It was around maybe 2 or 3 AM

We were spooning in bed face each other. You were drawing circles on my back and rubbing on my shoulders. My hands began to travel all over your body, down to your thighs and up to your boobs. I squeezed your tits and kissed my neck and ear. And rubbed your nipples. You started pressing your ass and pussy along my dick and we began grinding against each other, both panting. I brought my fingers down to your wet pussy and started to rub your clit. You couldn't help but moan. I reached down and put my fingers deep inside you. You said it felt amazing. I rubbed your clit some more and you reached down to grab my hard dick. You gave it a few strokes and then shoved it into your soaking wet pussy. You put your hands on the wall in front of you and pushed yourself back into me, as I pushed myself deep into you. Our breathing got heavier and I let out a few “oh’s” and so did you. As we continued to moan. One of my hands had a firm hold on your breast, and my other on your ass. I reached around and grabbed your stomach to pull myself deeper inside of you. Fuck. That felt good. My hand went to your pussy and I put it between my middle and pointer fingers as you opened your thighs. I started fucking you hard and fast while I pet your pussy. My other hand reached to your head, and I tugged on your hair. You was moaning loud, and your body began to tense followed by a tingling sensation. You came quickly and closed your thighs and I began pounding you. I repeated your name and you repeated mine. “Oh my god.” My hands grabbed your body and you turned your head to kiss me. I kept fucking you hard and fast. You grabbed my hand and your teeth pressed against my fingers as you moaned. I said I was going to cum, and you reached down and stroked my dick until you felt the wetness ooze all over my hand and pussy. We laid there out of breath for a few moments. I kissed your lips and all along your shoulders and back. We started rubbing against each other again and I picked me up so you was on top of me with your back to my stomach; and my hands holding your thighs and feet in the air. I thrusted my dick into your pussy. You placed one hand around my head and the other on the desk behind us. Your boob was in my face and I started to suck it. After awhile, I flipped you over with your ass slightly in the air. I thrusted deep into you, and your face dug into the bed. You orgasmed and then we laid on our sides to spoon again. You put my dick in your pussy, and we slowly thrusted into each other. We picked up speed and both made some noise. I pulled you over me, and you swung your legs to the other side as me cradled you. You bounced up and down on my shaft and kissed my neck, ears, and mouth. You put one leg on the other side, and I started to pound you. Faster and faster, until I whispered into your ear, for the second time, “I’m going to cum.” You put your hand on my dick and stroked it quickly as you felt the cum pulsing all inside your pussy. I grabbed you a towel and you wiped off. Your legs were shaking and quivering and I was kissing you, telling you that "I Love You So Much" until we both returned to dreamland.
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