Daughter Like Mother - Great way to learn

Daughter like Mother – Great way to learn

I will never forget the first time I saw Carrie the young girl that lived behind us in the small town I grew up in. Carrie was 4 years younger than me but was one very hot looking young girl. She was always so cute in her short skirts chancing the boys around and playing on the street. Carries mom on the other hand was a local school teacher named Carol. She was the hottie teacher in our small town school. I had carol as a teacher in grade 8. She was the teacher that got to teach the k**s Sex Ed. And she was the one that all of the horny young guys daydreamed about giving them their first sexual experience. As the years pasted Carol became pregnant again and had a boy. His name was john and I got to know him quite well. I am sure that John was an unplanned c***d. Carols husband was the manager of the local factory in town and spent allot of time out of state.
The years went by and I was now in my last year of high school, the true good student that played football and basket ball. Carrie had blossomed into an even hotter young girl that was on the cheerleading team and very active in the small town. I had got to know Carol even better over the last few years as I would baby sit young john where were the need arouse . And I was the first to look out my bedroom window to watch the view of Carrie in her room at night. I was never really sure if she knew I was watching or she just liked the windows open. She would get ready for bed each night and step out from behind the curtains to show me she had a perky set of tits under her tight t shirt.
Anyways it all happened one fall night when I got a call from Carol asking if I could watch John while she went out to a meeting and Carrie went to practice. I was happy to, little spending money and the chance to snoop around Carries room after John went to bed. I got to the house at 7 and John was just getting ready for bed. Carol answers the door wearing a tight form fitting dress. Her long smooth legs in black silk stockings and my mind opened up with trying to picture what she had on under the dress. With a little small talk off she went and I helped John get into bed and read him a story. Within 15 min’s I was now heading back upstairs to Carries bedroom. Hoping to see something or maybe even check out what she had in her dresser. I was always big on underwire and bra’s, my true love was tits and I had always enjoyed my girlfriends that would allow me to suck on their tits all night. Anyways I slipped into her room and began to look around. On the floor by her bead was a small ply of clothes. A pair of pink silk panties and a blue sports bra. Her cheerleading outfit hung on the door and pictures of her on the wall excited my man hood. Before long I had found a digital camera under her bed and was now viewing the pictures that were on the card. To my surprise there were over a 100 images on the camera. The first few were of the cat and her friends and then to my surprise was a picture of Carrie standing in the bathroom in nothing but her bra and panties. Her small perky tits falling out of her small bra and her tight panties bulled up high on her hips. The sight was too much for me and I slipped my hand into my pants to begin to rub myself. As I continued thru the pictures Carrie was becoming more and more sexual in her poses. Then came the picture of her with no panties on. Her small patch of hair covering just the top of her nest. Her fingers were placed on the out lips and she was working her clit in her fingers. Her blond hair pulled back over her shoulders and her eyes closed. 2 more pictures of her in this standing mode and then came the picture of her with her hands over each breast. Her pussy still exposed and now in full view. A few close ups and then came the picture that but me over the edge. Carrie was lying on her bed with her legs wide part and her tits now in full view. Her small dark pink nipples fully erect and crying out to me. I was lost in the excitement and I had not noticed or heard Carrie come home. With my hand still around my dick in my pants I turned when I heard a sound in the hallway. To my shock there was Carrie looking at me and smiling. Still in her uniform she was locked o my hands and the sight of my rock hard dick in my shorts. I gasped and turned to try and cover up what I was doing. Without a word being said Carrie entered the room and closed the door behind her. In 4 steps she was now standing beside me and her tits pressed up against my arm. Her hands were now replacing my and pulling my shorts downwards to expose my cock. I was still in shock as my cock sprang from my short and stood directly out in front of me. Carrie was moaning under her breath as she gazed at my rod. Her hands now reaching out and grasping my rod. She was slowly pulling my shaft and working my balls in her other hand. I was so excited I didn’t care how old she was or who she was I just knew that I was going to cum and I wanted Carrie to make it happen. Carrie slipped to her knees and was now licking the head of my rod with her soft tongue. With each touch of her warm wet tongue my cock would jump to life. I was now placing my hands on her shoulders and pulling her face towards my member. Carrie appeared to be a pro at what was happening and before I knew it she had opened her mouth and allowed my cock to enter. Her lips now working on the outer edges of my cock base. And she was working my balls with each stroke of her mouth. It seemed like hours but it was really only seconds when I felt the cum begin to star in my rod and make its way to the head of my cock. Carrie seems to sense the upcoming excitement and with her mouth and hands she was working me to a climax. Within 4 more strokes of her tight warm mouth I pulled myself back to allow my seed to be fired. Carries mouth was wide open and she was gear to taste my seed. My cock exploded with such f***e that the first steam of cum shoot out of my cock and over head and onto her bed. Carrie was quick to recoup and catch the remaining shoots in her mouth. And with a sheepish smile she looked up into my eyes and opened her mouth to some the full load in her mouth. With one deep long swallow she emptied her mouth into her body and opened her mouth again to show me she had swallowed the entire load. To this point not a word had been said. But I knew that I too was ready to service her and her needs. With the I reached down and toke her small body into my arms and lowered her onto her bed.
Once she had reached the bed her legs fell apart to expose her wet panties under her cheerleader skirt. They were white silk shorts with a large wet spot between her legs. I was now working my finger under the leg bands and stretching to reach her wet hole. I knew that I needed her to cum for me now so that our experience would stay a secret. What would her mother say? As I removed her panties I was surprised to find that she had shaven herself clean since the photos were taken. My mouth was now watering with the thought of sucking on her honey hole. Carrie spread her legs wide apart and pulled my head down between her legs. The sweet smell of her love hole was so exciting and my mouth was now open and ready to taste her. With my hands now firmly on her hips I slipped my tongue out and into her hole. With the first contact of my tongue on her she moaned with excitement. With each stroke my cock was recovering with excitement and ready to cum again. With a few long deep strokes of my lips and tongue Carrie was locking her knees around my head and face fucking me with all her might. Carrie came at least 3 times within a minute of my starting my attention on her clit. She was crying with each wave of excitement. As she final climaxed for the 4 the time she released my head from her hold and said “I have been hoping you would do that to me for a long time “. Carrie was now sitting up on her bed. Her tits still in her top but very excited to escape. She reached under her shirt and raised her arms as I pulled her shirt over her head. Her firm breast was now much larger then I had remembered and they were pushing themselves out over the top of her bra. The white lace was see the and I could see the entire outline of her nipples and her excited nipples were crying out to me to suck on. As I threw her shirt to the side Carrie was now releasing the front clasps on her bra and allowing her tits to escape. My eyes were locked on her firm breasts and my cock was now standing at full attention. Carrie pulled me down onto the bed and placed her right tit in my mouth while she began to slowly stroke my shaft in her hand. With each stroke I would suck deep and hard on her nipple. Within a few minutes she was once again working herself over a climax and moaning with each suck of my lips. I knew I was going to cum again shortly but I was not sure where I should do it. Was Carrie on birth control? Could I fuck her with my cock? Should I just cum on her test and lets her clean it up. Carrie whispered in my eye as she worked my cock in her hands. “You can’t cum in me put you can cum in my mouth again. I have never been fucked so I don’t think we should fuck tonight. I was on the edge so I just shook my head and she released my cock and slipped down to take me in her mouth again. This time she allowed me of my thick rod into her mouth and worked my balls with more f***e. I exploded into his mouth and Carrie was gear to ensure she got it all. As my semi limp cock fell from her mouth I heard a sound. As I turned towards the noise I saw that Carol was standing in the hallways watching Carrie lick the remained of my cum from her lips. I was shocked, I had just had sex with her young daughter and she was watching from the hallway without making a noise. My heart was pounding as I watch Carol turn and head back down stairs. Carrie seat up and smiled, that was even better than I thought. I can’t wait till next time. And with that she stood up and walked into her bathroom of her bedroom. I was so scared; I pulled myself together and headed downstairs to face Carol.
Once I reached the last step I heard Carol call out for me to come into the kitchen. My head was pounding and I was not sure what was going to happen. As I came thru the doorway I saw Carol now standing behind the island in the kitchen. Her dress appeared funny and her arms were moving. She was facing the window and I could see in the window that she was smiling. I slowly made my way around the counter and as I saw Carol was now standing with her legs parsed and her hand was rubbing herself under her dress. Her black lace stockings were held up with graders and it appeared her panties were crotch less. A small blonde patch of hair appeared over her pussy and her breast were falling from the top of her dress. Carol turned her head and motioned me to come to her side. With her hand now reaching out to mine she guide me back to the soft spot between her legs. Her wet pussy was hot and ready. Before I could even say a word Carol was lifting her dress higher to expose her graders and stocking for me to see. Just like in the porn mages. Her pussy was full and wet. The sweet smell was hitting me in the face. I dropped to the floor and slipped my tongue deep into her wetness. Carol reached down and pulled my head between her legs. With her leg now lifted up and allowing me a full access to her sex hole. Carol was now reaching don between my tong and working her fingers over her hard clit. Within a few miniatures Carol was screaming with excitement and hipping my face like the world was going to end. As Carol came for the second time she was now cupping her own breast and working them with her hands. Her dark hard nipples now totally exposed from her dress. Each stroke of her hand made my cock jump with excitement . As I stood up Carol reached down and pulled my short to the floor. Once I was free of my shorts she reached down and lifter her dress over her head and dropped it to the floor in the kitchen . Then Carol slipped down onto her kness and toke the swollen head of my cock into her warm wet mouth . As she drew my shaft into her mouth she moaned with excitement . Her firm hard nipples pointing inot my leg with each move of her body . She was a better version of Carrie . She seem to know just what to do to make the cum in my balls boil . Within a few lnog deep strokes of her mouth my cock begain to explode into her mounth . My seed spilling from the edges of her mouth while she swallowed depp and hrad . Trying to catch every drop of my cum before it could seep from her mouth . I was now lost in a world of lust . I had sex with Carrie and now Carol . My night could get any better if i tried . As my semi limp cock feel free Carols mouth I reached down and pulled her nake body up next to mine . With my hands clapsed under her ass I lifted her onto the cold marbel counter top . Once ontop I pulled heg apart to expose her pussy to the cool night air . Her hard clit was standing at attention and crying out for me to suck once again . With my face once again coming closer to her my hands now cupping her ass and I begain to finger fuck her and lick her sweet hle at the same time . With her love juice now covering my hand and finger s I slipped my middle finger into her tight hot ass . With the first inch of my finger noew inside her ass Carol moaned with pleasure and begain to hump my hand as I fingered her . Within a miniteu she was fucking both my hand and my face at the same time . I knew she was about to reach her point so I pulled my finger free of her ass and slipped my thick thumb inot place instead . With a loader moan she reached her climax and begain to cum on my lips . Carol had now laid back on the counter top and was maoning with excitement . I knew that there was one more thing I need to do before leaving this love nest for tonight . As Carol was slidding of the counter and down onto the Kitchen table I rooled her over on her stomach and pulled her legs forward . Exposing her tight wet ass hole for me to explore . With her now in position and I was now standing behind her I placed my once again hard memebre at the entery to her forbidden hole . With her wetness from all of the excitement so far It was a easy move to slip my cock head into her hole . With the head of my cock slipping past the tight opening she gasped with pain and pleasure . I contuined to f***e my way in and before long I was taking full deep strokes in and out of her ass. Carol was reaching between her legs and rubbing her hard clit with each of my strokes. It toke only a few more strokes of my member to make my cum . And with that I made one more full deep tghrust and filled her tight ass with a full load of my seed . Carol was spent and collaped on the table with exhaustion . The beads of sweat rolling off her back . Her tits covered in my seed from the prior position . With little to no power left in my cock I reached down and pulled up my shorts . Carol smiled and turned toward the kitchen doorway . There standing nake with her fingers buried deep into herself was Carrie . Carol smiled and said “ See I told you he could provide for our needs . He is much better then that dildo you have been using . I was confused but once again excited at the site of Carrie nake . She was pulling her fingers from her body and walking towards me with them out to suck clean . I was more then happy to help . Carol continued to smaile as I lifted carrie onto the table beside her . With the legs parted and now very wet Carrie wanted to have me take her with her mother beside her . While she held Carols hand I reached down and released my cock from my shorts once again . Carol reached down between our bodies and guided my hard member to the place of entery . With a firm but loving thrust I placed the head of my cock between Carries lips and opened her up . With Carols guidece and loving words Carrie allowed my to pentate her with my cock . As I slowly inserted my cock into her she to cried in both pain and pleasure and once I had my cock inside her love nest I held firm . Within a few seconds Carries pussy opened up and allowed me to begin thrusting in and out . It had been a long day and it was a while before i could cum again . This proved to be a little more tehn Carrie could take and after a dozen thrust she came and pulled herself off of my cock allowing Carol to slip down and complete the job by sucking me off . Carrie was exhsuted too now . But very happy to have been both fucked and sucked in front o f her mother . I once again pulled up my shorts and enjoyed a nother hour of cuddling and kissing both mother and daughter .
To my surprise I never had Carrie again , however I did manage to fuck Carol almost weekly for the next 3 years before thry moved away . We enjoyed sex in almost every room on the house as well as every position that is documented in the sex book she bought for me that Christmas . To this day I still have dreams of my night with both mother and daughter

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6 months ago
Wonderful story -- great flow, and even better content!
2 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
good story,
but you need more paragraph brakes,
it makes reading more easy
3 years ago
Lucky guy!!!
3 years ago
super would be such fun