Sweet Kelly and my Summer Adventure

Sweet Kelly and my summer adventure

It all started when my wife went off to her s****rs for a 2 week visit and left me to care for the k**s. We have been happily married for over 25 years, I have always had a very over driven sex drive my wife has been pleasing me for years and is always ready to help when she can.

Anyways it all started when I was working in the garage on a hot summer day, the k**s were playing in the back yard with all the local k**s swimming in our pool and hot tub and enjoying the day. I had really enjoyed the fact that as they get older their friends also get older and there is nothing better than a bunch of bikini clad teenage girls running around. I had spent many days watching them grow up and how they changed from k**s to young firm adults.

It was this day that I saw Kelly for the first time, She was different seem a little older than the rest and she was built like a bomb. Her large firm tits were almost falling out of her cotton tank top and white bikini top. Her long slender legs were well tanned and she had a butt that could give an eighty year old a hard on for a week. She was new to the area and was here with her cousin – my son’s girl friend who was also very hot looking for her age.
As the day went on I slipped up stairs to the bedroom and watched the k**s from above, Kelly had slipped away and was seating laid out on the loungh chair off to the side. She had removed her tank top and her ample tits were in full view for all to see. The beads of sweat could be seen from my point and her long and tanned legs looked milky smooth. Her legs were apart slightly and you could see that she had no hair between her legs. I watched for a few min. as began to rub my growing hard on thru my cotton shorts. I watched as the group began to slip off to the pool house at the back of the yard. I knew that they had enjoyed many games of spin the bottle there. I had even watched as my son and his cousin fuck the local slut one day last year. It was quite the show and I was so glad I had built that extra room at the back for storage. But that another story for another time.

Anyways my eyes were locked on Kelly’s full and firm tits, the nice tan and milky smooth skin was too much for me to take. I slipped the top of my shorts down and toke my had cock in my hand and begin to wack off. With my excitement mounting I knew I was going to cum soon. And then I noticed that she was now spreading her legs apart a little further. Then it happened, I looked up and our eyes locked. She could see me and she was now smiling as she gave me a little more of a show. My cock dropped in my hands and my heart almost stopped. I quickly slipped away from the window and into the master bath room. What I was going to do now, I couldn’t think straight. I turned the shower on and stepped into the hot water. With my eyes shut and my mind racing my cock regained its self and I knew I should finish myself off before I got out of the shower. I stood with the water beating down over my body and worked myself with all my power. The sudden release of cum from the head of my cock shot all over the shower curtain and down onto the shower floor. I looked down to watch as the last of my seed was squids from my shaft. And then I released the shaft from my hand. I was still actually semi hard and I knew I could almost do it again but figured I should get out of the shower. I tuned off the water and reached for the shower curtain to pull it back. As I turned I was shocked to see Kelly now standing in front of my with a towel around her chest. I gapped the curtain and pulled it back to cover up my body from her sight. Without a word she reached out and pulled the curtain back to expose my body to her eyes. She gasped slightly at the sight of my rod. But then moved closer and grasped it in her hand like a well experienced pro. I was in total shock, the girl that had just caught me watching her from the bedroom window now held my cock in her hand. She was beginning to refresh my hardness with her hand and she looked up at me with her Blond hair hanging over her shoulders. I stood motionless in the shower as she sank to her knees and slipped the head of my large dick into her warm moist mouth.

I had seen other guys before and knew that I had a larger size dick. It was wide and thick, with my circumcised head looking like a full mushroom. Kelly f***ed the entire head of my dick into her mouth and began to suck it with each stock of her hand up and down the shaft. I could not believe what was happening. I was getting the best blow job I had ever had from a young teenager I had never even seen before today. Kelly was a pro and she had sucked a few dicks in her short life im sure. Her trained tongue was darting out of her mouth and down the underside of my shaft. With each strike of her hand she slipped a little more of my cock into her mouth. I knew I was going to cum shortly and I wasn’t sure what I should do. I final broke the silence and said “I’m going to cum!! “And with those words she sucked even more of me into her mouth and moaned aloud. I reached down and placed my hands on the back of her head. With 3 full strokes my seed began its trip into her warm mouth. I was cumming like a horse and the excess cum was now seeping from the sides of her mouth. She swelled quickly and did all she could to keep it within her mouth. I closed my eyes and drove my dick as deep as I could into her mouth. My balls were working overtime in spread production that day. As I released my grip on her head she licked the entire length of my cock clean and then stood back up. In one fluid motion she released her towel and it dropped to the floor. Kelly was now standing in front of me with nothing except a smile. Her large full firm tits were topped with extra large brown nipples that were standing out an inch from her tits. Her slender body was flaw less and as I slipped my eyes down over her firm slim hips I came to her bare smooth pussy. Oh how I loved a bare love spot, her tight pussy was moist and her wetness was easy on her lips. Her fully erect clit was standing at full attention and crying out to be sucked by my lips. I stepped out of the shower and reached out to pull her towards my once again erect penis. We didn’t say a word as I slipped to the floor and engulfed her right nipple into my awaiting mouth. I suck long and hard on her tit before slipping over to the other side and doing the same thing to her other breast. My fingers had found her moist warm hole and had slipped into her body in one easy motion. I was now sucking her nipple and finger fucking her tight young pussy. She was moaning with excitement and she was growing with more excitement with each struck of my finger. I slipped down to the floor and slipped my tongue deep between her now spread legs. I sucked her swollen clit and began to rub her firm round ass. With each stroke of my tongue she came closer to climax and with her now forcing her hips towards my tongue I knew she was going to cum shortly. Her sweet love juice was pouring from her body with each second of excitement. And then she grabbed my head and roves herself deep into my face. She was cumming like I had never seen another women do in my life. Her body shook with each wave of climax. She was now over the edge and my dick was so hard it was ready for another round. Within seconds she reached my head from her grip and backed away slightly. In her soft voice she said “Oh my god, I have never had a climax like that in my life. It’s so true that an older guy knows just how to work his parts to make you cum.” I was now licking the cum from my lips as I stood back upright. Kelly was once again now stroking my dick in her hand. She led me to the small chair in the corner of the room. She pushed me down into a seated position. My cock was like a flag pole heading straight up. With that she slipped down between my legs and once again toke my cock into her mouth. She licked the entire length of my shaft and stood back up. With a smile on her face she said “I have never had a cock in me before but I can’t wait to feel you inside me now “and with that she spread her slender legs apart and stratled my pole. She was unsure if she could get the width of my cock to go inside herself. I held her hips firmly in my hands as she slides herself down and over the head of my cock. We watched as the lips of her pussy opened as wide as they could and the head of my cock slipped in. With a loud gasp she held herself still as she worked her hips back and forth to get my cock a little bit further into her body. I held firm and did not f***e my cock into her at anytime. She was now working the next few inches into herself with a slight rocking motion. Her tight pussy was the best I have ever felt .Her sucking pussy was sucking my shaft with each movement. She had now come to a point of no return and with one final thrust she had my entire dick in her body. She had lost her breath with the sudden rush of the large penis entering her body. Within seconds of the entire cock being within her she began to pull herself up wards of the shaft. After about a minute she was slide up and down the entire length of my cock, her had clit was rubbing the outer edge of my dick with each move. We fucked for what seemed to be hours but was actually only minutes before she came and within seconds I was about to cum too. I whispered in her ear that I was about to cum and she worked her hips higher. The head of my dick slipped from her tight hole and then she trusted down again engulfing my entire dick as I began to shoot my thick creamy seed into her hole. I knew I had cum in gallons as the seed was now running like a river from her pussy down over my balls and onto the seat. Kelly pulled herself off of my semi hard dick and turned her ass towards me. I knew she wanted to fuck another time but I was a little worried we would get caught. Her small pink pussy was red and swollen, the cum was dripping down the inside of her legs. But I need to ensure she was satisfied and that she was not going to go off and tell the group that she had just fucked Jacks dad. Kelly had now reached behind herself and was guiding her body back down onto my dick. It was not fully erect so it slipped between her ass cheeks on the first attempt. I coated her ass with our love juice and then she tried again. This time she was able to guide my cock into her body. And with that she worked her hips up and down over my cock while I watched from behind. I held her firm tight ass in my hands and I actually slipped the end of my finger into her ass while she fucks me. As the tip of my finger entered her tight as she gasped again and started to fuck me even harder. After 10 strokes she came and with that I drove myself as deep as I could into her. The head of my cock bouncing off the back of her pussy and cum began to fly. I pumped her full with as much seed as I had in me to sow I watched as the thick white seed seeped from her tight hole and out over my dick.
Once Kelly stood up she turned and smiled “Thanks, I had been hoping you would be open to taking my cherry!! I will never forget this. And don’t worry I wouldn’t say a word unless you stop fucking me when I need it “” I couldn’t believe it I was being blackmailed to fuck this young nymph > What luck !!

That summer I fucked Kelly at least every other day, in almost every spot that we could meet. I even fucked her in our pool while a few other k**s were in the pool. That was tricky but she was so horny she just couldn’t stop.
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Where do you find all this young pussy.
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Good story
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Dang! Great story! Would love to get a hot piece like that again!
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Good job, dude, getting to fuck this horny slut.
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