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The first time I saw her !!

I remember it like it was yesterday and I can still see Sue sitting on the couch with her form fitting shorts and tight white tee shirt . Her bra was very visible thru the thin material and her large firm tits were a sight that made me as hard as a rock in seconds.
This story starts off when I was 14 and horny as very young guy is at that age. I would stare at my s****r’s tits as she worked down the hallway fro the shower every morning. Hoping that one day that towel would fall and I would get a clear view of her large firm tits. But the real dream I had was to see Sue, her best friend and a girl that was like a second s****r to me for many years.
It all started when my parents had to go out of the country on business for 3 weeks and I was going to stay home with my s****r. However she had a full time summer job and I was a little too young to stay by myself thru the nights she worked. So it was decied that Sue would also stay with us while my parents were away. My heart was pounding now; I was going to be sl**ping in the same house by myself with my true love Sue. It all started out great and for the first few days I made sure that Sue was able to c me coming out of the shower at night and in the morning . I had been playing sports all my life so I had a pretty good body with a 6 pack to boot at only 14. Sue was 17 and she had the tights ass and big firm tits, she was always hugging me and crushing me with her large tits. It was heaven and her nipples always seem to get hard and rub my chest with each hug. The first real experience was on a Thursday night around 8 pm, it was a very hot night and the Air conditioner didn’t seem to be working 100 % so I was heading to the shower to try and cool off. I had already removed my shirt and was just in my shorts, I was walking down the hallway when I notice Sues door was pulled over and her light was very dim. I had noticed she only seem to close her door when she was changing or sl**ping. I was now taking small steps down the hallway when I came to her doorway. I could she her bare feet on the end of the bed, her legs were spread apart and I could almost hear her breathing. I was now very excited as I thought I might actually get to see her body. With 2 more steps towards the doorway I could now see her bare legs and her left hand seem to be moving. I was shocked at the next sight I saw, Kim was laying on the bed with her shorts off and her tank top pulled up over her tits. Her breast was exposed to the night air and bead of sweat could be seen on them from the hot night air. She was rubbing her hand between her legs and her bare pussy was shaven clean as a new born. I was at a lost, her eyes were shut tight and she seems to be getting close to Cumming. Her large tits were firm and her nipples were fully erect. The dark brown out lines was clear. My cock was now in my hand and I was stroking myself back and forth with each of her strokes. I watched as she arched her back off the bed and moaned with her climax now perking. Within in seconds she had cum and she was now slowly getting herself back to earth. I had almost cum myself and as I saw her begin to realize she was finished I was quick to step back from the doorway and slip down the hallway to the bathroom. Before I could even close the door behind me my cock was exploding in my hands and all over the floor. I had never seen so much cum pour out of my body before. It seems to never end. And with that I turned on the cool water and slipped into the shower. I had just seemed my dream girl masturbates in my s****r’s bed and I got to see her entire body up close. I was so excited by the sight I had just seen I was still jerking my hard cock in my hand when I heard knock on the bath room door. It was Sue and she was asking if she could come in. I didn’t know what to do so I said “just a sec imp getting into the shower. You can come in once I’m in the shower if you want. My heart was pounding at the thought of being in the same room with my dream girl while I was naked in the shower. I reached in and turned the water on. Then slipped into the shower and closed the glass door behind me. I had forgotten that I was now behind a glass door and I was sure Sue would be able to see the outline of my body behind the glass. I yelled out that I was now in the shower and she could come in. A few seconds later the door opened and Kim entered the room. She said sorry I really have to go. Just stay in there and I’ll be just a sec. I stood and allowed the hot water to wash over my arid cock and body. I thought I would let Kim see just how large a dick I had and maybe she would make a move. I turned and arched my back as weal and allowed the water to wash over my head, I knew that she could see thru the glass and would be able to see my hard cock standing straight out from my body thru the cloudy glass door. I heard her sit down and expel her pee into the toilet. It sounded like a river – she really did have to go. And then I could see that she was now standing and wiping herself off. It was then that I noticed her body was swaying back and forth slightly. She seemed to be rubbing herself. Then I realized she was watching me in the shower and rubbing her she at the same time. I thought I would give her a bit of a show as well and I began to slide my hand up and down on my hard dick. I was working my balls and shaft and I knew she was watching. It seem to last a life time but within a few seconds I could hear her breathing was getting very heavy and her hands were moving much faster now . Then she reached a climax and was now moaning. I could almost hear her wetness and it was getting me closer to climax as well. With 2 move full strokes of my cock I came again and this time I sprayed my seed all over the glass door. I watched as it continued to spill out of my hard dick for the next few moments. Then the door swung open and Kim was standing in the doorway with her shorts off and her tits were in full view. Before I could say a word or even turn of the water she dropped to her knees and engulfed my semi hard cock into her mouth. Her hands were working my balls back and forth and she was pulling my body towards hers. Her bare pussy was rubbing my leg and she was moaning aloud with each stroke of my dick in her mouth. I was now guiding her head back and forth over my dick and pumping as much of my cock into her mouth as I could fit. She was sucking and working my cock with all her energy. I knew I was going to cum again in her mouth I was hoping in the next few movements. I had never actual cum in some ones mouth before. The only girl I had ever had my cock with simple kissed the head a few times and rubbed my balls before I blew off all over her face. She was so mad because I made such a mess on her bed. This time was very different and I was sure Kim wanted me to plant my seed in her mouth. With 2 more deep long strokes my cock began to deliver the thick hot seed into her awaiting mouth. I was pushing myself deeper into her mouth and unloading my entire load. She was swallowing quickly and was now slipping her tongue out to lick my balls and collect the extra seed from her lips. As I finished my task of filling her mouth Kim glanced up and smiled and opens her mouth to show that she had swallowed the entire load of seed. Kim now slowly stood up and stepped into the warm water of the shower. I stood with my hands resting on her hips and she turned to place her firm ass against my now hard cock. I had never had sex with a girl before and I knew that this was all about to change with Kim. She had now reached behind and gripped the base of my cock I her hand. She guided me towards her ass and slipped the head of my cock between her legs. Her pussy was like a glove, warm silky smooth and sucks my cock like her mouth. As the width of my cock opened her tight whole wide open she gasped. With a firm solid thrust I drove my cock all the way into her bodied and filed her love nest with flesh. Kim was now holding the wall to steady herself as I began the thrust into her body. Even though I may never have fucked a girl before I knew what I needed to do was now filling her with my entire dick with each stroke. Within a few short movements we were both breathing very heavy and Kim was on the edge of Cumming. I drove myself as deep as I could and my cock began to deposit my thick warm seed into her body. Kim’s body was rocking with excitement and she too was Cumming. As I pulled my cock from her a held the sound of someone coming up the stairs. Kim was lost and she had no idea what was happening she was so excited from the fucking she didn’t care about anything right now except to get a hold of my cock and ride it again. I froze as I heard my s****r yell out that she was home!! I yelled back that I was in the shower and would be out shortly. Kim stepped back and I kissed her on the lips with a little tongue as well. Then I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I opened the door and left the room. A short time later with my s****r not knowing what had happened , Kim slipped her head in my door and smiled “ Hope we can do that again little later when she leave for work “ I smiled back and pushed my chair back to show that I was wearing only a towel and my cock was standing fully erect again !! I stroked it a few times and smiled back!! I can’t seem to make the swelling go down so I hope you can help me with this !! ;)
Posted by bigcityguy 4 years ago