my gf finally lets me hit it

this is another one of my teenage sex stories, this time with my bi-racial gf finally gave it up...

She was around 5'6 with 36 c tits and as you probaly already know from my last story lol, with my fetish a nice round ass.

i received a text during summer break reading hey boo come over cuz i got a surprise for you. i replied back ok on my way. when i got there she was in a tight top and booty shorts wich realy looked like underwear. i asked where are parents are, she replied the surprise is there not home.

we cuddled on her couch for a little bit watching a classic date movie and good for those who wanna get laid the notebook. lol i know its gay but atleast it gets em in the mood. now this girl was a virgin she hasnt even been kissed yet.

i asked her if we can make out. she said yes. and away we go with the sex story.

as i kissed her on her neck we preceeded by laying on her bed i asked if i could finger her she said no. but i i knew the longer we got frisky she would start getting horny. i began to put my hand up her shirt and feel her nice boobs. i then started rubbing her ass and vagina and i could feel her gettn "ready". i move her tits out of her bra and sucked on them for a minute and then asked if could finger her this it was a yes. it was fun for her but scary for me cuz i realized how fucking tight she was, lol.

i asked if i could eat her out and i again she said yes. her pussy was so juicy and nice. istarted kssing her thighs licking her stomach and everything. i felt likea fucking r&b singer lol. after i ate her out for about 10 minutes she started fingering herself and i asked if i can get head, she sauid yes and it ws good she was jacking me off and licking the tip of my cock and i filled her mouth with pre cum.i was in shcok when she said the best words a teenager could hear "im ready". i told her to grip her pillow and roll over.

i put my condom on and started pushing against her pussy. fucking tight ass fit. as soon i got in i could feel her tense up and aked if she was alright and i started plowing it like a boss. when she started getting looser i flipped her over and put her legs on my neck and fucked her hard. i couldnt tell if she was in pain or enjoying it, the last thing i did my favorite thing. was laying on my back and let her try to do work and her hugged her tightly and begin pumping as fast and hard as i could and blam i filled the condom up. when i got done she is aked if i wanted to spend the night and thats when i realized she had became addicting to getting fucked.

if you like this one let me know and i give a story about the mornig after when i fucked her again. please let me know.

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3 years ago
Another good one. Thanks.
3 years ago
ya tell all your storys i love them all