a night to remember

It was a rainy Friday night and I had been cut back at work just hours earlier so I was kind of down so I decided to go to the local bar for drinks. I walked in the bar and the place was busy as you would expect on a Friday so I made my way past the pool tables to sit at the bar. I ordered my traditional vodka sour and after a few I started to talk to this 30 something year old blonde she was probably late 30s but was still in great shape. So I bought her a few rounds and she asked if I wanted to come out and smoke with her. Well I don't smoke but I understood by the way she smiled she wanted more then a cigarette. So I paid the tab and headed out with her. We had small talk for a bit and then I asked her if she wanted a ride home as she was a little tipsy. So she agreed and I let her in the front of my truck and we took off on the way home she leaned over and started nibbling on my neck and started whispering let me repay you for my drinks and about that time I felt the softest hands start massaging my cock and then she slide her body down and started giving me the best road head I have ever received. Well by this point I am rock hard and thinking what a great night well she invited me in and I walked through the door with her and there stood her 19 year old daughter and my mouth dropped. Her body was blessed from head to toe she had a d cup a tight stomach an ass that looked like you can get lost in it. She had light brown hair beautiful blue eyes nice thick lips and beautiful dimples on both cheeks. Well I knew I was going to make it my mission to fuck them both so I got the cougar to sit down and we talked with the daughter for a bit I found out her bf was out of town and he didn't leave her on the best of terms so the relationship was rocky if it even existed to begin with. I started to rub the mothers leg in front of the daughter to catch her reaction I looked over and I saw her bite her lip very softly so I knew it turned her on so I slid my hand up the mothers skirt and started fingering her and then said its late we better hit the bed. I took the mom back to her room and i hoped the daughter would follow. Well sure enough by the time our clothes hit the floor her daughter walks in wearing a see through outfit and tells her you aren't the only one getting a piece of that cock. They both the take out my cock and suck it till I think I am going to explode. The mom hopes on a rides me until she cums all down my shaft as I am eating out her daughter. Then the daughter wanted a turn and could she ride like a pro she would arch her back as I trusted it deep inside her I could hear her moan and knew she didn't usually have a cock this big inside her. I pounded away at her pussy until as her nice big titties were bouncing she cummed all over my cock. Then she took my cock out and they sucked me dry I ended up cunning in the moms mouth and her and her daughter did a cum swap right in front of me. That was the most amazing night ever
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