Oh so Hot

Oh so young and hot

When I was younger I grew up in a mid size town that had 2 major colleges . I was in high school when my older s****r left for college and my parents toke in Tammy as a border to off set the cost of my s****rs education . Tammy was going to college to be a nurse and she was from a small town about 200 miles from our city . I knew from the first time I saw her that I would some day have a great life changing experience with her and I was hoping it would involve sex. I was still a virgin and like most young guys watched a lot of porn and jecked off in my room most nights .
On the first day that Tammy came to the house to get an idea of us and how close it was to the school she was wearing a tight form fittng pair of jeans and a tank top . I saw my dad giving her the once over too . Her tits were full and firma nd she had the cute blonde hair in a pony tail . She smiled and gilled like a high school cheer leader and had no problems showing off her very fit body . I was waking around like a crazy boy trying to get a shoot of her on my camera . The guys at school would never believe me when I told them that this hot young thing was going to be living in our house and sl**ping in the next room beside me .

It all went along fine for the first few weeks , my dad was like a hound dog finding a bone . He was always watching Tammy around the house and I could see that he was getting excited when she would walk around the house in her short shorts and tee shirts . Her tits were amazing . Perfect size and shape . Hard and full , always streaching her shirts out to the maxume . Like they wanted to exploed . I was doing my best to stay at a distance and doing very thing to try and catch her on either video or a picture so I could whack off with .

Then it happened my parants were called away both at the same time on business . They were going to be gone for 3 days and asked if Tammy could help out while they were gone . I was mad , I was old enough to tak care of myself but they wanted to make sure everything was alright . Tammy was busy with school but she agreed to keep and eye on me for the time they were away .

The first night was like any other until bed time . I was busy watching tv and cleaning up my dishes when Tammmy came down from her room in her bath robe . It was pink and fuzzy and was very short .I had tried without luck to get a view up under it a few times when she came down the stairs . Her long tanned legs were so hot and her skin was silky smooth . This time Tammy came walking over and dropped down beside me on the couch . My cock was like a cold steel rod ready to go at anytime . Tammy crossed her legs and exposed her long leg to my eyes as she made small talk to me . My eyes were locked on her rob as it slightly opened t expose the top of her firm tits . It was not a clear view but it was enough to get a idea of what the rest of her breast would look like . Her milky smooth skin looked so hot and her firm hard tits were standing straight out of her chest . She had her hair pulled back in a pony and off over her shoulder . Her perky smile melted my hear and her sweet giggle made me laps off into a day dream . I guess I was not doing a good job of hiding where my eyes were . Tammy was now moving herself on the couch to make herself comfortable and was now exposing move of her tits to my eyes . Within the next half hour of watching the tv she had moved enought o give me a full view of her tits and hard nipples . I was now not even watching the game on the tv but locked on the view that was before me and her tits . I am sure that Tammy was almost a D cup in size but they were so firmand hard . As the game finished Tammy pulled herself away and stood up . Annoucing she was going to take a shower and head to bed . I agreed and watched her walk towards the steps going upstairs . As she reached the 4 th step I finally got the view I had been waiting for . I was now locked on her ass as she lifted her legs with each step and exposed her full legs from under her house coat . She was wearing a pair of Hot pink tong panties that were pulled high up between her ass cheecks . Her tan lines didn’t stop at anypoint so i knew she had been tanning in th nude . Her ass was just as perfect as her tits and I was now so excited I knew I had to get to my room and jerk off while the memeory was still freash in my mind .

The sound of the shower running was in the back ground as I slipped into bed and out of my shorts . My cock in my hand and I begain to whack my shaft off with the clean memeory of Tammmy on the steps . I was so lost in my mind I had not heard the shower stop or the sound of Tammy heading for her room . I was now laying ontop of my sheets and my rod was being ponded in my hand. With my eyes shut and my thoughts on my dick I didn’t even know that Tammy was now standing at my doorway and looking into my room . My cock was now spewing hot seed out and onto my hand and belly . My day dreaming was now over and my eyes were opening to see Tammy still in the doorway watching me . I pretented to not notice her and she was quick to make her way out of sight . I was now even more excited that she had seen my cock and watched me wack off . I had read a number of stories online about this same thing and I was hoping that I too would live out a fantizy like this . I cleaned myself up and got back into bed . Tammy’s room was right next door to mine and I could hear her getting into bed . As I feel asl**p I was sure I could hear her breahing heavy and deep and the sound of her moving in my s****rs bed . I had hear my s****r many times masturbating after a heavy date with her loser boyfriend . I am sure they had not had sex but I was sure my s****r was hoping they would . I had even found my s****rs sex toy one time by mistake . I had needed a book from her room and I was sure it was in her night stand . As I opened the top draw there ontop of her dairy was a full sized rubber dick . With all of the futures of a real cock . It was huge and I wondered if this was how big most guys were . I compared it to myself and realized I was just about the same size when I was fully erect . After I had found it I did hear her use it a few times the quite hum of it and the sound of it sliding into her well lub hole . The walls in the house were paper thin and you could hear everything . I had even heard my parenst fucking on a few times . It was a quick and almost instance sound of my dad cumming inside my mom . There was now foreplay of action just wham and it was over .

As I laid in bed listing I could almost picture Tammy working her fingers in herself and rising her hips off of the bed to meet each stroke of her hand . I listened alittle longer and then it went quite . The momement was over and I was hard again already . I had to get up and go to the washroom . In only my boxers and with my cock as hard as ever I slipped out of my room and into the washroom . I brushed my teeth and pissed like a horse . As I turned off the lights and open the door ,there standing in the hallway was Tammy . Wearing only her white lacing Bra and pink thong panties . I pretened to cover my eyes with my hand and said that I was so sorry !! My fingers were opened though so I could see her . Tammy smiled and stepped past me , brushing her tits against my arm and pushing her ass out to hit the door frame . I walked to my room and turned to see that Tammy had left the bath room door opena dn was peeing now . I was now stepping into my room and turned to close the door when Tammy placed her hand on the door to hold it open . As I stepped back Tammy walked into the room , I could smell her sweet smell . And with a sheepish smile on her face she reached her hand out and placed it on my crotch . Working the cloth of my shorts in her hand she was now working my shaft with her hand and guidling me back onto my bed . As I reached the edge of my bed she gave me a slight push causing me to drop onto my bed and now she attempted to mount me . With her hips now over my legs and her hand snow pushing me back on to my back . Tammy reached behind her back and released the claps of her Bra . Loowing it to fall from her shoulders . Her tits were full and firm just as I had seen them . Her dark brown nipples were puffy and swollen . Each one seem to cry out for my attention and With my hands I now reached up and toke them both in my hands . With a firm gip and pulled each of her nipples and massaged her tits . She threw her head back and moaned iwth enjoyment . I had never touch a real tit in my life but it seemed so natural . I knew I wanted to suck on them so I was eager to get my mouth open and with that Tammy bent herself forward . Placing her hard nipple in my warm mouth . I sucked them like I had done this a thousand times before . Long drawn out motions and then switching to the other tit to ensure they were taken care of equally .
Tammy was now dry humping my hard cock thur my shorts and her thin pink thong . Like a pro I slipped my hands down and onto er hips . pulling her thong off in one single motion . Tammy was happy and egar to get them off . With them off I threw them off into the cornor of my room . Her bare love spot was now pressed tightly against my shorts and she was so wet that her juice was soaking my shorts . My cock was aching to be free but I wanted to makesure I toke my time as I didn’t know how far we would end up going . I was now thinking back to the porn I had watched over the summer and tried to think what I should do next . But I didn’t have too . Tammy was now slipping off on me andworking her way down over my chest . Her tounge flickering over my man nips and her hands were now locked in my waist ban of my shorts . My cock ad already started to peck out of the top and with her tounge she slipped over the head and slide the head of my dick into her mouth . As she locked her lips over the head I pushed my hips upwards to match her thurst . My cock was now being freed from my shorts and her hands were working my balls . Tammy was pulling my shorts over my hips and keeping my cock tight inside her mouth . With each stroke of her lips I grew more excited and closer to the edge of a climax . Tammy moaned with enjoyment and I was now watching her head bob up and down in my lap . My fingers new searching her ass and finding her sweet nest . I slipped my finger deep inside her with a single thrust and started to finger fuck her . Tammy pick up the pace and worked my cock with my energy now . She could feel my cock jumping with each stroke im sure and she knew what was cuming soon . I was now pulling her body onto my bed and postioning her legs and sweet hole over my face . We were in a full 69 postion now and I was dribving my tounge deep inside her with all my f***e . My hands were puling her ass check apart and probimg her openings . Her ass seemed to open and my index finger slipped in to her ass . Without missing a beat I begain to fuck her ass with my finger as I drove my cock into her mouth and thoat . I was on the edge of cumming when Tammy screamed ou with enjoyment . She was cumming too . My cock exposed into her mouth and I filled her with my hot thick seed . She was egar to swallow as much as possible and not leave a drop behind . As my smei hard cock slipped fromher mouth my finger slipped free of her ass and we both repositioned our bodies to beside each other . There was never a word spoken . But Tammy continued to work my dick in her hand and I was once again fully erect in a few mintues . This time I was going to get my cock inside her and lose my cherry too . I rolled her over on her back and her legs fell apart like it was natural . I slipped myself up and between her long legs . Tammy reached down between our bodies and postioned my now solid member at the opening of her nest . With her eyes shut she placed my cock in position and then placed her hands on my hips . With a forcful thrust I drove my cock between her legs and into her hot wet hole . The sound of my cock going into the wet hole was loaud enough to be heard over her scream of excitement . Was Tammy a Virgin too ? My cock seem to stop at a certain point and she was thrusting her hips upwards to make me drive deeper inside her . I pulled back from the tight firm grip of her pussy and then drove my entire body downwards . Forcing her to take my entire cock inside her . A sudden release and my cock was now deep inside her . I had taken her cherry with my cock . Tammy now like a horse was driving herself up and down on my member at full speed . Bucking and snorting she was like a wild b**st fighting for its life . My cock was being clamped tight from within her and as I made my 4 stroke I too begain to spill my sweet love juice into her . As I with drew I sprayed my seed all over her tight stomach . My cum was seeping from her holeand down between her legs . Tammys eyes were now wide open and she was smiling as I pulled myself off o her and laid down beside her . tammy whispered that was great !! You were so good and caring for my first time . I hope we can fuck all night and that you will be satisfied with my in experience . I was in shock that she tought I had alot of experience , little did she know this was my first too . I was now looking down between her legs ands hoping I could go and taste her sweetness now . Tammy was happy to spread her legs apart again and watch me eat her out for the next 20 mins . My cock was now again ready to go and her hole was well lubed up for me . This time she mounted me in a cowboy style mount . Fucking my brain out and screming with excitement . Her tits boucing with each thrust . That nigh I fucked Tammy so many tims I lost track . The next morinign when I awoke . The sight of Tammy nake beside me in my bed was the best thing ever . As she woke I toke my now hard cock and placed it insie her from behind . In true doggie style , Tammy on her knees and her ttis swaying with each stroke . We fucked 2 more times and then got up and showered . I watched as Tammy walked from my room to hers . Her legs were bowed and it appeared she was in some pain . My cock was raw from her tight pussy sucking on me . These 3 days went fast . I satyed home from school and so did she . We fucked in every room of the house and were so sad to see my parents come home .
For the next 2 years we fucked and sucked eachother off and enjoyed our new found pleasure . We had a few scares of Tammy being late with her period . So she got on the pill and that seem to satify everyone . We never got catch but had a few close calls with my dad almost walking in on us fucking in the gargea.

Tammy was my best lover and I will never forget that fisrt time .

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2 years ago
Bad grammar, spelling, disorganized sentences. The writer appears to have missed/slept through several years of English/writig classes.
2 years ago
would have been excellent but i agree with xXxpoistxXx. your previous stories seamed to be better , but the last few the spelling & word usage leave alot to be desired
3 years ago
Hot concept but the story feels like its written by a 15yo. The spelling is atrocious and there are inconsistencies that get worse as the story goes. Could be great if it was re-written...
3 years ago
Great story