On The Road Again Part 1

On the Road Again Part 1

I had been on the road all week and was just passing thru a small town on my way to the next stop of my business trip. It was late and I was getting very tried, I knew it was time to stop and this small town seem to be the right place.
On the outskirts of town was a small but seem very clean Motel called Dream away Motel. The small building had what looked like 10 units and the front sign said open / vacant. I thought to myself as long as I can get online and close my report then maybe surf a few porn sites to satisfy my aching hard on . It had been a week since I was home and at least a month since I had sex with my wife. We had been married 20 years and she was just entering the mid years of no real sex drive. I was just as horny as a high school teen and I was always whacking off in the bathroom or in the shower to control myself.
Anyways I pulled up to the front door and I could see a young lady behind the counter. From a distance I knew she was younger say maybe 18 to 20 years old. Her long blonde hair was held in a pony at the back of her head. Oh how I love a girl in a pony tail. It had been my weakness for as long as I could remember. My first real fuck was with a girl in a pony and I did her doggie style while holder her hair. I’m sure that was why I got so excited when ever I saw a pony tail.
It was now almost 11:30pm, so I shut off my car and walked into the front office. There she stood in her tight running pants; you know the ones that leave nothing to the imagination. She was turned with her back towards me and the pants were eating up between her tight ass cheeks. They were perfect, size and shape and of course you could bounce a quarter off them with no problem. Her slender body was firm and tight. As I slide my eyes up she turned and then I got a full view of her firm and very large breast. Her nipples were pressing against the silky tank top and were full and very erect. I have seen my share of tits but they were the best I had seen in a very long time. I continued up and then looked this young lady straight in the eye. Her long shoulder length blond hair was only adding to her beauty. With a grin and smile she said “Hi can I help you tonight?” My mind was racing at what see might help me with, my cock was jumping in my pants and I knew I must have looked little lost to her. I was able to muster the words “Yes I need a room for the night please “She once again grinned and said “No Problem is it just for you or are there others in your party? “ I said “Oh no just me myself and I “. She giggled and turned to reach for a key. “Here take room 18, it’s at the back and there is no one else around it. You can make all the noise you want or not!! . I dropped my credit card and signed the registry. And off I went out the door. As I walked out she smiled and said “I work here till mid night so if you need anything just call. My heart jumped at the sound of the word anything. I said Thanks and walked to the door. I looked up and watched her in the security mirror by the door. She was checking me out as I left the office. I jumped in the car and pulled around to the rear of the building. In the back corner right beside what looked like a small onsite apartment I saw the number 18. It had a star beside the number which seems to make me thing of what the room maybe like. My Hard cock was aching to be released from my pants so I could jerk off. I grabbed my laptop and my suitcase and headed for the door. I slide the key card into the lock and opened the door. The young girl had given me the bridal suite with its king size heart shaped bed and hot tub in the corner. The ceiling had mirrors and the silk sheets were red hot. I was abit shocked but also began to envision the young girl in the bed with me. I walked over to the phone and dialled 0. After 2 rings a sexy voice answered “How do you like the room “I was shocked but then realized she would know what room was calling. I said “Thanks I didn’t expect this much room. She giggled and said “I thought you might like the extras with the room and I don’t think we will have any one looking for the suite tonight now. I said “Thanks again and have a great night “She responded “I hope too “.
My cock again jumped and I knew I had to get it out and jack off or I’d cum in my pants. I dropped my bag on the bed and headed to the washroom. I toke a hot shower which was just what I needed. Well you know what I needed but I didn’t expect to get it tonight. It was now 11:50pm and I stood in the room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I turned on the TV and then went over and began to fill the hot tub. I thought I might as well use it; it should help me fall asl**p. The news was just finishing up and the tub was now almost full. My hard dick was still crying to have some attention and I was just turning the TV to look for some free porn when I heard a slight knock at the door. My heart raced, my mind was not in a fog. Who could be at the door? Could the young girl at the front desk be stopping in like he had dreamed in the shower? He slide over to the door and stood behind it, still in a towel he opened the door slightly and looked out. There standing in a short summer dress, stood Carey with her firm tits just barely covered and her rock hard nipples at full attention. She smiled and said “Just checking to make sure everything is ok and if you needed anything else. My eyes were locked on her tits and her slender figure. My mouth opened and I could only say “Well, I could use” and then she pushed past me and stepped into the room. Her pony tail hitting me directly in the face. She could see that I was excited; my hard cock was standing straight out in front of the towel I had wrapped around my body. I had my share of girl friends before I had got married and all of the girls seem to think I had a large dick that was thicker than most . I had prided myself on keeping my equipment clean both around my dick as well as my balls. My wife would only suck me off if she didn’t get hair in her mouth. She had also measured my shaft one time to confirm with her girl friends that I was just like the rummers had stated “Hung like a horse”. Over the years and after a couple of c***d births she had grown to accept my full girth and enjoyed the fact that I could filler with all of my cock. When we had first gotten married on our wedding night she had almost died at the size of my cock and she was so scared that it would tear her apart if I fucked her with the whole thing. Anyways back to my story and the young fox that was now eyeing up my equipment under my towel. She smiled and said “My name is Carey and I would love to help you out of that towel right about now “This girl was so young and hot, I couldn’t believe she wanted to fuck a mid aged sales men like me. I was sure there would be a line up at any school dance just to hold her tight and rub her body against any red bl**ded young stud. I was still in total shock as she reached for the towel and pulled it back off of my body. My cock was now exposed to her full view and she jumped back slightly. With a gasp she said “OMG that is one big cock you have there!! And I have never seen a man shave his parts so clean. “She smiled and continued to review my now naked body. She smiled when she came back to my dick. And with a smile said “I’m just going to freshen up and I’ll be right back if that’s ok. I nodded my head with making a sound. She turned and bounced off to the washroom and closed the door. I was still in a fog when the door opened and she stepped out in a white lace bra and high cut thong. Her nipples were clearly visible thru the lace of her bra and they were fully erect. The dark brown out line and the pink tips were almost too much to handle. I slide my eyes down her slight figure and over her firm and tanned hips. Then straight into her love nest. It was shaven neatly with a fine line of hair. Her white lace panties slide between her legs and slightly between her pussy lips. They went high over each of her firm hips and then back down between her ass checks. My mouth began to water at the thought of sucking on her love hole. Carey stepped towards me and toke my hard cock into her right hand and with her left she reached for my ass to draw my cock towards her. She bent forwards slightly and placed the head of my hard dick between her warm and wet lips. Her tongue ran along the underside of my penis and out onto my balls. She dropped to her knees and began to allow more of my might tool into her mouth. With slow steady rhythm she began to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had in my life. She was experienced with sucking and that was not hard to see. She would allow the shaft to slide out and then suck it back into her mouth. I was lost in a dream. I was getting a blow job from a hot young girl with a pony tail in white lace in a motel room in a small town. The sound of Carey sucking my cock was too much to handle and I placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her tight to my cock. My entire dick was now deep in her mouth and the love seed from my balls was be gaining to spill from the head of my cock. She gagged slightly but then opens her throat and allowed my seed to slide down the back of her mouth and into her throat. It seemed like a live time and a gallon of seed but then I released my grip on her shoulders and allowed her to let my cock slide from her mouth. The white thick cream still on her chin as she stared up into my eyes. “Wow you have great tasting seed as well as a thick dick, I’m glad I stopped in to check on you. “ Will you get hard again shortly or do I need to do a little work to get you ready? “I was just looking at her firm slender body and with those words my cock began to regain its hardness. Carey smiled and said “Wow you’re getting hard again, just like my old boyfriend; He could fuck me all night and never go down.” I smiled and slipped my hands down under her arms and raised her up and onto the bed. I stood there for a movement and toke in the perfect view of her body and then I slide down onto my knees at the side of the bed. With my hands on her hips I slide my tongue under the lace edge of her panties and tasted her sweet love juice. It was so sweet and pure, like it had never been tasted by another man before. I worked my hands up her firm body and was now rubbing her hard nipples thru the lace bra as I continued to lick her love hole thru her lace thong. She was moaning with enjoyment and I knew I would make her cum shortly. My tongue darted out and over her hard clit. She pushed her hips upwards off the bed and into my face. I released her tits form and hands and slipped down over her hips to remove her panties. She was egar to slide them off and open her legs wide in order to allow me full access to her pussy. The site of her love hole was now wet with excitement and her clit was standing up and crying for my lips. She was reaching up to remove her bra as I slipped back down and into her pussy for a deep thrust of my tongue. My cock was now harder than ever and was rubbing against the side of the bed. Carey was now pumping her hips into my face and moaning with joy from my tongue and lips working her clit over. She was about to cum and I knew she was going to go wild. Her back arched and she screamed with pleasure. The cum began to run from her hole and into my mouth. She bucked like a wild mare in heat until she had finished cumming . Then she sat up slightly and whispered “I want to have your hard cock in my body now, I’m wet enough to handle it I’m sure “. With that I stood up and positioned her body at the edge of the bed. Reaching down between our bodies she gilded my head to her open pussy. With one light thrust, the head of my hard cock slipped pasted her lips and she gasped. Waiting only a movement I began to thrust little harder and slide another inch of my hard member into her hole. It was stretching to accocumadte the full width but she was detmined to have it all inside her and she worked her hips back and forth a few times. In movements my entire dick was deep inside her and I was now beginning to fuck her in a slow firm rhythm. Bent down to suck on her hard tits at the same time. She screamed and came again and again before I pulled back and made one deep solid thrust and began to cum deep within her body. My balls were working overtime and the cum just kept spilling from my dick. I could now feel the excess leaking out around my dick and onto her legs. She came again just as I began to withdraw. Her eyes were glazed over and she was weak from excitement.

Part 2 to follow – Rear entry in the hot tub
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4 years ago
I've had similar experiences in little town motels. Some of my favorite memories.
4 years ago
very good story thx for the sharing
4 years ago
very nice good to know that not all guys rely on their size and that you actually know how to use your gift! :)