two s****r

The Sweet Young s****rs in Uniform

It was a great fall day and I was home working on the yard as everyone had gone away that weekend. It was a great Friday morning and I was busy getting the grass cut. I had seen the new young girl across the street a few times since they moved in last month. I had enjoyed watching them do their early morning jog and of course now that they were off to the local catholic high school enjoyed the school uniform that they wore. The short kilts and white button up dress shirts. They both had killer bodies that were just a sight for any sore eyes.

I had been working on the lawn in my golf shorts and shirt , I am in good shape and have my fair share of double takes when imp out in my active wear. I was now working on the last part of the lawn when I noticed a small group of 5 girls sitting on the front step of Kim and Sue’s house . The large wooden deck was a great palce fo them to sit and of course now that they were wearing the school uniform I had a great view up under the short kilts . I had kept my sun glasses on so that they could see me looking over at them as the talked in a group . It was then that I noticed Kim was now sitting with her long slender legs slightly apart . Her hands where at her side and I had a view right up under the hem of her kilt . The sun was in their faces so I knew I was protected from being seen . I was now down on my knees clearing the front bed of grass and that is when I saw what this story is all about . The gilrs were in a group and as Kim moved her legs to repostion herself on the step I got a full view of her clean shaven love nest . My heart was pounding as I watched her spread her legs slightly to the left and then before I knew what was happening Sue who was sitting beside her was also in a positin to show me all her assets too . I was now locked on the sight of to young pussys across the street . They had both spread their legs slightly further apart and where busy talk to the group . I was suer they did not realize th view that they were providing me . Their long well taned and fit legs were to die for . My cock had grown to full erection as I locked on the sight and I knew if I stood I would be cought with my dick so hard. I continued to work at the weeds with no attention to the work but my eyes locked on the young fresh meat on the step . What seemed like hours but was really only a short time and the girl started to leave . I was heart broken to think I was going to lose this great view . And then it happened , My heart stopped as it was only Kim and Sue on the step now and they had spread their legs even further apart . As my eyes gave way and slide up over their firm hard breast I locked my eyes on Kim . She was looking directly at me and smile on her face said it all . I was cought and I didn’t know what to do . Sue stood up and walked towards the front door but Kim continued to watch me and with the smile on her face she slipped her hand under her kilt and touch herself right in front of me . I looked away in fear but could resistthe thought of what I was missing . She was now working her finger in and around her fresh flesh. With the smile on her face and now Sue inside the house she pulled her hand free and slipped her finger into her mouth , tasting herself and teasting me . Then without notice she stood and headed intot he house . Bouncing her firm ass as she slipped in the door . I was lost , had this realy just happened or did I dream this up . I didn’t waste anytime and stood up and headed to the garage to cover my rock hard member . All afternoon I spent in the back yard working around the pool and hot tub . It was starting to get dark so I had thought I would slip into the pool and then into the hot tub and relaxe . I didn’t think much of slipping out of my clothes and jumping into the pool nake . I had didn’t iy many times and enjoyed the free feeling of skinney dipping . I had swam for around 15 min’s and starting to get a chill , my balls had slipped into my body for warmth but my dick was still some what hard from the afterhour sights. I stood and steeped across the pool deck towards the hot tub when I heard the door bell ring . What timing , I was just going to pretend I didn’t hear it but it rang and second and then a third time .I reached for the large beach towel on the deck chair and walked into the house and towards the front door . I could see the outline of a person but couldn’t make out who it might be . As I stepped behind the door and opened it up I was shocked to see Kim standing at the door in her jogging outfit that fit her so well . Her large firm tits held in place with her sports bra and her short tight biking shorts that cover her ass so perfectly . I stood behind the door for coverage and Kim smiled and said “ Hey Jim , was wondering if I could use your phone ? I forgot my key and seems that the f****y has gone out and locked the house . I was lost as I swung the door open and invited her in . I had forgotten I was wearing oly a towel and from the site of theis young vixen I had already become erect . Kims hard nipples were fully visable thru her tank top and the sweat between her breast was now full visable . Her long when tanned legs seem to go forever and as she bounced past I was locked on her firm hard ass that was looking so good . I directed her toward the pool deck were the cordless phone was sitting . I motioned her towards the phone and stepped back to adjust my now slipping towel . Her hips swayed with each step and her ass cheeks seem to call out with each step . My mind was now back to watching her slip her long finger into herself and out into her mouth . My cock was raging and my heart was pounding . She pick up the phone and turned to me . “ Nice Hot tub , maybe I could jump in “ my mind was shot !! the words “ sure anytime slipped from my mouth before I could think !! “
I stepped back and she made 3 calls without luck . she was now heading towards the hot tub and then turned to me “ Well I guess I have to wait awhile , can I take up your offer for a try in the tub now !
Without thinking I said “ Sure I think I have a suit that will fit ya in the house , I’ll go get it “ She smiled and said “ you don’t want me in a suit now do you ? I think I know what you’d like to see ? didn’t you enjoy the show today ? and with that she slipped her hands down over her hips and slipped the shorts down to her feet ! She was bent forward now with her firm bare ass sticking straight at me . It was a dream come true . My cock was on the edge of exploding . She then Reached up ans slipped her top and sports bra over her head . Her tits were perfect 38 c’s and her nipples were the size of silver dollars . Her erect nipple stood out from her tits and pointed slightly upwards . She bent her head forward and kissed each nipple as she stppped up and into the tub . Once she had seat down she said “ OK , now lets see what you have to offer this young lady ? I hope its as large as it looks under the towel . I steeped to the edge of the tub and dropped my towel . My member stood directly out and the head of my dick was inches from her mouth . She leaded forward and took th head into her small warm mouth . With 2 small strokes and a lick of the underside of my dick I erupted in her mouth like a horse . The cum was flowing from the edges of her mouth and she could hardly swallow the thick hot seed . I was now so sacred of what I had just done !! As my dick slipped from her mouth she smiled and licked her seasmen covered lips with her long slender tougn !! I hope that’s not the lst time you can do that tonight , I am pretty horny myself and I was hoping to try that dick on for size shortly . I said “ I’m so sorry it’s been a while and your mouth felt so good , I am sorry for cumming in your mouth . I hope you don’t mind that !! Kim could tell I was unsure of what had happened and place me at ezzy , I wanted to suck you ,if I didn’t want to I wouldn’t have . I just didn’t think youd cum so quickly . You have quite a large tool there and you seem to know how to use it . Most of the boys my age only want to make themselves cum and not satify my bt im sure your not like that , right . I slipped into the tb and over beside her . I slipped my hand under her tits and lifted them both to my open lips . As I sucked each of her hard nipples she moaned and begain to lift her chest up to me . I countiuned to suck each of her firm tits for the next ½ hour . Taking each nipple in my mouth and then pulling the other with my fingers . Before long she was lifting her hips and moaning . I knew she was going to cum shortly . As I slipped my hand under the water I slipped it between her legs and begain to probe her thick lips and hard clit . My thick fingers worked her clit while I suck her tits. She was now so close to the edge I knew that if I slipped my finger inside her hole I would make er cum . With one solid thrust my thumb slipped past her opening and into her warm wet pussy . She locked her arms around my head and screamed “ OMG im going like I have never cum before , Please don’t stop keep doing me !! I countiuned to finger fuck her with my thumb and suck on her till she was exhausted .
Kim had now slipped her legs over me and was about to mount my hard thick dick . She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered “ You are much larger then the toy I use each night , so please go slowly , I want to fuck you all night long and have you cum deep inside me !! This thoughts words she slipped the head of my dick between her legs and thrusted down onto me . The first part of my dick slipped in easly but then as her hole widened to accept more of my cock the stupid door bell rang angain . Kim moaned as she pulled herself back off my cock . She opened her eyes and looked at me “ I think you had better get that , just in case . “ I was reluctant but pulled myself out of the tub and wrapped my towel around my hips . My cock once again was at fullerection as I reached the door . I tried again to see who it was but couldn’t really see. I slipped the door open slightly and pecked around. There standing on the step now was Sue . In her short summer dress . Her tits full as her s****r and her nipples as hard as her too. Her tits were larger and her hips slimmer . She was all smiles as I open the door alittle more .
She smiled and said “ I think my s****r is here ? Can I come in ? . I reached around and swong open the door . She stepped into the hall way and turned to see my full erection under the towel . “ I hope I didn’t distrube you too ? with a sheepish smile she tuen back and headed for the pool deck . I closed the door and followed a distance behind her . By the time I got to the pool deck I watched as Sue reached down to the hem of her short dress and pulled it up and over her body . She was even more stunning then her s****r . Her tits were fuller and her nipples even larger . The dark brown circles with large pink tips . She was stepping inot the tub as I walked to the edge of the tub . She too turned and said “ Well if she had a turn on your toll I want the same treatment . I reached down and dropped my towel , Sue gasped as my cock came into ful view . And as with her s****r she was quick to take the head of my cock into her mouth . Kim had slide over beside her and was licking her face as she sucked the entire width of my cock into her small mouth . This time I was able to control myself and allowed both girls to suck on me for some time before I turned and placed my cock back into Sue’s mouth and filled it was another thick full load of cum . She seem to have more experience in swallowing larghe loads and she was quick to swallow all of it in 2 long deep motions . Kim was now sitting up on the edge of the tub with her own fingers working her pussy . I was quick to help by slipping down between her legs and started to suck and lick her swollen lips and clit . She was now bucking her hips towards me with each slap of my tounge . Her s****r was now locked on her left tit and sucking full stream on her nipple while I sucked her deep into my mouth . She was breathing deeply as I knew she was about to cum . And with 2 long deep strokes of my tounge she grappsed my head and buried her cunt deep into my face . Her love juice flowed like a river . The sweet pure taste was like no other I had ever had . As she came down off her high and was now relaseing my head Sue was now working my semi hard dick in her hand . With each stroke of her firm grapps my meber grew . She now slipped out of the tub and over the edge . With her hands holding the edge of the tube she guided my cock to her warm hot box. As the head of my cock passed her lips she gasped again at the width and thickness of my cock . But without hesitation she pushed her hips back and engulfed my entire dick . I was now withdrawing it slowly and rubbing her hard clit with the under side of my cock . With each thrust I drew her closer to the edge of climax . I had cum twice now and I knew I could fuck the shit out of her for awhile with my hard dick . I started slowly and begain to increase the rate of thrusts. Before long she was sreaming she was cumming and have me go deep and deeper with each thrust . I was still very much erect as I withdrew from her tight hole . And with that Kim was now in the same postion and awaiting the insertion of my tool into her box . Kim was much tighter and seem to have not been fucked as mucjh as her s****r . I started again with short thrust and slow pace . But within a few moments was driving myself deep inside her body . Her clit was so hard and with it rubbing the head of my cock with each thry=ust she gasped . She was about to cum whne I felt myself also ready to cum . I drove myself one last time deep and hard into her and she exploded along with me to make a cum river flow from her hole . Sue was now head first between our bodies sucking and licking as much as she could .
That night I fucked each girl twice and then finished the night off watched them locked in a full 69 position sucking my seed from each of theire bodies .

To this day I still get a hard on thinking about those short school uniforms , I have evne gotten my wife to get one and when she wears it I can fuck her like a wild man . She has never figerd t out and I have only seen the s****rs once since that evening .
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3 years ago
very hot story
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i am stil hard from thuis story
4 years ago
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excellent goy me hard too
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