and searched for a way to show how it was different. “… but I was a boy!”

“Was the other person a boy, too?” I had to admire her for that one. It was a good shot.

“Well, no.” It was unnerving to me the way my little s****r had learned how to argue with me in the last year or so. She won these little spats more often than not; she was incredibly smart, far sharper than I had ever been. I never got asked to go to Math Camp or the State Youth Orchestra Invitational.

She finished me off. “And the girl… was she a ho because she was kissing you?”

“No, she was a good girl, a real angel.”


“I withdraw the assertion…. But why the hell was that dickwad kissing Courtney when he had another date?”

“You know why.”

“I do?”

“Dylan… we’ve noticed how you look at her. You try not to, but even some of the girls’ dads have a hard time not looking at her like that once in a while. Courtney has quite the set of tits now.”

“Erin, I don’t mean to be creepy like that. I’m really sorry.”

“Well, I know you’re trying to be a grown-up, but you’re still a boy. It’s what boys do when she’s around.”

“And this Ian?”

“He’s a boy, too, and Courtney likes him as much as I do. He only asked me because Courtney was already going with Kevin.”

“It was still a dickhead move, asking you and then kissing her. Someone should straighten that little shit out.”

“Don’t worry; Kevin gave him a bl**dy nose and a black eye that looks way worse than mine.”

“I like Kevin,” I said.

Erin giggled. “So do I, now. But the punch wasn’t about me. It was about Courtney.” She sighed and wiped away the last of her tears. “Dylan?” Suddenly, the little girl side of Erin was beginning to peek out again. “I have to tell you something.” The dread in her voice frightened me. What had happened that she feared telling me? Had there been more inappropriate touching at this dance?

“Go ahead, s*s. It’s okay.”

“I—I—broke my glasses again.” I laughed out loud. “Dylan, Mom and Dad got so mad when I used to break my glasses!”

“You broke four pair in one school year! But you’ve been careful since then. You don’t throw them in your pocket and go play kickball at recess anymore. It’s been three years since you broke a pair. You’re a big girl, now. Even big girls have accidents and break things once in a while. They won’t be mad.”

“Nobody else thinks I’m a big girl. Ian only asked me out because everyone decided they needed dates for the dance and Courtney was taken. Everyone thinks of me as a k**.”

“I’m sure some of the boys think you’re cute. And I hate to admit it, but you’re going to start getting curves of your own pretty soon.” We pulled into the driveway and parked. “Wait in the car, Erin.” I moved around to her door to let her out. She was surprised. “At least one member of my gender should treat you like a lady on the night of your first dance.”

Erin bounced out of the car and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. She put her arm around my back and leaned into me as I walked her into the house. Her little hand reached up and made a few small circles on my back. For a second, I flashed on the end of my own junior high dates. None of my dates back then had been so damned cute. I looked down at my s****r and saw her differently than I ever had before. She was little, just like the eleven-year-old girl I had given my first kiss. Without her glasses, Erin’s big blue eyes were striking, even with a little mouse under the left one. Her long straight red hair was shiny, and her brave smile as she gazed up at me was utterly charming.

We entered the kitchen and sat at the table. The big house was strangely quiet these days. Mom and Dad were at a “couples encounter” whatever the hell that is. I was beginning to wonder if they were turning into Swingers. “Want some ice?” I asked.

“No. Mrs. Handley put ice on it when it first happened. Did it swell up really bad?”

“No. It’s not much of a shiner. You’ve sure had worse.” She giggled at that. She had always been the one of us with sc****d knees and black eyes. “I doubt you’ve had many nights go worse than this, though.”

“I thought it was the worst night ever, until you showed up. You make everything better, Dylan.”

“That’s what a big b*****r is for,” I said. “So was any part of it fun?”

“Not really. He didn’t even give me a flower like most of the girls got.” I gestured that she should wait right there. I went out to the bushes outside the door and came back in with a cute pink blossom. I didn’t really have any idea what kind it was. Mom was the gardener. I just watered whatever came up in the spring. I found a big baby pin and pinned the flower on the front of her dress. Erin held onto my hand as I did it. Her hand was really warm. The blossom wasn’t a perfect corsage, but it looked adorable on Erin. She smiled and gave me another kiss on my cheek. She left her arms around my neck.

“You look wonderful, Erin. I know the junior high boys don’t see it yet, but in a couple years you are going to be one of the hottest girls in your whole class.”

“We’re eighth graders, Dylan; we don’t much care about two years from now.”

“I suppose that’s true. And boys our age don’t really understand what good genes you have.” It was a reference to our mother’s beauty.

“True,” she answered. “I have a very handsome b*****r.” She smiled and batted her big blue eyes.

“And apparently, you also know how to flirt.”

“You started it.”

“I guess I did.”

“I like it, Dylan. No one ever tells me I’m pretty.”

“Erin, you are really pretty. Not two years from now… right now.” Her response to this took me off guard. She kissed me on the lips. Part of me wanted to react with shock and move away, but the kiss had been so sweet and innocent. Besides, she had already had an awful night. No need to pile on by making her feel like she’d upset me, especially when she really hadn’t. “So, what else did this little jerk forget to do?”

“He didn’t ask me to dance. Not once! I have never danced with a boy.”

“Mom and Dad need to put you into a school with higher entrance standards.” I got up and offered her my hand. She took it and I led her into the living room. I turned on the stereo and hit one of Dad’s old “Standards” playlists. Dean Martin’s voice filled the room. “May I have this dance, my lady?” I said with a bow.

“I would be honored, kind gentleman” she answered. I held out my hands in standard slow dance position. My ex-girlfriend, Maddie, had been a competitive ballroom dancer. She taught me how to dance. Maddie also taught me what it was like to find out your girlfriend’s gay dance partner wasn’t really gay and had been stoking your girlfriend’s furnace for six months. That’s another story, and with a far less appealing female lead.

Erin wrapped her little arms around my waist and snuggled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her to me as we slowly swayed. This was how most k**s slow-danced, wasn’t it? After a little bit of time, it became something both more and less than a dance. Her body heat, and her perfume were getting to me. I was starting to get a hard-on. I gently pulled her hands from my waist and placed one in my hand and one on my upper arm. I placed my free hand on her hip, and began to show her how the dance was supposed to look.

She sighed sadly at first, but soon found that she could move more freely and find the rhythm of the music. She looked up at me and smiled. “This is really dancing!” she said. “None of the other girls really got to dance with their dates.”

I was happy with this. I had found a way to make my heartbroken little s****r happy. She was a pretty good natural dancer. Her mathematical bent had always made her a good musician, better than all the k**s in the high school band, including me. She understood where music was going before it got there, even if she didn’t know the songs. I gave her a few twirls and even a dip or two. Erin was giggling, and kept dancing with me even when the next song had a far faster tempo. She began to twirl more often now and came back to me with enthusiasm. We were almost jitterbugging. After one twirl, she came in very fast and threw her feet up in the air. I caught her and swung her out and then back on the other side. She squealed with delight. Almost any boy can look like a pro when his partner only weighs eighty-five pounds. “Again, Dylan!” she cried. I swung her to the side, and when I swung her back out she guided herself right back toward the middle of my body and split her legs on each side of me. I swung her back again and she was parallel to the floor for an instant before she landed lightly on her feet. She pulled herself into my embrace and threw an arm around my neck. I put my hand right on my little s****r’s bottom as we swayed to the music.

I was having such a fantastic time, that I had lost track of the situation. I hadn’t realized how much I missed dancing with Maddie. Suddenly it occurred to me that Erin wasn’t completely improvising. She had often snuck out of her room and watched us dance. We usually pretended not to see her for a while and then chased her back to bed before we moved beyond dancing. Erin was simply replacing Maddie as my partner, as I had replaced her clueless date. Erin’s spying on us might have led to what happened at the end of the fast song.

As the slow song that followed began, she threw both arms around my neck and leaned into me, just as Maddie had done so many times. After a few seconds of this, my other hand thoughtlessly slid to her bottom. I was in a dream. I wasn’t consoling a baby s****r; I was dancing with a very beautiful and graceful girl. Erin didn’t have any negative reaction to the presence of my hands, so it all felt natural. We held each other close and let the music carry us away. I looked down into the beautiful face that turned up at me. Years later Erin would insist that it was all her, but I swear that I leaned slightly toward her first. She pulled me down to her lips and kissed me for several seconds, and I didn’t fight her. She moaned softly, and I pulled her bottom closer to me. It had been all instinct to this point.

I finally pulled back gently, and she looked up at me pleadingly. I kissed her again. It wasn’t just instinct this time. I’d had a second to think, and I had chosen to kiss the most beautiful face that had ever gazed at me with longing. The fact that the face belonged to my little s****r wasn’t lost on me, but she was a really cute girl, and that pushed all other thoughts aside. When she parted her lips, I slipped my tongue into her mouth. For the first time, she stiffened, but almost instantly melted back into it. She then added her own tongue to the mix, darting it into my mouth as we maintained the kiss. I lifted her by her bottom, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She moaned again and broke the kiss, this time burying her face in my neck and kissing me repeatedly.

“Erin, this is really hot,” I said. “But we have to stop, okay?” She stopped kissing me, and let her legs slide back down to the floor. She slid her head to my chest and her arms back to my waist. She held me for several long seconds and then released the embrace.

“Thanks for everything,” she said as she gazed warmly at me. “For the first time in my whole life, I felt beautiful. This was the best date, ever.” She kissed me on the cheek and went off to bed. I tried to feel awful about what we had done. I really did try, but I couldn’t regret it. She was beautiful, and it had all felt so right. Besides, it was over now. I went off to bed and fell asl**p without the agony I would have expected after making out with my little s****r.

About midnight, I felt her crawl into bed with me. She snuggled into the little spoon position. She had only a t-shirt and panties on her gorgeous little body. “Do you feel bad?” she asked.

“I probably should, but I don’t.” I had developed the habit of always telling Erin the entire truth. She was too smart to lie to, anyway.

“Because you love me?”

“That’s both why I should feel bad and why I did it. You’re my favorite person in the whole world, and you are looking so hot these days, Erin.” I took a moment to try and process the whole situation. “I didn’t realize how much that got to me until tonight.”

“I feel bad, because I did know. Courtney told me that you look at me that way once in a while.”

“I do?”

Erin rolled toward me, but didn’t try to embrace me. “She says you get kind of a dreamy look. It’s the same thing you do when you look at her sometimes. It wasn’t fair of me to kiss you on the lips when I knew you might react that way.”

“I don’t feel like you were unfair to me. You’re f******n. I’m the one who’s supposed to think about the big picture.”

She rolled back into the spoon position. “Shit, b*o, you’re a k**, too. I know you feel like you have to be the grown-up, but you’re only s*******n. And, I do think about the future, Dylan.”

“Well, you’re so fucking smart. Your future is going to be amazing.”

“I guess, but that’s not what I really mean. I have a little body, but I’ve got big girl feelings inside. The dance was my first date, and it totally sucked, but I’m going to have more dates… and I’m going to be doing big girl things.”

“That bothers me the fuck out of me, Erin. I hate to think about some stupid boy pawing at you.”

“I know it does, Dylan. It’s okay. It’s because you love me.” She laced her fingers through my hand. “But wouldn’t it be easier for me to handle those stupid boys if I already knew what was going on?”

“You’re smarter than I am, Erin. Where are we going with this?”

“I loved what we did tonight. I didn’t know if I would. Now, I know for sure. By the way, I also like the way that there is something poking against my back right now.”


She rolled to face me again. “Don’t be. It makes me feel pretty. I never knew that it would before it happened. I want to know what’s coming up in my life, Dylan.” She threw her arms around my neck. “I want you to show me more.”

“Erin!” She had genuinely shocked me for the first time this evening.

“What?” she asked, gazing at me, her eyes again pleading for something more than just a big b*****r’s fondness.

“There’s no going back from that. It’s gonna always be there if we do anything more.”

“You’re my b*****r. Everything we have ever done together is always going to be there. No one means as much to me as you do.” She kissed me, and again I didn’t fight her.

“You are so fucking pretty.”

“I’m beginning to believe that. If we keep going, I’ll know that it’s true, and I will always believe that the person who loves me most finds me too beautiful to resist.” That was a hell of a response. It was almost too good.

“Dammit, Erin,” I said, finally catching on. “You’ve been rehearsing this argument.”

“For a few months, now. I never thought I would actually use it, though. It’s just a fantasy I have when I touch myself.”

That got to me. She was reminding me that she masturbated and was becoming as much a sexual being as any f******n-year-old girl. “You are fucking clever,” I said.

“And pretty?”

“Beautiful.” I kissed her. This time there was no doubt that I initiated it. Her tongue came out first this time, though. And while I did slide my hands down to her ass, she was the one who began to rub her groin against mine. I let her go at it, partly hoping that it would satisfy her curiosity, and partly hoping that it would inspire her to keep going.

“What’s this called?” she asked.


“I like it,” she said breathlessly.

“There’s another way to do it,” I said. “If you go in a more circular motion, it’s called grinding.”

“Grinding? Like in dancing?” she said, pausing her movements. “Like this?” She started making a more circular motion as she pressed against me.

“That’s it,” I said. This time I was the one short on breath.

“It’s incredible,” she moaned. Then she suddenly paused. “Dylan, it makes me want to talk dirty. Do older girls do that?”

“Some of them. I haven’t been with that many.”

“I like grinding my pussy on your cock,” she said happily. She resumed her grinding and began kissing me again. I rolled to my back and pulled her on top of me. She sat up a little and let her weight center on her groin. “This spreads my pussy lips more!” she said, really digging herself into me. “It’s hot!” I slipped a hand from her bottom and began to fondle her tiny breast. “Holy shit!” she said and pulled my hand from her breast and kissed it before returning it. “Do the other one,” she said. I brought my other hand up and now had both breasts in my hands. She went back to humping me for a while. “I think I’m gonna cum!”

“It’s okay, baby. Go ahead.”

“OOOO—OOOO-OOOO, my pussy!” she squealed. She only took a few more seconds to cum. It took her pretty hard. She grabbed my t-shirt with both hands and began to tremble all over her body. After several seconds, she stopped, gazed at me in wonder, and smiled. “Holy shit!”

“Yeah, holy shit.”

“Can I see your cock?”

“I’m not going to say no to anything, Erin. You’re leading this. You’re in charge.”

“Show me, then. Just get naked all the way, and so will I.”

“It’s more fun if we help each other,” I offered. She liked the suggestion. She held her arms up and I pulled her t-shirt off. I’d accidentally seen her little breasts in the bathroom a month ago. I had actually worked hard to put the image out of my mind; otherwise, I kept ending up pulling on my dick. Now, I let myself cherish the sight of the tiny mounds and beautiful puffy nipples. I kissed them for a little while and she cooed with pleasure. Then, she pulled off my t-shirt. She stood and dropped it on the floor. While she was up, she pulled her panties down and showed me her wet little pussy. There was just a little patch of ginger hair above it. “You have a sweet little pussy, Erin.”

“I believe it when you say it,” she said. She took the waistband of my boxers and I shifted my hips to let her pull them off over my erection. “That is huge,” she said.

“Not really, but thanks.” I looked down at my swollen cock. My sweet little s****r reached her tiny, trembling hand down to it and touched it gently near the tip.

“Harder,” I groaned. “It’s really sensitive there; a firm grip is actually easier to take.”

“It won’t hurt?”

“Not unless you really yank on it. It wouldn’t be good for much if you couldn’t touch it.”

She began to move her hand up and down on the shaft. “This is jacking you off, right?” What did junior high girls talk about these days? Hell, the girls in my class starting talking about that shit in sixth grade. I just hadn’t really pictured Erin doing it.

“That’s… jacking me off… and it feels so fucking good you’re going to make me cum if you keep going. If you want to try other things, you should do them first.”

“I want to give you a blowjob.”

“You’re in charge.” She smiled at that. Erin knelt between my legs and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. She formed a seal with her lips and pulled her tongue down to the base of her mouth and sucked. “Do that… but use your tongue like you did inside my mouth.” She got it. Erin began sucking deeper down onto the shaft and used her tongue on the soft underside of my cock. She jacked me at the base of my cock as she continued sucking me off for a few more minutes. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth pretty soon, Erin. Don’t try to swallow it all. Just let it run out of the corners of your mouth. Don’t worry about the mess.” She kept going, and I began to moan.

“Say words, too, Dylan,” she said, lifting her head for a second. “I like the words.”

“You are so good, baby. You are a sweet little cocksucker. I’m gonna cum right in your mouth because you are so fucking good!” She really went at it, then. She wasn’t lying about liking the words. “Ohhhh- yesss—Erin!” I said as I shot my load in her mouth. She stayed down on me, but let most of it run out as she was told. She looked up at me, my cum running down her chin.

“I swallowed some of it. It was kind of like snot, but tastes way stronger.” She wiped her chin, and looked at the gob on her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked. It was so dirty to see her doing that, but I loved it. “So,” she said with a smile. “I’m a sweet little cocksucker?”

I laughed at myself. “Very sweet, Erin.”

“Does the boy do the girl now?”

“If the girl wants him too.”

“It won’t be gross for you, will it?”

“No, Erin. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it.”

“Okay. What should I do?”

“I could do it like you did, but you’re so little you could just sit on my face and it would be fine with me.”

“You can do that for real? I’ve heard of it, but thought it was just k**s being dumb.”

“No, it’s real. Let’s try it.”

Erin climbed on top of me and lowered her snatch close to my face. I reached a finger up and began to stroke her pussy lips, teasing them until I found her tiny clit. I kissed it, and she stiffened like she had just received an electric shock. “Holy shit!” she whispered. “Do that again!” I trailed my tongue up her slit and then planted another kiss on her clit. She wiggled, but was more prepared for it this time. I set to work on her, and she kept wiggling as I teased and kissed her sex. Then, I clamped both hands on her hips and sucked her clit. She tried to wiggle away for a second, but then put more weight than ever down onto my mouth. “Uhhhhh!” she groaned. “Uhhhhh! Fuck!” I had never heard her use that word. She wore it well. That was good, because she used it several more times. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She pulled back a little. “Fuck it with your finger!”

She was in charge. I slid my finger up into her tiny pussy. It gripped my finger tightly. She rose up to her knees and began to wiggle again. I used the hand on her hip to keep her from tipping. She began to try and drive the finger deeper. Soon, she was fucking away on the finger inside of her. She was pretty wet, so it began to move pretty easily compared to before. I didn’t go too deeply on my own, but she was getting it pretty far in. “I’m afraid I’ll pop your cherry, Erin!”

She slowed down, barely moving at all, but still keeping enough motion to pleasure herself a bit. “I already did that,” she said. “It scared me, and it hurt a little. I was… using a toy I stole from mom a long time ago.”

“That’s where that went! I got in trouble for that. Mom thought Maddie and I moved it from the drawer.” I had to laugh a little.

“You got in trouble? You’re not mad?”

“How could I be?” Erin smiled and began to fuck my finger again, but my hand was getting tired. “Roll on your back, s*s.” She rolled onto her back and spread her legs and I fingered her pretty hard. She bucked and moaned for a bit. “You are so hot and wet.”

“I love this… but I want it all, Dylan,” she said.

I stopped fingering her. “So do I, Erin. I never thought it would get this far, but you’re ready. I’m bigger than your toy, though.”

“Lots,” she said.

“I’m going to take charge of things now, baby.”

“I love when you call me, baby. I want you to take charge, Dylan. I bet you’re really good at it.”

“You say things that are way nicer than you realize,” I said. She smiled and leaned up to kiss me. We made out for a while. I positioned myself between her legs. “I kind of tend to talk when I fuck a girl. Do you want me to use dirty words, or just tell you over and over again how much I love you?”

“Kind of both.”

“I’ll do kind of both, then. Erin, you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen, and I love you.”

“I love you, too. Please just do it; I’m getting scared from the waiting.” I lowered myself to the entrance of my frightened s****r’s little pussy. I looked her in the eyes and felt no shame, only concern for her. I pushed into her, and she screamed. “I’m okay! I’m okay!” she said as I froze. “I don’t know why I screamed. Do it, Dylan. All the way in.” I didn’t go all the way in, but I went a good measure of the distance. She screamed again, but kissed my neck several times and didn’t seem to want to stop. I began to move in and out of the tightest pussy I would ever know. She was wet and willing, though, and she soon seemed to take the thrusts with relative ease.

“I love you, baby!” I whispered, knowing that I was about to bury myself in her.

“Fuck my pussy and make love to me!” she said with far more volume than I had used. I couldn’t hold back a second more. I pushed all the way into her. She screamed again, but I was recognizing that it wasn’t pain that made her scream. She was a natural screamer. Maybe she had been conditioned to it by the sounds Mom made. Mom and Dad were way too loud for us not to know when they were going at it. Erin had to have heard her at times. Once I was sure she wasn’t in pain, I began to take her harder, moving quickly in and out of her incredible little snatch. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried as before, but with more intensity. “This is good! This is good! This is good!” She loved words, but also rhythm and repetition. She found ways to accentuate the musical beats in our lovemaking with her exclamations.

“Yeah, it is good. You are one hot little fuck!”

“I’m a hot little fuck!” she said, picking up on it. “I love you, fuck me! I love you, fuck me!”

“I love your sweet little pussy. I love you, Erin! I love you, Erin!” I had picked up on her volume level. It was contagious. “I’m gonna fuck you hard!” I was driving into her with both speed and depth now. She screamed and yelped. “You sweet little fuck. You make me crazy!”

“I love you! I love you!” She was clutching and clawing at my back. She was going to be a scratcher if she ever grew her nails out. “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” She lost the power of speech after that, and even stopped screaming. She grunted like a tennis player as I repeatedly plowed into her. Erin was a girl who lost herself in the act. She bit down on my shoulder and began to moan. I had cum once before or I would have been done long before this. She was incredible! “Holy shit!” she said after a few minutes of grunts and moans. “Gonna cum-m-m-m!” She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me down to her. My head was above her shoulder as she spasmed around my cock. She was still for a moment, and then began to move her hips slightly to meet me. “Finish it, Dylan,” she whispered.

I began to pump her in quick strokes, not going as deep into her as before. Then as I got close, I began to bottom out again. Just as I was about to explode into her, I realized what a bad idea that might be. I pulled out and jacked myself a few times, spraying all over her belly and tiny tits. “Oh, Erin, you sweet little fuck!” I whispered.

We both froze for a moment as we stared into each other’s eyes. She blushed. “I got kind of wild,” she said, almost apologetically.

“You were fucking incredible. How do you feel?”

“I’m gonna be sore. I’m pretty small down there, and you’re pretty big.” I began to feel a touch of shame. “Can we just take it easy, maybe for a few days?”

“Erin, we never have to do anything you don’t really want to do.”

“We never have, Dylan. Everything we did was so wonderful. I’m glad I made you do it.”

“Did you?”

“Well, I guess you wanted to.”


She thought for a moment. “Because I’m beautiful and you love me?”

“I have such a smart little s****r.”

Erin looked at herself, covered in cum and lying in a bed with the sheets torn off and twisted. Suddenly her mood changed. She seemed a little overwhelmed by everything. “Dylan, I’m covered in cum and we made a big puddle in the bed. I-I don’t want to sl**p on your bed tonight.”

“I understand.” This was obviously too much for her to deal with. I now began to regret that I had let things go so far.

“I’m going to take a shower and go back to my bed now, okay?”

“Sounds like a good idea, s*s.”

Erin got up and crossed to the door. She turned back as she was leaving. “Well?” she asked. “Are you coming with me or not?”

“Yeah, baby. I would like that.” She turned away, but looked back to make sure I was following. She gave me her prettiest smile and flipped her red hair over her naked shoulder. Holy shit.

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Great story, thanks!
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The satisfaction you must have had GREAT.
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very nicely written.
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thanks my friends
2 years ago
Oooohh, the exploration and inquisitive nature of sweet, blooming, blossoming and fertile love--and the eventual satisfaction and sealing thusly!

Totally HOT, totally sensual, totally equisitively written, the feelings of love not denied just dances off the words. The author just has to, MUST, present the readers to a much desired sequel!!!
2 years ago
I agree, littlekinky1, the "act, action" just lacks that uuumph, that last unfulfilled orgasm, when cum is wasted other than where nature intended. Cumming inside is the ultimate exileration.
2 years ago
thanks my freinds
2 years ago
nicely done!
2 years ago
sweet love
2 years ago
Lovely. Thanks
2 years ago
I do hope there will be a sequel to this one, maybe several
2 years ago
ne of the best stories I have read on here>
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
That was pretty hot. I prefer when they cum inside, but...that's just a personal preference. Still good though!
2 years ago
MMMMM, now there will two beds covered in cum! Hot story!