My Sweet Jen

My Sweet Jen and The summer Fling

My best friend Steve had the cuties younger s****r I had ever laid eyes on. I got an instant rock hard dick just thinking I might see her when I went to his house after school. Steve and I did everything together and I always joked that I would love to date his s****r. She was a few years younger (14) and I was 17.
She was full of fun and was always happy to see us. I think she may have had a small crush on me too. Or at least I hoped she did. She was a perfect 10 in my books. Her young firm ass was mouth watering. Her firm and full tits were always on display and she knew just how to tease a guy when she would pounce around the living room. I will never forget the hot summer night that I saw her firm tits in full view for the first time. It was late one night and Steve parents had gone to the cottage for the weekend. Steve and I had gone out and drove around for awhile but found nothing to do so we headed back to his place to watch a few movies. It was almost midnight and we where now watching a porn movie that Steve had found in his parents’ bedroom when Jen came pouncing into the room. We where both surprised and thought that she had gone with her parents to the cottage. She was wearing a thin cotton PJ top and bottom. The top barely kept her tits under cover, her large hard nipples were in full view thru the thin cotton and her firm tanned ass was hanging out of the bottoms. Steve was sitting in the large recliner at one side of the room. He had his hard cock out of his shorts and he had been whacking himself off while we watched an old guy fuck 2 college girls in a dorm room on the TV. I too had been rubbing myself thru my short but held back from actually pulling my dick out. Jen was now heading directly to Steve and saying “Can I help finish? Why didn’t you tell me what you were doing I would have been happy to watch you guys too. “And with that she slide into the seat beside him and began to slide her hand up and down his hard shaft. Steve was close to cumming and Jen knew just what was coming next. Without missing a beat she slides her head down to allow the head of his hard dick to go into her awaiting mouth. Just as the head of his cock entered her mouth he groaned and began to cum in her mouth. Steve was going wild with his hands; he had slid her top off and released her large firm tits. Now in full view for me. I was shocked to say the least. There was my best friend and his sexy young s****r having oral sex right in front of me. I was so hard that I knew I had to pull my cock out and release my own seed before I explode. As Jen completed her clean up she glanced over to see me working my own hard cock in my hands. In no time she had gotten up from Steve and was heading towards me with her fingers under the waist band of her short she pulled down her bottoms to expose her complete body. My eyes locked on her bare pussy, I had only seen a bare pussy on the internet and would never have thought a young girl like Jen would do something like that. As she stood in front of me, her smile on her face and her tits standing straight out in front of her body she said. “Wow you’re much bigger then Steve and your cut, circumcised I have never had a cock like that before. My heart pounded like a thunderstone in my chest. She slides her body down between my legs and wrapped her hands around my erect pole. With a firm and steady grip she began to work my cock back and forth. Her head sliding down to get a closer look at my cock. As she turned to look up at me she smiled that special smile and then slid the head of my cock into her warm and moist mouth. Her left hand began to rub my balls and she worked the entire length of my cock with her tongue. She moaned with each stroke of cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I was still in shock. Then I slide my own hands down between our bodies and began to message her large firm nipples with my fingers. I pulled on each one and held her tits firmly in each hand. My cock was aching to spill it load and I knew I was not going to be able to hold off very long. As I continued for fuck Jens mouth with my cock, Steve had regained his erection and was now heading towards Jen. His cock was certainly small then mine, I had never really paid attention to detail like that for fear I would be called gay. His cock was straight and his balls hung down between his legs. The head of his cock was now sliding out from under the heavy foreskin and He was stoking it back and forth. He positioned himself behind Jen and began to penetrate her from behind. With his first stroke Jen moaned aloud again and suck on my rod even harder. The sound of her suck my cock was so sweet. And now the sound of Steve sliding his rod into her love hole at the same time was just too much. I thrust my hips up off the chair and drove my cock deep into her throat. Jen gagged slightly but knew just what to do and allowed me to fuck her harder. My cum was now spilling from my rod and into her awaiting mouth. Steve was fucking her like a race horse at the same time and I knew he was going to cum shortly too. As I filled her mouth with my cum I looked over to Jens best friend Kim standing in the door way with her hand planted deep in herself under her cotton summer PJ’s . Her tits were not as large but her nipples were as large as if not larger then Jens. She was pulling on her left tits thru her top as she worked her fingers in and out of her hole. Steve was now moaning and saying “Jen, I’m going to cum. I will pull out and cum on your ass!! “And with that Jen pulled off of my dick and turned just in time to catch the first shoot of Staves cum firing out of his dick. It was so thick and creamy and it was flying from his head like a fire hose. Jen was egar to catch as much as she could. By this time Kim had pulled her shorts off and were now lying on the couch with her legs spread wide apart and her fingers rubbing her hard clit in a steady motion. She was cumming now too and she was so wet that as her finger slid in and out of her hole the sound was exciting beyond belief.
Jen was now standing up and smiling “Boy o boy you guys are really horny tonight. I think Kim and I will be busy trying to trier you guys out “and with that she stepped across the room and dropped down in front of Kim, who was just finishing up. Jen slid her head down between her legs and began to suck her sweet cum from her pussy. My cock was now regaining itself too (I was only 17 – I could stay hard all night) and Steve although not erect yet was working on getting himself back too. As Jen bent over to lick and suck on Kim I knew I would have to option to slide myself in from behind and fuck Jen just as Steve had done moments before. And with that in mind I stood up and headed towards her perky ass as it stood out and up into the air. As I neared she wiggled, inviting me to take a try. With the head of my cock in hand I positioned it at the opening of her bare pussy. With a slight bit of pressure I was able to insert the head of my cock into her. She gasped and reached behind herself to control me from entering her to fast or too far. Steve was now standing beside Kim’s head and offering her the head of his dick to suck on while Jen worked her clit in her mouth. I could feel her tightness and knew that I was filling her hole up and starching her to the max. I continued to push my cock into her slowly and working her hips with my hands. What seemed like a life time but was really only a few movements I had my entire cock deep inside Jens body. Her hard clit was rubbing against my shaft with every move. She was now diving deep into Kim’s love hole as Kim sucked on Staves cock. He was watching me fuck his s****r and this was exciting him even more. Once I was all the way in and began to roll my hips and slide my dick out. With each inch I pulled back I would drive it back into her body again. Before long I was fucking her with the entire length of my dick. Jen was going wild and sucking Kim dry as Kim continued to suck on Steve cock. As I made my final thrust before cumming. Jen pulled her mouth from Kim’s nest and screamed “Please cum inside me, I want to feel your cum cover my tunnel, I want to feel you fill me with your seed!! “And with that I drove myself deeper than ever and began to fill her with my thick rich seed. Steve was now pulling his dick from Kim’s mouth to watch himself shoot off into her mouth. His thick cream was spilling from his dick and Kim was enjoying the moment. Kim was cumming as was Jen. As the last of my cum shoot from my cock I withdrew and stepped back. My cum was now running down the inside of Jens legs. Her red swollen pussy was now crying out from the fucking she had just got. I was spent and sat back in the lazy boy behind me. My cock still spilling the last of my seed from the head. Steve was also sliding back onto the couch beside Kim and cumbering her swollen breast with his hands. Jen stood and turned towards me “Wow, now that was a fucking. You’re a horse my friend and that tool could be a real weapon. “I think that Kim should try it on for size too, but it might be a little hard for her as it would be her first fucking. “ Steve spoke up and said “well then maybe I should be her first Jen that is if she wants to have me as her first. “ Kim was still lost in what had happened as well and she was now enjoying the attention Steve was giving her breast. She spoke up and said “Well maybe Steve first and then I’ll try the horse!! But you can’t cum in me; I didn’t want any surprises in 9 months. Jen laugh and said don’t worry – I’m on the pill and maybe I can get Steve to suck you cum out of me!! Steve smiled and quickly slides down onto the floor motioning her to place her pussy over his mouth. His cock was slightly erect now and Kim was now eying me up from her seat. My cock was regaining itself as well so I stood up and walked over to Kim. As I passed Jen she reached out and toke my cock in her hand. I want that tool in me again tonight big guy!!!!

Now Steve was on his back and sucking my seed from Jens red pussy. She was facing me and watching as Kim was taking her first suck of my cock. The head of my cock entered her mouth and she was working her hands over my balls. Her mouth was much smaller then Jens but her sucking power was far better. Jen was now rubbing her tits and moaning as her b*****r sucked my seed from deep within her body. Kim was sliding her own hand down between her legs and rubbing her clit. I pulled my cack from her mouth and stepped back to allow Jen a turn. She quickly sucked the entire length of my dick into her mouth and moaned. I looked down to see Staves Hard cock standing straight up. I had never touched another man cock but I could feel the need to do so. I reached down and slide my hand over the shaft. He moaned and began to pump his hips to meet my strokes. Kim was now working herself again. Her bare pussy full exposed to the full view. As I continued to work Steve cock with my hand I knew I was excited by the action. Steve was now fucking my hand wildly and thrusting his hip up to meet my strokes. Kim was watching closely and she was also sliding her own finger into her love nest with each stroke. Jen was licking her own nipples and working her fingerers around my shaft at the same time. I sensed Steve’s mounting climax and knew I would soon have a hand full of his seed. With two more strokes he began to erupt in my hand. His seed shot straight into the air and landed on my cheek. Kim was quickly cumming to and the sight of Steve's cum flying thru the air was too much to control her. She was screaming with excitement and the sound of her finger sliding in and out of her body was so loud. You could hear Jen asking if she could suck me off now.
It was a night full of sucking and fucking like I had never had before. And may never experience again. That night my sweet Jen fucked me 5 times while Steve fucked her least 3 more times. Kim was too sore to fuck after the 3 times and Steve had to settle for sucking my seed from her instead of fucking her another time.
As the night turned into day we feel asl**p on the floor, each of us locked together in some form. The smell of cum and sex thick in the air.
That was not the last time I had the 2 girls but it was the last time I had Steve there as well. We are all still go friends and when we see each other we can all remember that special night.
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These young whores need a lotta good fucking.
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excellent sounds like there is alot more to tell