summer fling with babysitter part 2

Summer Fling with The Babysitter part 2

As I sat in the kitchen chair with my cock now exposed to the air and covered in Sissy’s love juice. I was given a full view of her love nest. She was still lying on the counter with her knees up and her feet planted on the marble counter top. The view of her swollen hole and the sight of my fresh cum running down and onto her anus were so beautiful. The extra seamen were now spilling onto the counter top too. She was winded and her pussy was full and swollen from the hard bounding it had taken from me. Sissy was now moaning and sliding her finger into herself and up and into her open mouth. She tasted our love mix and was so enjoying it. I had not noticed but I was now working my limp cock in my right hand. Long sure strokes and working the extra seamen from my pole. Sissy sat up and smiled. You have one great tool there John and I didn’t know why you wife is such a lazy fuck on Saturday nights. If I could have a fucking like that every Saturday night I would wish the week away. I smiled and said “how do you know about Saturday night? Have you been watching from some where ? “
Sissy smiled and said “ever since we moved in next door I have watched you too fuck on Saturday nights. My window is right across from your bathroom window and I can watch thru the mirror. She doesn’t like to swallow either. Your cum is so sweet she doesn’t know what she has been missing. And with a grin she slipped off the counter and began to slide her shorts back onto her body. Leaving her tank top for the last. I motioned for her to come closer and allow me to suck her once again hard nipples. She was happy to slide herself into my lap and allow my mouth to close around her now rock hard nips.
My cock was once again beginning to stir and she was happy to hold my cock in her hand. Sissy whispered in my ear. “I better go and get the k**s from camp or we might get caught with our pants down!!
Sissy bent down and licked the small amount of seamen from my cock and then she bounced her tits back into her shirt and headed for the door. She turned to say “Nancy is going to be some mad that I take your cock into my body before she did!! But maybe we can all get together some time!! And off she went.
A few days later, I was cutting the grass in the back yard when Nancy came walking into the back yard. The 2 were identical but they were two very different people. Nancy was perm and proper, always wearing a dress and keeping her hot body under full clothing. I stopped and waved hello. She was all smiles and I noticed something right away. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her firm tits were in full view thru her cotton sun dress. As she walked towards me I could see right thru her dress and she too was naked under the dress. Her firm tits were bouncing back and forth as she made her way towards me. I said “Hi Nancy, the k**s are not back till later this afternoon. She nodded and headed towards the pool house at the rear of the yard. I was always in the pool house watching porn and working myself off. Nancy continued into the house and turned towards me. In one motion she reached under her dress and lifted it over her head to expose her firm tanned body. Here tits were perfect like her s****r and her pussy was cleanly shaven with a trace of hair around the centre. It was well trimmed and looked perfect. Once she had her dress over her head she smiled and motioned for me to come to the pool house. I looked around to make sure no one was around and dashed to the door. Once I stepped thru the door way I picked her up and placed her on the small pull out cot that was always set up just in case I got into trouble with the wife.
Nancy firm hard tits were crushing into my chest and my cock was egar to escape my shorts as soon as possible. Nancy whispered in my ear. Sissy told me you fucked her in the kitchen so I wanted to fuck you in the pool house. And if you fucked her 3 times I want you to fuck me 6 times. Are you able to do that or do you needing some help
Nancy was running her hands down my back and into my shorts from behind. I had her hard nipple in my mouth in no time at all. Sucking hard and moaning aloud as I ready myself for an afternoon of hard fucking.
Nancy was pulling my shorts down when she said `OK sissy was totally right, your cock is perfect for our holes and I can’t wait to have you deep inside me. And I love to fuck on top as well as doggie style which I know you love to do on Saturday night. My mind went blank again, do these girls watch me every Saturday night ´.

Nancy pulled away from my open mouth just long enough to slide down my body and take my pole into her mouth. She pulled off just long enough to say `I love to suck a hard cock and I really love to watch a man cum in my mouth `` that was enough to get me bucking even faster in to her warm mouth. I was now running my hands over her firm ass cheeks and sliding my fingers into her wet holes. Her love nest was soaking wet and her ass was perky and willing to take my 2 poking fingers in and allow me to finger fuck her ass. She was working herself up as well and I knew I could make her cum with my fingers as she sucked my cock. Then my balls began to tighten and my seed was beginning it trip up my shaft and out into Nancy’s awaiting mouth. She gagged slightly at the excessive load that was now pouring into her mouth. The excess was seeping from the corners of her mouth. She was pushing her tight ass hole back against my 2 fingers and moaning in pleasure. I could not believe the amount of cum that was being expelled from my shaft. And I continued to pump my dick deep into her mouth. What seemed to be a life time, Nancy final released my dick from her mouth and looked up and into my eyes. With a smile she said “Could you fuck me again? I would really like to mount your rod and ride it like a horse! My heart began to pour in my chest at the thought of this young beauty mounting me and fucking my brains out right here in my pool house.
I reached down and pulled her ripe firm body onto mine and we laid on the pull out while I tried to regain my erection. I toke her swollen nipples in my hands and pulled on each, then toke turns sucking on one while pulling on the other. She was enjoying the sucking a pulling so much that the sounds of her enjoyment had once again given me a full hard on and I was ready to go another round.
Nancy slides her slender body onto mine and began to position herself over my pole. She was moaning with every touch of my cock against her swollen hole. Her cum was now running like a river stream and was lubing up my shaft for entry. Nancy reached down between our locked bodies and guided my hard cock to the opening of her love nest. It was all I could do to hold back from thrusting myself into her hole. I knew she was wondering if she would be able to accept the width. My cock I always thought was average but after Nancy and Sissy it seems I have a rather wide shaft and the length is about the max either of these holes can handle. As the head of my cock slide passed her lips the feeling was so exciting, Nancy’s pussy was sucking on the head of my dick, sucking it into place. I had just the head of my dick into her when she gasped and climaxed. Her sweet juice was running down my shaft and onto my balls. It had been a long time since a woman had cum on me so quickly. I could feel her hard clit as it rubbed against the underside of dick with each movement. It was almost too much for me to handle and I too came. My seed fired from my rocket deep into her tunnel. Nancy had now opened her eyes and smiled. I knew she would cum with me, your dick is so thick and solid it was made to fuck tight holes like mine. I couldn’t believe it , I had cum 4 times and my dick was still hard as a rock and ready for more . Nancy didn’t even release my pole from her hole and she was now rocking slowly back and forth. My shaft buried now deep within her. As we continued to fuck like rabbits I sensed something in the room. You know when you feel like you’re being watched. As I made a firm hard thrust into Nancy, her back arched and then I felt warmness on my balls. I contained for thrust and with each one I felt the warmth of a mouth around my sack. After a dozen thrust I was able to seen behind Nancy and that is when I saw Sissy. Her firm nake body behind her s****r and she was now holding her tits firmly in both hands and working each nipple. That is what I had felt. Sissy had come into the pool house and sucked on my balls as I was fucking Nancy. I was again on the edge of cumming and so was Nancy. As I slide my cock out for one last thrust Sissy redirected my shaft from her hole and into her awaiting mouth. In one stroke I was now filling her mouth with my jizzm and the love juice of her s****r all in one motion. Nancy was crying out because Sissy had removed my tool from her too soon and she needed somthing to help her reach her climax . I was happy to reach down and pull her tight body up and onto my face . I was licking and sucking like a wild man . Her hard clit between my lips and her cum running down my chin . Nancy was riding me like a pro and screaming with excitement . Sissy was now getting into the action as well and working her fingers in and out of Nancy’s ass while I sucked her dry . Nancy screamed out “ Oh MY GOD , this is the best fucking we have ever had !!! “ she slowed her thrusting and completed her climax . Sissy smile at my cum coverd face and slide in to give me a open mouth kiss . She winked and said “ I just had to tell her how great a fuck you were !! “
I couldn’t believe it , I was now in my pool house fucking the twin teenage girls from next door and they were so fucking hot . I couldn’t keep my dick from getting hard again . And I knew what I wanted to do next but would either of them be willing to let me try the forbidden hole ? Time would only tell .

Part 3 to follow !!
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Good sisters, make sure they have time for the kids and your wife will be happy also...
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Love,those babysitters
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