summer fling with babysitter part 1

The Summer fling with the babysitter Part 1

Im the average guy who gets his weekly fuck on Saturday nights and maybe a good blow job on his birthday . I work a busy job and travel quite abit . Life is great and marriage is enjoyable but it would be great to get some excitement into the bedroom once in awhile .
I have had my share of thrills wth women and I can jeck off like anyone else watching porn in a hotel room on the pay per view . But this all changed last summer when a new f****y moved in next door and this is how it all started .

Summer was under way and the k**s were home all day enjoying the holidays . My wife was at work during the days and was only getting a week off this summer . The recent change in careers caused her to lose all of her normal vaction times . I was working on a large account and need to spend alot of prep time on the presentantion . That is when Nancy came into my life and the normal changed forever . The smiths had moved in next door from the southwest and were a nice normal f****y with 2 great tennage daughters with the hottest bodies I have ever seen 2 young girls have . Of course I was happy to have them over to watch the k**s when ever I could . We also had a great pool and hot tub in the back yard and I was open to having them spend time in either . They were twins which only adds to this short story . Nancy was the first to come over and watch the k**s , her twin sissy was the next . I could tell that Sissy was alittle more free with herself then Nancy but as I said I enjoyed both of them .

It was a Thursday and the k**s were off to camp for the day but neither of us had told Siisy this and As I wlalked into the kitchn that morning with my morning hard on sticking right out in front of me I walked right into Sissy making something to eat . Her eyes locked in on my rock hard dick > i had made sure that I had taken care of myself over the years and enjoyed my time at the gym . I was shocked and didn’t know what to say . I quickly placed my hands over my still very hard member to try and cover myself up . Sissy open her mouth and begain to lick her lips . Her tank top barely cover her firm and ample breast . I then noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were erect and very excited . Here tan legs looked soo good and her shorts barly cover her even firmer ass . Sissy mover towards me with her hand out . I was now saying I was so sorry for not covering up but I had not known she was there . Sissy graps my hard cock in one hand and dropped to her knees . My now hard cock was at the opening of her warm mouth and about to be swallowed whole by her . She was reaching around with her other hand to hold my balls as she toke the head of my cock into her mouth . It was soo sweet , and the felling is somthing I will never forget . By this time I had slide my free had down the front of her tank top and freed her breast . They were perfect in every way . Her dark brown nipples were full and erect . Her tits were as firm as bags of cement and she was now moaning slightly aas I pulled on her nipples . Her head now swaying back and forth with my dick dispearing with each stroke .
I was going to cum and I knew that it would be a large load . It had been quite some time since my birthday and I ad not jecked off in the last month or so . As I reached down to hold her head in my hands I knew she was aware of the pending explosion and she was working my dick even harder . In one solid stroke I slide my entire dick down her open throat and came like a race horse . The cum was flowing freely and was now seeping from the courners of her mouth . The sound of her swallowing and maodning how sweet it tasted only added to the excitement .
Once I had finshed with my ample deposit she slipped her mouth of my cock and looked up into my eyes . With these words “ That was the best blow job I have ever given and I was hoping I would get to try begin as I slide the end of my finger into her assget to taste you first . I win and boy am I glad “
Sissy stood up and placed her mouth over mine , her eger tounge was hunting for mine and she was looking for more then just a blow job .
As I looked down to see a huge wet spot in the crotch of her shorts I knew that I was going to have to taste her as well and that I might even try and fuck her if she was up to a good fucking . My cock was now slightly hard and was working itself free from my shorts again . I placed my hads on her hips and lifted her onto the kitchen counter . With her lying down on the island I slipped her shorts off and exposed her beatuful body to my sight . She had the perfect ass an was cleanly shaven all the way down . I had asked my wife to do this a number of times but she just could make herself do it . Even for me !!

My head sunk between her legs and I could smell the sweet smell of her love hole . It was so wet and inviting . Sissy quickly spread her legs and begged me to taste her love hole . She said she love to have her clit sucked and would love to have my tounge touch her every where it could reach . As I slid my mouth over her swollen clit I sucked on her wet hole . She was now bucking at my every suck of her clit and I knew she was going to cum shortly . I wanted to ensure she had a climax that she would never foregt for the rest of her life so I continued to slide my egar tongue over her clit . And with each stoke I got her that much closer to a huge climax . Unlike my wife after c***d birth her hole was tight and hungry for love . I slid my free hand under her butt and begain to work my middle finger around her forbidden hole . She was enjoying the feeling I knew and I could feel her climax as I slide the end of my finger into her ass. She was over the dge and was smashing her hips into my face with all her might . What seemed like a life time she finally finished her climax and was now watching me finsh with her pussy . Sissy was quite but I knew that that was about to change as I stood back up and placed my now hard cock at the opening to her love nest . I toke the head of my cock and begain to rub her swollen clit back and forth . She whisperd “ fuck me , please place that hard cock into me !! I need to feel your man hood between my legs . I want to feel what your wife feels when you fuck her Saturday nights !! My mind went blank , how did she know I got fucked Saturday nights unless she had watched . This made me wild with excitement and with one solid thrust my entire cock wa buried deep into her . She wined slightly as her hole was opening to take my entire width in . She was going crazy as well and came with just one thrust . I was working myself up and was willing to make her beg for more . Her bare pussy was sucking on my dick with each stroke and working the cum from my balls with each thrust . I was about to cum myself as I looked down at her young body pread out below me > her tits rocking back and forth with each strock of my ard dick . I was cumming like a race horse and my cock was still rock hard > it was like high school all overagain . Fucking all night long with out losing your hard on . As I bent forward to take her swollen nipple into my mouth I her a moan from her that I knew was a sigh of another climax > my cock was covered with her love juice and the wet sound of my cock going in and out of her made me even harder . I sucked on her nipples hard > like when I was nursing from my wifes lactating breast. Sissy’s hard clit was rubbing my shaft with each stroke . And she was about to cum again . After about 10 more short hard thrustI too came deep within her . When spent after 2 stright hours of fucking this young fox I too was winded and needed a break . I slide out of her slipped into a kitchen chair .
art 2
P to follow
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nice lil'slut
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Nice one, part 2 should be good also...
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please continue
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Oooooo yes.