Shorty still found herself catching her breath when she saw Danny Long. And now she was seeing him walk into the restaurant of her hotel. He was forty-four now, hardly the high school heartthrob she had fallen in love with all those years ago, but he definitely still had his mojo. He was approaching her table and smiling. Her mind drifted back to the summer she fell in love with him. It was her f******nth summer, the eternal summer of her youth, 1984.

It was a little tough to describe sixteen-year-old Danny Long. To say he was the “King of the Neighborhood” makes him sound like something he wasn’t. He lived in a decent part of town. There were no gangs; there was almost no crime, and he sure wasn’t in charge of what little of it there was. It was a f****y-heavy part of town, and there were lots of teenagers around. In the eighties, parents weren’t quite so paranoid. So the k**s kind of had their own little world going on. Danny was just a tough, charismatic, good-looking k** in a neighborhood that didn’t have his equal. So, the other boys kind of deferred to him, and all the girls wanted him more than they wanted any other.

At sixteen, Danny had four girls his age or a year younger that were pretty reliably just a phone call away. Sometimes one or two of the girls would have a boyfriend for a while, but it seemed there was always at least one around willing to keep his nights from getting lonely. Shorty remembered these girls with fondness, now. They had seemed so much older and intimidating then, but now, they were just little girls to her. Girls who were drawn, as most girls naturally were, to Danny Long.

Dawn was funny and profane, she could do most of the material off Eddie Murphy’s Delirious TV special, something usually only the boys ever tried. Evie was quiet, and she dressed like Jennifer Beals from Flashdance, and rumor had it that the quiet girl had her moments when she really became the “Maniac” Michael Sembello celebrated in the movie’s soundtrack. Sandy was silly, and sometimes kind of slid way too far into Valley Girl speak, but she was so gentle that you forgave her for anything. Courtney was flat out wild, a little bit of a punk rock chick, and in some ways a little dangerous. But Courtney treasured her friends. Each of the girls liked Danny in a way that didn’t put pressure on him. They were his closest friends, except for Digger and Shorty.

Sean “Digger” Mc Phee was the one of Danny’s friends that nobody else quite “got.” He was skinny and redheaded and talked all the time. He actually had an Apple IIe computer that he wasted his time playing with. What kind of future was there in that nonsense? Worst of all, his parents saddled him with the constant supervision of his little s****r, Megan. She was every bit the science nerd that Digger was, and that isolated her from her peers even more than it isolated Digger from his. It was the eighties, the acceptance of girl geeks was decades away, even amongst the nerd crowd. Megan was little for her age, short and kind of stocky. She had a habit of listening to everything too intently, paying attention to every last detail, and remembering all of it. Most of the k**s called her “Spooky.” But Danny took her on as an extension of Digger, and called her Shorty. Megan loved the way that the special nickname included her in Danny’s circle, and even began to introduce herself that way.

So, that had become the order of the neighborhood. Danny always had one or two of the girls paying him special attention; Digger was at Danny’s side, and Shorty hung back quietly, weighing out everything. She was shy much of the time, and only brightened and became talkative when Danny took the time to tease her. It all changed the summer that Digger got a scholarship to a month-long science camp.

The first night that Digger was gone, Danny was hanging out in his parent’s old garage. They had remodeled the house and built an attached garage. They had planned on tearing the old garage down, but Danny and Digger had promised to paint it and keep it from being an eyesore if they could use it as a workshop and a place to hang out. Danny’s parents had always been pretty easy to talk into things, so they agreed. The King had his castle. All the neighborhood k**s hung out in the garage during the day, and Danny held court. He was like any teen then, listening to tunes, acting tough and talking about nothing at all. Everyone who wanted to feel they were in the “in” crowd stopped by every day. But it eventually became clear to all that after supper, it was invitation only.

It was an hour after supper, the time Digger usually walked in with Megan in tow. The boys would usually hang out, working on some gadget, or messing around on the Atari 5200. This was the time when Danny was really himself. He shared his geeky side with his trusted friend Digger. Then, after an hour or two, Danny would give a call to one of the girls, and Digger and Megan would slip quietly away to give them some privacy. On the first night Digger was gone. Megan, even without Digger there, decided to follow the routine. She walked into the garage.


“Hi, Danny. How ya doin’?”

“I’m great. What can I do for you?”

“Nothing,” she said, and sat in her usual spot in the corner. She began leafing through the teen magazine she had brought with her. Ricky Schroeder was cute, but she liked the other Silver Spoons boy, Jason Bateman. He kind of looked like Danny.

“Alright, then,” he said and leaned back on the old couch he had snagged from a garage sale. For about an hour, he drifted in and out of sl**p. Megan didn’t say a word. Danny had been busy entertaining guests all day. He needed a little down time before he made his call. Megan did think that once or twice she caught him looking at her through eyes that weren’t quite closed. But then, Danny must have decided he had chilled enough. He started to go into the house to make a call.

“Which one?” Shorty asked him as he moved to the door.

“I was thinking Dawn.” Digger sometimes offered an opinion on these things, so Danny decided to humor Shorty and ask her opinion. “What do you think?”

“Pretty girl. Funny. Very willing… and feeling a little down after her break-up with Phil Wosniak.” Shorty got up and headed out the main garage door. “Good choice. Not the best you could have made.”

Shorty could tell that he stood still and watched after her for a long moment, probably trying to figure out what the hell she meant.

The next night, the scene repeated itself, with one small difference. Shorty wore a pink Air Supply t-shirt; she usually had some band or another’s t-shirt, but she wore a short little skirt with it. She figured Danny had probably never seen her wear a skirt before. It didn’t show any more leg than her usual shorts, but it was more of a girl thing to wear. Shorty figured that sometimes Danny forgot she was a girl. He should have remembered. She had been changing in appearance, after all. Some of the boys in her class had noticed, but they were afraid of her and the way she listened too intently. She had caught the whispers, though. “Spooky’s sportin’ some bodacious ta-tas!” She was still the shortest girl in her class at school, but she didn’t look like the youngest anymore.

“You look nice, Shorty.”

“Thanks, Danny.” She sat in the corner and read her magazine as Danny tried to get his go-kart to work. It was clear that he kind of missed Digger and his natural bent toward all things technical.

“You know anything about these?” Danny asked. He respected her knowledge on technical things, but she was more inclined toward electronics than mechanics.

“In theory, a little. I’ve never actually worked on one. Give it a yank,” she said. He pulled the starter rope. “Sounds like it’s not getting spark. What do you do to fix that?”

“I got another plug around her somewhere. Let me give it a try.” He rummaged around for the plug. She started digging through the toolbox. When he turned around she had the socket wrench with the sparkplug extension.

“Is this the right thingy?” she asked, holding the greasy thing at arm’s length, away from her pink shirt and her skirt.

“Yeah. You look timid with that. Never hold a boy’s thingy before?” He had obviously expected her to give him some banter back. She gave as well as she took from him. Instead, she blushed and looked down. “Thanks, Shorty,” he said softly. He changed the plug and gave the starter-rope another yank. The rotary engine sputtered and fired to life. Danny smiled and looked to Shorty. He seemed to think for a moment. “Hey, Megan, wanna go for a ride?” he shouted over the puttering engine.

“That thing reaches the death-defying speed of twenty miles per hour!” she cracked.

“If I’m going downhill. Yesterday, a ten-year-old passed me on his bicycle!”

“I guess I can risk it,” she said, pulling on Digger’s helmet. She took the “navigator’s” seat. Danny floored the contraption, and it rolled slowly out of the garage. Shorty clung to his right arm like she was afraid she was going to be thrown from the vehicle, a pretty ridiculous premise, but she was a girl and she could get away with that sort of thing. Digger usually sat in the seat she occupied, tossing firecrackers at unsuspecting passersby.

Shorty found that she was genuinely thrilled by the noise and the movement. As Danny swerved about, trying to give her a scare, she clung ever more tightly to his arm, pressing her blossoming chest against his triceps. Danny obviously loved every minute of it, and said he regretted not having filled the gas tank before they lit out. He headed back to the garage before they wound up pushing the go-Kart back home.

Shorty bounced from the seat and ran around to hug Danny. She hadn’t quite gotten her “sea-legs” back, and she stumbled slightly into his arms. She laughed and clung to him. “That was totally bitchin’!” she declared.

“Glad you liked it. Wonder why I never gave you a ride before,” he said.

“Maybe I wasn’t ready,” she said, looking into his eyes.

Danny was obviously surprised that he wanted to kiss her at that moment, but Shorty knew that he did. She held her breath and hoped. Danny resisted the urge. He probably didn’t want to lead a young girl on. He was sort of a protector to his little Shorty. It would have ticked him off if somebody else was a tease to her. Danny rolled the kart back into the garage. “I had fun, Shorty,” he said. He took the helmet she handed to him and put it on the seat. Her red hair was kind of squashed from the helmet. He put his hands beneath her long locks and pulled up gently, restoring it to its natural, slightly wild shape. “Looks prettier this way,” he said. Once again, he stared into her eyes and seemed drawn to her. Once again, he seemed to win the internal struggle to keep him from pressing the advantage Shorty figured he must have known by now he had. He turned and headed to the pedestrian door.

“Which one you calling?” she asked.

“Sandy, I think.” Shorty had twice made him pause and think for a moment. Now, apparently, he wanted the girl that was the easiest to figure out.

“Radical choice! Like totally tubular!” Shorty squealed in Valley Girl tones.

“Don’t pick on her just because you’re smarter,” Danny scolded gently. “A girl like you… so smart… getting pretty. You could be really mean if you gave into it.”

“No, Danny. I didn’t mean to…. She’s a stellar girl; good choice. Not the best choice you could have made, though.” She could tell that she had once again left him scratching his head.

The third night, she gave in to her offbeat side. Shorty was a bit of an odd girl, but she hadn’t really been making much effort to define her teenage style. She had always pretty much dressed as a little girl. But she had to admit that there was a certain singer that she really admired, and she really wanted to look a little like her. But Shorty would NEVER do some of the things the singer did to her own red hair. Shorty emptied out her jewelry box and must have been wearing a half-dozen beaded necklaces and had two more wrapped as bracelets around each arm. She put on lipstick and quite a bit of eye-shadow. She wore an old dress she had picked up at Goodwill, but hadn’t had the guts to wear except when she was alone in her room, singing along with and dancing to the singer’s music. She even wore the dress once when she did the naughty thing the girl sang about.

“What the fuck?” Danny said quietly as Shorty walked into the garage.

Shorty turned, caught somewhere between tears and anger. “You don’t like it?”

“Give me a minute,” he said, studying her, “I wasn’t expecting Cyndi Lauper to walk into my garage.” He fell silent. One of the things Shorty liked most about Danny was that, when he got pressed into it, he could actually think. He took his time and slid his eyes over her from top to bottom. “It’s too bodacious for every day,” he said. “But I gotta admit. It’s pretty sch-weet on you!”

Shorty smiled and blushed. “Thanks, Danny.”

“I just never counted on the day my little Shorty was going to be showing cleavage.”

“It’s kind of the thing that held me back a bit. I don’t mind looking a little kooky. Everyone thinks I’m a spaz anyway. I just didn’t know if I had the guts to wear something that… showed off the girls.”

“Well, it shows ‘em off alright!” He stopped talking for a moment and looked at her. “I never did,” he added.


“Never thought you were a spaz.” He got out a soldering iron and began to work on the old speakers he was trying to fix up so that he could give the garage stereo a little more thump. Shorty went to the corner chair and began thumbing through her magazines, wondering how she’d look as Wendy or Lisa from Prince and the Revolution. This time, she didn’t concentrate on the magazine as much as usual. And this time, he didn’t seem to be as focused on his work as usual. Shorty caught him looking over a couple times. She hid her smile behind the magazine. She was FINALLY getting into his brain without being right in his face, thank God. She was pretty sure Danny wasn’t going to forget she was a girl anymore.

That’s why it was such a kick to her gut that after an hour he began to walk out the door.

“Which one you calling?” she asked, trying to keep her voice even.

“Courtney,” he said. “Good choice?”

“She’s wild. I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Good choice,” she turned away and began to leave the garage.

“But not the best choice I could have made?” he asked, stopping her in her tracks.

“No,” she said softly, and sniffed back a tear she really wished she didn’t have. “Not the best choice.”

“Too bad,” he said. “Because I was actually calling her to tell her that I couldn’t come over tonight.”

“Won’t she be mad?” she said, finding that her knees trembled slightly. She still didn’t turn around.

“She did it to me a few weeks ago when her cousin’s band was in town. She’s got a standing arrangement with the bass player. Courtney and I break dates with each other, whenever a better choice comes along.”

“I see.” She had hope in her heart, and more of those damned tears in her eyes.

“Shorty—Megan—did a better choice just come along for me?”

“Best choice you ever made, if you give her a chance,” she said, turning to him.

“Come here, Shorty,” he said with a smile. He held out his hand. “I never called Sandy last night, either. You’re in my head, Megan… there’s plenty of room. I don’t have much up there taking up space.”

“You never called Sandy?” He shook his head. She took his hand and let him pull her into him for a kiss. It wasn’t a wild, passionate kiss like Shorty had dreamed their first kiss would be. It was sweet and gentle, and better than the dream. “Danny, I’m not quite at the same speed some of those other girls are,” she said, realizing that she had just actually kept him from the wildest of his usual girlfriends.

“Shorty… those girls are. Well, hell, they’re a lot of fun, and I really like them, but none of them is MY girl. And I think that maybe it’s time I had a girl that really was my girl.”

“Danny… I will be the best girlfriend ever. All that stupid stuff you and Digger like… I love that shit. And, I think you’re the absolute bomb!”

Danny laughed a little. “I see that now. It took me a little while to put all that together, but I’m not as think as you stupid I am!”

“I don’t know… you made me cry when I was wearing a whole bunch of makeup. I probably look like a freaking raccoon, now!”

“No, you look sexy as hell, Megan.” He kissed her gently again. “You’ve looked sexy for about a year or so now, but I never wanted to lead you on or anything. Now… well… now I’m not leading you on, because I think you’re a total babe and an awesome friend, and I kinda want to be your boy.”

Shorty kissed him hard then, pressing her cleavage firmly against his chest to let him know it was there for him. She let her tongue wander into his mouth. She pushed him toward the couch. He didn’t let her take him there. “I really do have to call Courtney,” he said.

She nodded and took his hand. She went inside with him and snuck into the bathroom while he made his phone call. She found a washcloth and cleaned up the mascara streaks. She didn’t look too bad. She snuck a little mouthwash and even sniffed her pits just to be sure. She giggled to herself that it was kind of a Cyndi Lauper thing to do. She guessed she wasn’t going to have to “she-bop” tonight, though.

She finished and walked out of the bathroom and found that Danny’s parents were walking down the hallway toward her. “Oh, hello. We’re Danny’s pare—Little Megan McPhee?”

“Hi, Mrs. Long.”

“Wow! Are you ever growing up! Pretty, too.”

“Mrs. Long! That is really nice!” She hugged Danny’s mom and moved down the hallway. “See ya, Mr. Long.”

Like always, she heard more than people meant her to. “Can you believe that is little Megan?” Mrs. Long asked her husband.

“Not so little, anymore,” he replied. “OW! Dammit, woman!” Shorty stopped at the end of the hallway so she didn’t eavesdrop on Danny in the kitchen. “Come hither, wife,” she heard Mr. Long say.

“Jonathon, the k**s are right in the kitchen. M-mmmm-mmmm. Oh, what the hell?” The bedroom door closed and Shorty heard no more.

Shorty strode into the kitchen, but found her entrance barred as Danny had the phone cord stretched across the doorway. He kept talking as he moved closer to the phone so that Shorty could come into the room. “That’s really awesome of you to say, Courtney. I’d be happy if it was you, too…. No, I’m not getting soft! You were nice first!... I’m not gonna dignify that with a response… Ha-ha! Hey, Court, thanks for being such a cool chick. See ya later. Bye!” Danny hung up the phone and smiled at Shorty. “People think she’s such a hard-ass, but she’s really sweet to her friends…. And I’m not gonna talk about her anymore. So, wanna go for a walk or something?”

“Garage, Danny.”

Danny smiled. “Really?”



Danny offered his hand and walked her to the garage. He let go of her hand and locked the pedestrian door as she crossed the garage and closed and locked the main overhead door. “It’s gonna get pretty freakin’ hot in here after a bit,” he said.

“I don’t think we’ll be wearing that much,” she answered.

“You sure?”

“I didn’t start thinking about this just today, doofus.”

“I guess I didn’t either. You got so damned hot this past year, baby!”

“Baby! Oh my God! The neighborhood stud just called me baby!”

Danny smiled and crossed to her. He took her by the hand and led her to the couch. “Shorty, you are so freakin’ gorgeous. I’m gonna want to do all kinds of things. Just stop me if it’s ever too much, okay? I won’t get mad.”

“I will, Danny. I… think I want to do a lot of things…but it’s nice to know I can stop if I need to. And Danny… just because I WANT to do things, doesn’t mean I know how to do them. Be patient, okay?”

“I couldn’t be any other way with a girl who’s one of my best friends… and a whole lot more.” She kissed him then. It was on.

They made out for the first time. Shorty tried to let him take the lead, chasing his tongue around their mouths with her own. But sometimes she wanted too badly to wander off on her own. A few times, she gave him “giraffe tongue” and got a little too deep, or let her mouth get open so wide that their lips could hardly meet. But pretty soon, she was finding her way, giving him the same kind of thrills he was giving her.

Shorty had expected that someone as smooth as Danny would be pretty free with his hands, but he kept them in check. She figured he was trying not to scare her off. She wasn’t scared. She brought both his hands up to “the girls.”

“Damn, these are nice!” he said. Shorty knew the older girls he’d been with, and in this measure, at least, she had them beat. They were tall and slender girls, pretty as could be, but they weren’t packing what one of Shorty’s male classmates had described in a whisper to his friends as, “the weird chick’s gravity defying warheads.”

“Thanks,” Shorty giggled. “They’re my pride and joy. That one’s Joy.”

Danny laughed, but his attention was pulled quickly back to the handfuls of Shorty he had. He massaged them, and kissed her cleavage, even planting a few kisses on them through her dress. He had to keep flipping her beaded necklaces out of the way. Shorty wondered if Cyndi had the same trouble when she was macking that David Wolf guy she was with on MTV. Shorty pulled back for a minute, hating to break contact, pulled all the necklaces off and removed the beads she had on her wrists. She let them drop to the floor. While she was pulled back, she turned her back to Danny and offered him the zipper on the back of the dress. As he unzipped it, her bra snap was right in front of him. “Should I…?” he asked softly.

“Oh, my God, yes!” she said softly. He opened it with a quick little twitch of his fingers. Shorty realized he’d opened more than one or two of them before. She didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though. She hadn’t realized quite how much she offered him back there. She had no idea until that moment that her shoulders were sexy, but Danny’s kisses there left her without doubt that they were. In truth, this was more thrilling and seductive to her than his touching her breasts had been. There, she had been offering him something, urging him to do it. Here, he was giving her pleasuring kisses she had not foreseen, and she felt as if she was surrendering herself to them. Her head rolled gently, and she let out a little gasp she had not planned on making. “Oh, my God,” she whispered. “Incredible.” She thought this was the greatest sensation she would ever know.

Danny’s hands were no longer as restrained as before. He slid her dress down off her shoulders, and she pulled her hands free of the sleeves. Danny slipped his hands under her arms and around to scoop her full breasts, massaging them and tweaking them as he continued kissing her shoulders and neck from behind. Shorty leaned back onto his strong chest, but he didn’t support her weight for long. He let her lie back gently on the couch and moved his kisses to her exposed breasts. Shorty looked up at the handsome face that hovered above her. She hadn’t kissed his lips in a long time. He seemed to know that she needed that. He kissed her deeply, and she found that her hands were pulling at his t-shirt, trying to expose his torso. He sat up and pulled the shirt off completely.

It was, as Danny predicted, getting pretty hot in the garage. Shorty saw little drops of sweat trickling down his chest. She gave in to an irresistible urge to lick one off of him. It was an act of more brazen sexual desire than she had even known she felt. But it felt so right to her, and Danny shuddered as her tongue trailed up his chest. “That is so hot,” he moaned.

Suddenly, every bit of clothing she wore felt like it was constricting her, and even worse, separating her from Danny’s strong body. “Take my dress off, Danny. Please.” Danny stood alongside the couch and pulled the long dress from her. She kicked out of her boots as he untied them. She was wearing tights and pushed them down, letting him know that she wanted them gone as well. Soon, she wore nothing but her panties. “Those, too,” she whispered. Danny was no longer asking the “Are you sure?” types of questions. He trusted that she knew what she wanted. Danny lay down next to her naked body and let his hand trail up her thigh to the warm place below her red pubic hair. “Yes, please,” she said. “Touch my pussy, Danny.”

Danny’s fingers slid between her pussy lips and stroked her up the length of her slit. The look in his eyes was different than the fond look he had when they started. There was still affection there, but there was passion, now. Shorty had wanted to be his girl, and now she was seeing what that meant. It meant that he was going to show her all the things he felt, and a long-simmering desire for her was one of those things. Guys had checked out her tits, but no one had ever looked at her like this before. It frightened her a little, but it thrilled her far more. She could move this beautiful boy to great passion!

And his fingers were moving her to something far more intense than she had ever experienced before. She reached for them with her hips and her hand slid down and grabbed his. He stopped immediately, thinking he had gone too far. His look of concern moved her heart, but she had had no intention of making him stop. She finished doing what she had been doing with her hand in the first place. She pushed his fingers firmly to her opening, urging him to explore deeper into her body. She felt her pussy begin to stretch as he snuck two fingers inside of her. It was thrilling, frightening and natural. This was what her body was designed to do, to allow penetration from the boy she—loved? Yes, she knew she loved him, had for a long time. She swallowed the words, though. She could not say that to him, not yet. She would do nothing to disrupt his exploration of her body.

She was so absorbed in the thrills he was giving her that she almost didn’t notice that he had come in for more kisses. She grabbed him around the back of the neck and kissed him hungrily as his fingers sent fire through her body. He moved a finger to her clit. “M-MMMM-MMMM!” she squealed into his mouth. He backed off the kiss to give her air and a chance to speak. He did not back off with his fingers. “I’m—I’m gonna—Oh my God!” she squealed in a little girl voice she was sure was not her own. But her voice and body were not really under her control in that moment. “Ohhhh--DANNY!” she squealed again, and this time her body trembled as a bolt of lightning fired from her pussy into every extremity. She had read a romance novel in which the woman experienced her “passionate release” and had no idea what it really meant. Now, she knew. Shorty breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling. “That was fantabulous!” she whispered.

“You really… feel things,” he said. “That was the hardest one I ever saw a girl have!”

“I want to try and make you feel something, too,” she said. “But I never tried this before.”

“You’ll be incredible,” he said. Shorty took him at his word. She had control of her limbs and fingers again, and she quickly finished undressing him.

Then, it was there. Her scientific mind assessed it in metric. Twenty centimeters, she guessed. That was bigger than she thought one was. She began to understand the sounds the girl made at the end of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.” She was pretty sure that if she saw this through to the end she was going to make some of those sounds herself. She reached up and took it in her hand. It was warm. Everything about them was warm in the steamy garage. But it was the strangest combination of hard and delicate. She could tell by the way Danny twitched when she took it that it was incredibly sensitive. How could something so hard and masculine be so tender? Well, Danny was all those things. Big, hard, tender. This was him. She kissed it.

“Oh, my God,” he whispered. Shorty took it as a sign of approval. She let him lie down on the couch and moved between his legs. She held him with one hand and cupped a hand over the top of the head. She squeezed lightly and pulled upward a few times. It gave him pleasure, but he winced a little. She stopped doing that and just pumped the shaft a few times; there was no doubt that he liked that. She kept doing it for a while, but she wanted to get her mouth involved, too. She began to kiss the tip, and licked up and down the underside of the shaft. Each of these things caused him pleasure. She did them all over and over. “That’s amazing,” he said softly. He was quiet as a lover, she noticed. It fit him. She knew there was supposed to be sucking involved. She had heard plenty of conversations about it before, and she remembered the things she heard.

“Should I suck your… cock?” she said, using the word she knew other girls used. “Penis” sounded too formal; “thing” sounded too c***dish.

“If you don’t, I think I’m gonna die,” he groaned quietly. She couldn’t have that! Shorty put her mouth over his cock and began to suck. At first, she just kind of took pulls on it like it was a giant straw, but then she let her tongue wander a little. She noticed that he responded with slight rises and falls in his hips. She did more of that, then, still jacking the base with her hands. She could feel that he was becoming impossibly engorged. The head of his cock barely felt like it fit in her mouth anymore, but she took it in along with every centimeter of the shaft she could manage, and all of it she tagged with her tongue or touched with her little fingers. “Megan! I’m gonna…cum!”

She had heard a joke that the older girls told. “What’s the difference between like and love?” “Spit or swallow!” She couldn’t find the courage to tell this boy that she loved him, but she could show him that way. Even if it was just a stupid joke; the thought came from somewhere. She nodded slightly to acknowledge that she heard him, and stayed right down on him. He bucked his hips and began to unload into her mouth. Shorty swallowed the first few blasts, but couldn’t take it down as fast as it came out of him. She formed a seal and tried to hold everything she could in her mouth. It was a strong taste. She had thought it would be just like snot, but there were other elements to it. It was a little bit bitter and just a touch fruity. She caught as much as she could and then pulled up and swallowed it down.

Danny was lying with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes and saw her looking down happily at him. “Did you swallow all of that?” he asked, amazed. She nodded. “Dag! You are incredible!” Shorty smiled. He rose up and kissed her passionately. “Oh, Shorty. I knew you were a sweet girl, but you are so… wow! You… you’re really good!”

“Danny? Are we gonna… do it?”

“Shorty, it’s your call, but I’d sure like to.”

“Do you have a condom?”

“Yeah, I keep some out here.”

“Then, I will. I’ll do that with you.”

“And you’re positive that’s your answer?”


“Shorty, I didn’t want to say this before, because it might have kind of sounded like a line. But, when I was thinking about things last night… after it got through my thick skull that you and I could… well, I really thought about it, and… I think I’m in love with you.”

“Holy shit!” she said and her hands began to tremble. “SHUT up!”

“Was that the GOOD shut up?”

“Danny, I am totally, spastically in love with you!” She had tears welling up in her eyes. She laughed at herself. “That sounded kind of stupid,” she said, brushing away tears of joy. “Danny, I love you,” she added simply. It sounded much better.

He got up and pulled some condoms from a drawer in the little table next to the couch. “Shorty… this might sound like a line, too, but… I’ve fucked for fun before. You already know that. But I have NEVER made love before.”

“I haven’t done either,” she said quietly.

“You would be great at either one, baby, but I’m glad it’s this between us.”

“Me, too.” He was already hard again. He began to kiss her and work his way down toward her pussy. “Skip it until next time,” she whispered. “I’m ready.” She slid past him and went to her back. Danny rolled the condom onto his shaft. He lowered himself onto the couch and pressed down on top of her, kissing her passionately as he worked his way into position. “Yes,” she whispered. “A thousand times, yes.”

He slid the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit a few times, lubricating the condom with her wetness. Shorty’s first love pushed slowly into her. She felt her channel both fighting him and pulling him in as he began to stretch her. There had been no pain so far, but she knew that there was going to be a moment they would have to get through. His shaft stopped. Her hymen was intact. He leaned down and kissed her gently and then they both closed their eyes as he broke her barrier. She cried out softly. “Baby? Baby? You okay?”

“That wasn’t that bad. Just give me a second.” She needed the second to get her heartbeat and breathing under control more than she needed it to get past any pain. It had only been a momentary stab, and it was fading away so quickly. She took a deep breath or two. “All the way, Danny.” He pushed the rest of the way in. Sometimes, twenty centimeters is a long way. Megan McPhee appreciated that more than ever now. It seemed like he was impossibly deep inside of her, but she had stretched to take him. Her body had done everything it was supposed to do. Now, there was only the exploration of pleasure. For some reason, she wanted to bring her hips forward and her heels up. When she did, he settled even deeper into her. The impossible depth he had reached before was still the same, but now it reached a different part of her inside. And this place was even more thrilled to feel him there. “Go, lover. Go,” she said softly.

Danny began to move in and out of her with long, slow strokes. Almost immediately, Shorty found that a little shift in angle could make his cock touch her clit a little bit. “So good,” he moaned quietly, almost as if he was stealing her thoughts. He kept going slowly, and she kept shifting to catch him in the same spot she had before. She was so full, and he was also catching her most sensitive spot on the way out. She didn’t know that it could happen so quickly, but she was certain she was going to cum again. So much had happened to her body, and her body seemed to store sense memory the way her mind stored everything she heard. She could feel his kisses on her shoulders, the sensation of her bra being released, the passionate exploration of her mouth by his tongue, the fire he’d given her with his fingers, and the simple pleasure of his first gentle kiss. “I’m gonna—OH GOD!” she squeaked. “MMMMM-MMMM-OH DANNY!” This climax wasn’t a lightning bolt, it was a gentle wave of pleasure cascading through her body, followed by another, and a third. She clutched at him and kissed his neck and his ear. She didn’t feel embarrassed by the girly squeak this time. Whatever the hell he did to her, she was glad to have it done. Time after time.

“That was fast!” he exclaimed softly. “You’re really incredible!”

“I love you, Danny.”

“Love you, too.”

Danny picked up the pace, and Shorty was a little surprised by how good it felt that way, too. It seemed counter-intuitive that having a boy pumping himself into you so hard could bring such sweet pleasure to your body, but she knew now that it was true. “Go hard, lover!” she urged him. “It’s wicked!” Danny kept up his hard pace. Shorty found that she could meet his thrusts and rise and fall to greet the thing that filled her so incredibly. And it went so deep inside of her without causing her pain! Her body knew only pleasure, and she could feel more than hear the soft moans and groans rattling in his chest. That chest was incredible. It pressed against her breasts and rolled them slightly as he went up and down. Each movement gave her more pleasure. He kissed at her shoulders when he could, but he was dedicating himself to his thrusts. The heat of the garage had caused them to be covered in sweat, and they slid across each other’s bodies so incredibly easily. She tasted the sweat on his skin as she kissed his neck, and it triggered her sense memory again.

She had licked his chest; she had taken his swollen cock into her mouth; she had stroked him; she had let him inside of her. Her mind told her body that it was all happening again, at this very instant. She could not believe that she was going to go over again, but she was. Her squeaks were unintelligible this time. Words had left her. She clutched at him and shuddered as a hard climax took her. Like the first one, this one was lightning emanating outward to every nerve in her body.

“Holy fucking wow!” she heard Danny whisper above her. She wanted to tell him that she was doing nothing; he was the wonder, but she still couldn’t speak.

Her tremors and spasms triggered his deepest passions. A moment later, he was slamming himself into her and holding still as he emptied himself into the condom. Megan wondered if it could possibly hold all of it, but it did. Danny collapsed on top of her for a moment, but soon rolled to the side and held her. He held her so tightly that she could feel his heart pounding. It thumped so hard that she thought it would break his ribs.

“I love you, Shorty,” he whispered breathlessly. “God, I love you, girl.”

“I love you, Danny Long. I’ll love you forever.” Shorty was a smart girl. She knew teenage loves born in the sweltering heat of summer rarely made it in the long run. But in that moment, she believed that just maybe, they could beat the odds. “Good choice?” she teased.

“Best I ever could have made,” he said.

Now, handsome, forty-four year old Danny Long gave her a smile and took her hand as he kissed her on the cheek. She felt her breath catch as she looked into his eyes. Oh, yes, that mojo was still there. She was about to speak when her cell phone rang. She rolled her eyes and checked the damned thing. She had to answer; her f******n-year-old daughter was out of town for two weeks and was having a difficult time with her first extended stay away from home. Shorty listened for a bit and then cut her off. “That’s enough, sweetie! If Uncle Digger and Aunt Courtney say no, then the answer is no!...Well, because they have a pretty good idea what that sixteen-year-old boy might want to do when he gets all alone with a pretty f******n-year-old girl!” Shorty had to pause to give a playful punch to Danny’s arm as he chuckled. “I’m hanging up now… No, I’m not going to hear another word of it!... Well, because a handsome man has his hand on my thigh right now, and I’m going to duck out of the restaurant and go up to my hotel room to make mad, passionate love to him… Goodbye, Danielle. I love you!”

Shorty looked at Danny Long for a long moment. He smiled his “come hither” smile, and she melted. She waved the waiter over to her table. “Charge this to my room, please, Reggie,” she said, handing him a generous tip. Reggie nodded and moved off, not wanting to break up the moment. Shorty looked back into the face of the handsome man, and saw the eyes of the boy who had taken her virginity in a steamy garage 28 years ago. “Your daughter does not understand the concept of ‘on vacation to get some time to ourselves!’”

Danny pressed a finger to her lips. “Shhhh! Let it go and come up to bed, Mrs. Long. I’ll do that thing you made me skip the first time.”

Her sense memory was so strong she almost found her passionate release at the mere mention of that first night. She smiled and kissed the finger at her lips. “Oh, I love you Danny Long. I’ll love you forever.”

“Best choice I ever made,” he said, and led her upstairs.

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