like mother like daughter

Like Mother like Daughter

I was lucky enough to get a summer job working for the telephone company during my first year of college my uncle was a local manager and he was the one that opened the doors for me. I had heard lots of stories of the horny house wives and the repair man. I was only hoping that I might get to have a try my self.
It did take long for that to happen, by the second week I was out on the road on my own working out in the rural part of the country. I will have to agree that farm girls do know it all. I had only had a girl once one I was 15 years old and she was 18. It was a onetime quick fuck in the back of her car on a back road. I will always remember that time for the rest of my life. I was now 18 and horny as always. I had a girl friend at school and we enjoyed the oral sex but I was never able to get my dick into her pussy, even when I got her real d***k one night and stripped her down naked in my dorm room. She would not let my stick my member into her hole. She was always willing to suck me off. Anyways that another story.

I was out on sunny afternoon working on a farm line at a nice house way up off the main road. As I pulled into the drive way I saw a young girl wearing a cotton summer dress walking out of the barn and towards the house. I would say she was about 15 and she had a set to tits on her like I had never seen before in my life. They flowed back and forth with each step she tokes. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were like hard rock’s standing straight out from her large tits. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she smiled as I pulled up to the house. I quickly pulled out the paper work and introduced myself as the repair man. I was wearing a tight cotton t shirt and tight fitting jeans. I enjoyed playing football and hockey so I have a pretty good body. She was eyeing me up all the time as I went to the back of my truck for my tools. She said “Happy to see you could find the place, my name is Kelly and the problem is up in my room actually. My heart stopped at the thought of going into this young girl’s room to fix her phone. Come on and follow me. She was on the forth step of the front steps and I was still on the sidewalk. I looked up to grab the rail and that is when I saw that she was not wearing a thing under her dress. Her long tanned legs seem to go forever and her firm full ass was so hot looking my cock had now taken to growing as much as it could in my jeans. Her sweet spot was clean with no sign of hair anywhere. I had never seen such a sweet hole before. My girl friend had shaved her but never clean. I was locked on her ass as I tripped up the stairs. She turned and with a sheepish grin said “Watch your step, they move!! “
I walked thru the front door and head up the large stairs to her room. She was again a few steps ahead of me and seems to be enjoying giving me a full show! As we got to the second floor she turned to her left and the room on the right had the door pulled over slightly. As I walked passed I could see another middle aged women lying on the large king size bed naked with a sheet pulled up on her stomach but her tits were fully exposed , she seem to be a sl**p and by her self . I walked paste and in to the room was the young blonde was now sitting on the edge of her large bed. Her legs were slightly apart and her tits were still fully erect under her white dress. She point to the corner was the phone was sitting and I walked past her to the corner. I bent forward looking to the connection and could see that it was behind a large dresser. I placed my tools on the floor and reached deep behind the dresser. My ass was now slightly pointing upwards and I was in a very difficult position. I glanced up and saw that I could see the young girl in her large full length mirror but she was not able to see me watching her. I worked myself around a few time s and exposed my crotch. She was now able to see the full space of where my hard cock was stretching my jeans out. The length of my thick member was easy to see and she would even see the large outline of my cock head. I worked a little bit more and watched as she began to rub herself and watch my body. Her tits were first to pop out of her dress. Her firm large tits were perfect and her nipples large brown circles with large pink nipples. She pulled her left tit to her lips and sucked it slightly. Then she pulled her right one over and gave it a larger and harder suck. I could slide my eyes down the mirror to see that she had lifted her dress up over her hips and was now rubbing her large pink clit. Her box was wet and sweet. Her finger slipped between her lips and deep inside her. I made a motion to show her was about to pull myself back, but she continued to do what she had been doing without a worry. I pulled myself back and stood up right. As I turned I acted like I was surprised. She smiled and continued to work her finger in and out of herself as I reached for a screw driver from my tool punch. Without missing a beat she reached out and toke the tool from my hand. She slipped the end of the thick tool into her hot wet box and rubbed it back and forth before pulling it back and handing it back to me. I smiled and slipped the end into my open mouth, sucking her cream from the handle before turning back to finish the job I had started. As I worked to keep claim I heard her slip from the bed and over to stand beside me. She slipped her hand down onto my crotch and began to rub my cock thru my jeans. I moaned and pushed back against her hand. She slipped her finger into the fly and pulled it down. Within seconds she had my cock free from my jeans and was working it back and forth in her hand. Her firm grip felt so good and I knew I was going to cum shortly. I finished my work and slipped back out. As I stood up as slipped to her knees and toke the head of my cock into her tight warm mouth. With a gentle suck she worked my cock back and forth. Before long she had my entire rod in her mouth and down her throat. I was holding the back of her head as I worked my hips back and forth driving myself in and out of her mouth. She reached down between her legs and pulled her dress up over her hips to expose her wet hole to me. As I knew I was going to cum within the next few strokes I knew I should tell her I could get hard again shortly or pull back and drive it into her quickly. She was so good at sucking I just wanted to cum in her mouth. So with 2 more deep strokes I started to dump my load of thick warm seed into her mouth. She moaned at the first taste of my seed... She swallowed quickly and saved every drop for herself. As I finished I reached down and turned her head towards my eyes. Without a word I pulled her up and directed her back onto the bed. As she laid back I take my head and buried it deep between her legs. She moaned even loader and was now thrusting her hips back with each touch of my tongue on her clit. She was so close to Cumming I knew I could suck her for a few short moments and make her cum. As I grasped her ass tight in my hands I drive my tongue deep inside and sucked her sweet cream out. I was right she started to cum and she bucked her hips upwards. She moaned and gripped my head as she drove my face deep into her crotch. As she finished her climax I had now grown to full erection again. I stood back up and slipped myself between her long legs. As my cock touched her lips she trusted outwards and swallowed the head of my cock within seconds. With my cock now inside her slightly I began to drive my hips forward forcing her to take more of my thick cock into her box. She tensed up slightly with the width of my cock going into her. She held my hips to control my thrust. But after a short item she had now accepted the full thickness of my rod and wanted it all. We fucked with long full thrusts and began to pick up the rhythm. Before long we were fucking like rabbits and her head board was bouncing off the wall. I fucked her 3 time that afternoon and as we finished the 3 round I heard a sound at the door. There standing naked and watching was the women form the other room. Her full tits were sawing back and forth as she fingered herself with each of our strokes. Either one seem to care or as I pulled my semi hard cock from the young girl the women stepped to the side of the bed and bent forwards to lick the cum from my cock. She moaned with each taste of our love juice, she moaned as I reached over and slipped my finger inside her wet box. Her clit was fully erect and large as I rubbed her she began to thrust her hips to meet my finger. The young girl reached over and pulled on her hard erect nipple, a scream of white warm fluid began to flow from her breast. I was so excited now at the sight of theism young girl working the milk from her mother breast that my cock began to ach with excitement. The young girl slipped over my body rubbing her tits across my chest as she latched on to her tit with her mouth and began to suck like a small baby. She rolled back and forth across my chest as the old woman worked my hard cock in her one hand and my balls with her other.
I was lost in the work of excitement and now the older woman pulled the young girl off her tit and bent down over the head of my dick. With sureness in her moves she toke the head of my hard cock into her hot wet mouth and began to suck the cum from my balls. The young girl had now rolled over on her back and was fingering herself while she watches her mother began to suck on me. With long firm strokes she brought me to the edge of climax and then released my dick from her mouth just long enough to allow me slip back and regain my self. The young girl got up and slipped out of the room as the old women slipped up onto the bed and swung her hips over mine. She was now hovering over my hard cock and easing herself down onto my rod. With easy she was able to suck in my entire cock with one single stroke. I raised my head and toke her swollen nipple into my mouth and began to suck like a baby. The warm sweet fluid flowed easily into my awaiting mouth. I swallowed as much as I could with each release of her milk. My cock was on fire as she worked her magic with her soft hips, sliding my cock to the outer edge of her box and then sliding it back into her warm inviting hole. I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind. I continued to enjoy the long firm strokes of her warm wet box. It was then that I realized the young girl had returned to the room. In her hand she held a long hard rubber dick. It was blacked an enormous head and she positioned it at the mothers forbidden hole. With easy she slide the hard rubber member into her body. I continued to meet each of her thrusts with my entire rod. The women was now also on the edge of Cumming and she arched her back and raised her head high. With one final thrust of the dilldo and my hard rod she screamed with delight “I 'm Cumming, don’t stop!! “ And with those words I began touch deep inside her body my thick hot seed began to spill and of her firm grasp. All I could feel the thick hot cum slipping out and over my hard balls. I was in heaven and I knew I was going to fuck this woman again before my dick would go limp. The feeling was so hot and as I pulled my hips back and withdrew my cock from her tight hold. I sensed a tongue now licking my seed from my balls. The young girl had placed her head deep between our bodies and was sucking the cum from her mother and my balls. She was like a hungry dog with a bone. She could seem to get enough of my sweet seed into her mouth.
As quickly as she came into the room she was gone, I was now left with the young girl once again sucking my cock as I watched her head bob up and down the length of my shaft. That afternoon I fuck my new found friend 3 more times before my cock gave up and would not keep hard. I had lost my virginity to 2 women that day. I was glad that this young vixen shared me with her mother. As I pulled y clothes back on and pick up my tools I again walked past the mother room. But this time she had another man now mounting her hips and fucking her with an even large dick then mine. She turned her head and smiled as I walked past. Her tits were bouncing with each thrust of the man’s dick; her head was no bouncing of the large wooden head board.
And with the phone now fixed and my cock now fully drained the young lady walked my back to my truck. With a smile she said “I hope you didn’t mine my mother, she enjoys trying out my friends before I get serious with them. “ My name is Kelly and you have my number so I hope I can hear from you soon. It gets pretty lonely out here watching the a****ls fuck “

Oh I kept that number close to my phone and I did make some more trips out to the farm that summer. And every time I got a little love from mom too.
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2 years ago
Fucking hot story
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
Did you fix the phone? Yes? No? who cares! Great story.
3 years ago
I hope he went back for more it was great!
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
very very good
4 years ago
4 years ago
Try breaking it into more paragraphs. Difficult to read.
4 years ago
nice one!!!