The Women Next Door - part 1

The summer was starting off great for Ken; He was able to get a summer job in his small home town. It was his first year of college and he had had a great year enjoying the time in the big city and all of the benefits of college life to boot.

Ken had just walk into his bed room for the first time in months and was looking out the second floor window into his next door neighbor back yard. When he noticed one of the hottest looking moms of all times. She was running around the back yard in her short sun dress. Helping the 2 smaller k**s to catch the f****y dog. Ken could not believe the view he was getting of this hot young women and her very large firm breast. He had known that new people had moved into the house next door but he didn’t know it was the best looking young lady in town. Ken stood and daydreamed of the sight that he was seeing for the first time. It wasn’t long before he had a large hard on watching this young thing bounce around the back yard. He later laid in bed that night and wacked off while picturing the young women in his mind.

The next day as he left the house for work he saw the young lady again. This time she came over and introduced herself as Mary and she was happy to see a young man living next door. She asked if Ken would be interested in some additional work over the summer to help her clean out the basement of the house. Ken almost dropped dead at thought of being in the house with this hot young lady alone Ken quickly said he would be very interested in extra work and could start anytime. Mary said great how about tomorrow afternoon. The k**s are going with their dad on a field trip and he could get allot done without them around to bug him.

Ken pounded his dick 3 times that night, the cum was all over his new sheets and he was sure his mom would know what he was doing. But he didn’t care he only wanted to get next door and see what could happen there.

The nights seem to go on forever. Ken was up at the crack of dawn showering and ensuring he was up for the work ahead. Afternoon came and he walked next door to see what he was about to get into. As he rang the door bell he could see thru the side light a figure coming down the stairs. It seems to look like a female and he was also sure she was not wearing much. A call out from inside to come in and he entered the door. There in the kitchen doorway stood Mary in a very short summer dress that she was quickly slipping into. Her long tanned legs were so hot Ken once again had an instant hard on and he was sure that she would see it thru his summer shorts. He had decided to but on shorts that he knew would show off his man hood when it was required. Mary was a little red in the face and was not sure what to say as Ken slipped into the house.
Mary pointed to the basement door and directed him to the basement. She was so sweet and kind she lead the way and Ken was happy with the view he was getting as he followed her down the stairs. Her dress was losing and he could see straight down the front. She was not wearing a bra or even panties from what he could see. She had a full set of firm breast and her semi erect nipples were rubbing against the cotton summer dress as she walked. Her nipples were the size of cookies and her nipples were so brown it was not hard to see them thru the white cotton. Mary turned and showed Ken the large number of boxes that had been thrown into the room and bags of garbage in the other room. Off to the side he could see a small bed room with a double bed in the middle of it. The sheets had been turned down and seem to be ready for the next person to crawl and go to sl**p. Mary motioned to the boxes and asked Ken to cut them and break them down so they could take them to the garage and get rid of them.
She mentioned that she would be upstairs getting another area ready whole he did this downstairs. Ken heart stopped as he watched her climb the stairs in front of him. That was when he got a full view of what she had on under her dress. The stairs were open and he could look right up as she climbed the stairs. It was like in high school when the young guys would watch the girls go up to class on the second floor. He positioned himself quickly and he saw right up her dress to the sight of her bare ass and clean shaven pussy. Wow what luck he had, a real fox and shaven too. He had fucked a girl one night at a college party that had shaven herself. He really enjoyed eating her out. And sucking her clit.
After an hour Mary came back down stairs to being Ken a drink. He was bent over and his hard cock was sticking its head out of the bottom of his shorts. He had ensured that his dick was positioned in such a way that Mary would get a full view of his equipment but make it look like an accident. Ken made it seem like he had not noticed her yet and continued to work on the boxes at hand. He had positioned an old mirror so he could watch Mary without looking back. She stood at the bottom step and looked her eyes on his cock head. She was licking her lips and reached down to rub her pussy while Ken contused to work away. Then when he heard the sound of her breath on his back he turned. She was now standing directly behind him and was reaching for his cock with her free hand. Her hand grasps the head and shaft as she locked her lips on his. Her firm tits were now crushing against his chest and her nipples were like rocks. She whimpered the words “Oh my God you’re a horse” and I need to have that in me. Ken knew that he was going to get his wish. He slides his arms around her and picked her body up off the floor. Mary never released her grip and Ken headed to the small bedroom. Once they were thru the door Mary dropped to the floor and released his shorts. His cock was now inches from her mouth and she was quickly closing in on his head. Before he knew anything else his cock and shaft was deep in her mouth and she was moaning with excitement. Her mouth closed around his hard shaft and she began to suck on the length of his shaft as it slides in and out of her mouth. Mary had dropped to the floor and was now working her free hand over her exposed crotch between her legs of the cotton sun dress. Ken could see that her love spot was clean and had no pubic hair at all. The lips of her pussy were wet and inviting. The sound of her finger going in and out of herself at the same time as she sucked him off was enough to but anyone over the edge. With one quick motion my dick was free and in the warm mouth of this hot young mother. She toke her time and encircled the head of my dick with her trained tongue. She was working her hand up and down the exposed shaft of my dick while sucking it with her mouth. Her hands reached my balls and began to rub and hold them. Ken looked around the small room and could see that it was set up as a guest room. The small double bed was made and the room had a small dresser. The mirror was facing him and he could view the whole room as well as the Mary’s now exposed ass. The sweet curves were in clear view. Ken had gotten a few good blows at school but nothing matched up to this one. Mary was now sliding her own finger into her sweet love nest and the sound of her wet fingers was music to his ears.
Kim stood up and reached behind herself to lift off her dress. He helped her slide it over her firm breast and once exposed was quick to lock his lips around her hard nipples. He worked her breast in his hands and sucked on them like a small c***d. To his surprise a warm fluid was beginning to express into his mouth as he worked her tits in his mouth. Wow what luck he had, this woman was lactating and he was so hard now that he knew the cum was building in his balls. The warm milk was filling his mouth and Mary was getting really worked up with his sucking.
With her tit still in his mouth Mary pushed him back onto the bed and quickly mounted his hard cock. In one quick thrust his dick was deep into her hole and her pussy was now sucking his cum from his member. With long, powerful thrust she was working her hard clit over his shaft and within seconds was screaming out that she was Cumming. Her tit still in his mouth Ken was now also Cumming and his seed was shooting into her like a rocket. Before he knew what had happened, Mary had climbed off of his cock and quickly getting her dress back on. Ken watched and was now semi hard again, even with the cum still dripping from his cock, Mary smiled and said. I have to run the k**s to school. I’ll be back at lunch time. I hope your still as hungry! With a quick kiss on the cheek she was off.

Ken was still in shock of what had happened. He could hardly wait for lunch.
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3 years ago
very nice but a second part is a must
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very Nice. PARt 2 Please.
4 years ago
where did kim come from?