fucking my s****r and cousin

hey guys back with another i****t story.

Well, this one starts in our bathroom. my s****r was taking a shower and me and my female cousin was watching tv. Now Dawn(cousin) had some fat ass titties not the best ass but it was good enough to be plowed.

i walked in the bathroom and told my s****r i wanted to fuck she said not with dawn here, i said if she sees us ill fuck her too, my s****r laughed. Her nice ass body stepped out of the shower, freshly shaved. i closed the toilet and sit on it and she started for the first time sucking me. God damn no wonder black men love her fucking amazing head lol. i got off the toilet and set her in the sink. and began eating her out. but sure enough as soon as i began to toy with her pussy with my dick dawn walks right in.

wtf?! she screamed and i bein the dumb ass i am i didnt stop my s****r ran after her and spilled the beans and had her go in my room. my s****r walk in the bathroom and said go get her big boy. i kissed my s****r and walkd to my room.

dawn was lying in my bed with a surprised look on her face. jokingly i said i****t is the best put ur cousin to the test. lol. she said its not funny what you and her are doing. i said why dont you give it a try? she said what if we get caught? i said no one is home my mom and dad are at grandmaws for the weekend.

Somehow i got her to let me fuck. but i laid next to her and began kissing her. i lifted up her tank top to get to those d cups. i began sucking them wildly and i asked if she will suck me. she said alright and began lick my dick. i slid my hands down her virgin yea you heard me virgin pants and began fingering her. i rolled her on her belly and put my dick in her ass crack to get her ready and rubbed her with my cock.

i penetrated and began passionately thrusting and laying her back kissing her neck. just to get it all i put on of one my fingers in her ass and finger it why i was pumping. man i wanted those tits. i flipped her over again and and while jacking off played with her d cup tits. i had a futon at the time and got her to lay at the edge and i ate her out from the back still haveing juice left i fucked my cousin like a doggy holding her tits while thrusting now she wasnt on birth control so i couldnt nut so i got her and my s****r who watched the whole time as fucked our cousin and fingered herself the whole time to make out and i jacked off while watching them til i came. idk why but when i got done all three of us i****t fuckers laid in my room watching movies taking turns tongue kissing.

thanks for reading if your not friend please add me and rate the story my next story is gonna be about me my best friend who ironically is my cousin lol double teaming two grrls while we was camping.
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2 years ago
good start but more details & discriptions
3 years ago
very good love the incest story's
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice one man can't wait for the next one