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My Best Friends Hot Wife

My best friend thru my college years was a guy named Steve and he was a great guy. We had lots of great times together and shared a number of stories about the girls we had had sex with during our college years.
Steve was the first to get married to a girl named Joy. And boy was she a joy for the eyes. This girl was the perfect 10 if there ever was one. Her slider body was firm and fit and her tits were every plastic surgeons night mare. I was happy for him, he had a hard time over the years and Joy was the best thing that had ever happened to him.
The whole story takes place about 3 months after they were married and it was a camping trip to a local camp ground. It was planned that Steve and Joy as well as I and Nancy my new girl friend would go off on a weekend trip camping. It was great as I had not actually fucked Nancy yet I knew that if were to sl**p together in a tent I would get into her tight hole sometime over the weekend. She would give great blow jobs and swallow as much of my cum as I could shoot out. But I really wanted to go down below and fire my gun into her holding unit. I had seen her shaved pussy twice as she came out of the shower at my place but I really wanted to get my hard dick into her.
Thanks seem to be going great until we got to the camp ground and it seemed that Joy and Steve were having a bit of a fight over something . I’m not sure to this day what it was but I’m so glad it happened. We got the tents set up and started into the cold beer that was in the coolers. The girls were happy off talking on their own and Steve and I were happy to sit back and drink beer. Before long the daylight slipped away and night was upon us. The fire was roaring and the beer was still flowing strong. Steve stood up and stumbled to his tent. Joy and Nancy and I stayed by the fire and continued to talk. The fire started to die off and Nancy was ready for bed. She kissed me good night and off she went to the tent. I knew that I had d***k a few too many beers and I might not be up for a night of performing. Joy was now sliding over towards me and we continued to talk for about an hour. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tank top. Her tits were perfect shape and were slipping out over the top. I could see the outline of the lace on her bra and the dark outline of her hard nipples. It was cool at night and she was standing upright. Her tits were calling out to me and as I cont. to slide my eyes up and down over her form I noticed that she was now spreading her legs apart slightly. She would reposition herself on the log and with each move her legs would open a little bit more. Before long her long tanned legs were wide apart and the view of her pussy was perfect. I could tell she had shaven her hole and that the skin was smooth as silk. She also had a killer ass, I remember the first time I saw her in shorts I almost blew my load. Her checks were round and firm and the sight of the split between her checks was also so perfect.
I was again looking at her tits and hoping to get a better view when I noticed that I too was supporting a full hard on and my short did little to cover up my dick. In fact the head of my cock was peeking out over the top of my jockeys and I could feel the night air. I was not sure what to do, if I made a move to cover up then she would know what I was doing and I didn’t want to go there. Then as
I glanced out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Joy was staring at my cock head and seemed to be moving her lips in a licking motion. Had I misread her? Or was she really digging my hard cock? I wasn’t sure what to do next. I thought and my mind began to clear, the day’s beer was going away and I was regaining my thoughts. I stood up to place another log on the fire when I slipped and landed right in Joy’s lap. My hands between her legs and my mouth only inches from her firm breast. My eyes were now locked between her tits and I could feel the warmth of er pussy washing over my hand. Joy smiled and blew into my hair. She grained and said “Well that is one way to get a good view of my tits!! “My heart stopped as I realized she knew I had been looking at her all night. And with a firm hold on my hand she gilded my hand to her left breast. Her tits were just as firm as I imagined and her nipple was rock hard. She moaned softly and began to raise her chest to meet my palms as I began to massage her tit thru the cotton tank top. She turns slightly and moved her other tit towards my mouth. With only a bra and the cotton between me and the best tit in the world I knew I had to try and place it in my mouth. As I closed my mouth around the covered tit she whispered into my eye. I think we had better go off to the woods and find some more fire wood. Before I knew what was happening Joy had my hand in hers and pulling me off towards the woods. As we ran down a path towards the sand beach my heart was pounding like a thunder storm. We ran like school k**s for recess and stopped at the sandy beach. Joy motioned me towards a beach hut that was just little walk down the beach. She was leading the way and I could take my eyes off her hot ass. My steel hard cock was excited to get free and from my shorts. As we got closer to the small building I saw Joy reach down and start to lift her tank top up wards. Releasing her tits from the cotton tank top. I could see the firm breast in the bight moon light and her nipples were full and very hard. In two more steps she started to remove her shorts. Exposing her firm ass and her long tan legs. That was when I saw her clean shaven pussy. Her lips were wet with excitement and I could almost taste her sweet juice in the air. As we got to the hut she turned and smiled “ Hope you’re up for some fun !! “ my heart stopped as I saw for the first time in full view how beautiful this young lady was and the fact that I was going to be fucking her shortly . We slide thru the door way and Joy reached for me pulling me close to her naked body. Her hands sliding up and down my body like a horny school girl at the drive in. She was quick to slide her hand down to the form of my short and began to rub my cock thru my shorts. The head of my dick was now sliding up and out of the top of my shorts. She looked down and smiled with a sheepish grin. “Oh my that is a large tool my friend “I hope you have lots of power to go with it!! Then she slide down my body and worked on releasing my shorts. As they downed to the floor of the beach hut, her warm mouth slid over the hard head of my dick. My cock was jumping with excitement and the cum was building in my balls. I knew I would cum quickly and I hoped that Joy would understand. She worked my balls in her hands and then sucked each one into her mouth. With 4 deep strokes of her mouth my seed began to spill from the head of my dick. She moaned aloud as she got the first taste of my seed in her mouth. She continued to suck and work my shaft as I continued to cum deep in her mouth.

What seemed like hours of cumming she finally released the head of my dick from her mouth and turned her eyes upwards to meet my eyes? She slides her long powerful tongue out of her mouth and licked the excess cum from her lips. In a soft voice she said “I hope you would tell on me!! But I was so horny and Steve was in no shape to fuck me tonight. “Oh and you’re going to fuck me with that tool of yours for sure, I will just wait till your ready!!
My semi hard cock was quickly regaining itself with her every word and before she was able to stand up my cock was ready for round 2. I was so excited to taste her on my lips and suck on those perfect tits. I was now working my way down over her chest and sliding her hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard and long on both tits before sliding down to taste her sweetness.
I slide my excited tongue deep into her sweet nest as she moaned again out load. She was also about to cum and I wanted to have her do so in my mouth. I griped her ass cheeks and went in deep. With my fingers I explored her ass hole and before long I was working her clit with mouth and finger fucking her ass. She griped my head and drove me deeper in to her as she came in my mouth. Her juice was flowing freely from her hole and she was just recovering when we fell to the floor.

My hard cock was now very much ready to fuck Joy and she was very much ready to fuck too. She rolled my over onto my back and slides herself up and onto my chest. She slowly slides her sweet bare pussy over the head of my dick and allowed just the head of my member to go in. She gasped as the head slide passed her lips and she worked her hips back and forth to allow more of my shaft to slide in.

As she lowers her body down all the way onto my cock she closed her eyes and reached up to grasp her tits in each hand. With a slow rhythm she began to fuck me slow at first. Allowing my cock to go deep into her body and then slide almost all the way out. She was working her hard nipples between her fingers and I was holding her tight ass in my hands. Guiding her pussy up and down. I could feel her hard clit rubbing the top of my dick with each pass. She was now lost in excitement and was about to cum again. Her sweet love juice now running down over my balls and lubing her hole up even more. We fucked slowly for almost 5 minutes. Steady thrust of my dick deep into her and then she began to match my thrusts. Her tits were so perfect from my view. And she was working them like a pro.

She started to push my cock deeper into her and I felt her cum on my cock. She stopped thrusting and held the entire shaft of my dick inside her love hole. My balls were ready to exposed and she didn’t care she just wanted to finish cumming on me before letting me cum in her. I was holding on as long as I could but the tightness of her hold on my dick was too much. I began to start shooting my load off deep into her body, my hot thick seed was covering the entire walls of her nest and the excess was now seeping from her lips and mixing with her cum on my balls. Joy was now looking down between our bodies and moaning. “Your tool sure has a lot of lube .I don’t think I have ever had a guy cum so much inside me before “I could feel your cum shooting out and covering my pussy!! And then she slid off my rod and over onto the floor. “I hope you can keep that up a few more times!! I’m still too horny to go to sl**p!! My semi hard cock was almost ready again with those words.
This time I would love you to fuck me from behind!! I just love it doggie style and Steve just can’t make me cum that way. And with that I slide around behind her and began to slide myself into her back door.

I had my entire cock deep into her and she was so worked up that she came in just a dozen strokes. Her tits rubbing the floor.

Joy and I fucked a dozen times that night and then went back to the camp site just as the sun was starting to come up over the lake. Steve was still out cold and Sue was just waking up as both Joy and I slide into our tent. Sue was wearing only a t shirt and her bare ass was exposed to the air. Joy looked at her ass and licked her lips. Before I knew what had happened Joy was slide her head down between Sue’s legs and licking her bare pussy. Sue’s eyes opened wide and she didn’t know what to do. Her look was priceless. She had never had a girl lick her before and she was enjoying the great feeling to much to stop her. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide open for Joy and with that I started to pull down my shorts. My cock was ready again to go to work and Sue just motioned for me to cum up to her mouth.

We then spent the next hours sucking and fucking in the tent until Steve woke up and started to get ready for the day.
For the rest of the weekend I enjoyed sucking and fucking both women. And to this day Steve doesn’t know that I have fucked his wife every time we go off camping. Sue and I broke up but we still get together with Joy every once in a while to enjoy a good old suck and fuck time.

Hope you enjoy this story !! it was fun to share
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4 years ago
What happened to Nancy and where did Sue come from? Good story otherwise.
4 years ago
very good but try & use spell check reread & edit it has a excellent flow. it does sound like you do have a ch/part 2 to this camping trip