First massage, then dildo play

It's quite obvious that I'm a pervert, sex fiend, sex maniac, coinneseur, whatever title you like. I could safely say that I am all of the above and proud of it. Be that as it may, I'm always looking for new ways to get off like most of you reading this. lol
Anyway, today I was horny as usual. I was on this site for a while this morning between my tasks. Then I decided in the afternoon I would go to my favorite massage parlor where the little Korean girl with big tits that loves my cock works. Her name is Mimi, she's 5' tall weighs 90 lbs and has big tits with a cute smile and she also has killer huge nipples. She doesn't even masssage me any more when I go to see her. She gives me a table shower and really cleans my balls, cock and she concentrates extra long on scrubbing my ass. I found out later why she does that to my ass. When we step into the private room after the table shower She starts rubbing me and stroking my cock and kissing me then she'll lick my stomach, legs then onto my cock. She teases me with her tongue as she strokes my balls with her nails. She gets me rock hard then she goes down on my ass like a dog eating peanut butter. She spreads my ass cheeks and darts her tongue in and out then she'll lap up from my spine to my balls and she sucks my balls into her mouth as she strokes me. I just love it. (We have to be very quiet and there arent any locks on the doors) so she stands up on the floor then I pull her pants and hot red thong down to her ankles and she's grinding back against my cock. I feel her dripping pussy and rub my dick on her she just wants my cock so bad she backs up and pushes several times until it's all lubed with her pussy juice. It feels so fucking good, she's so tight and so small. She's standing in front of me and holding the door closed and biting her lip as she has the first of two orgasms. I can feel my cock head slamming into her cervix and she keeps slamming back into me saying "two times, two times, I cum two times" At this point I'm holding her hips and I'm burried to the hilt just grinding up and down as she squirms free and makes me lie down. Now she's sucking my cock as I'm on my back hanging off the opposite side of the table. She starts rubbing her finger around my asshole and I'm getting that awesome eeling of my cum starting to boil.I watch her as her tiny mouth stretches to fit me in her mouth and I just explode all over her face.
Mimi doesn't work the same schedule every week so I need to guess when she'll be in. I called today to make an appointment and mama san said " Mimi off today, you come try new girl. we have two new girl here for you" So, I decided what the hell. But I knew that if Mimi wasnt there I wouldnt get laid and by the way, the last time she asked me if any of the other girls "touched my cock". I was honest and said no. and it's true because the other girl that massaged me when Mimi was off last time is named Yoko and she did a wonderful job, but I told her only massage, no play. I'm certain that Yoko told Mimi and Mama San that I requested no play. So today as I drove to the place I remembered of another place that I used to frquent only a couple of blocks away, literaley. I figured I better not go and risk getting sex from one of Mimis rivals so I decided to call the other place since I was right in front at this point. I called and the girl said to come on in. I walked in and was greeted by a girl who graabed my and walked into a private room and told me
"You wait long time and please pay $60.00" So I'm thinking " okay, maybe I should've gone to the other place. Oh well, so she comes back and says one more minute please, Than she comes and says come to shower, then pushes me off into a corner behind a curtain and tells me to wait again. Now I'm getting pissed and am ready to say give me back my money, and leave. Just then a little cutie with long black hair and very large DD breasts comes over and says hello very quiet and polite. Then she leads me in for a shower. I disrobe and she says "Very nice body, strong beautiful" so now I'm thinking that I have a chance to get a little today after all.
She told me to lay face down on the table and showered the water on my body then she soaped up her hand with liquid soap and ran her rans dripping the soap over each and every part of my body, just like Mimi, paying close attention to my ass. Then she asks me to turn over and she repeats the same procedure on my front. She taps my dick with her finger and asked e if it was ok to wash there, I replied "yes, of course". She dripped liquid soap on my cock from balls to tip, then with two light hands carressed, not washed them. I was so hard and didnt want to be. We then went to the room after she dried me. I was face down and she was taking her tiny shoes off and she said she was going to use cream. I said ok and she started on my back but after two minutes she was sitting on my ass and grinding her knee into my ass as she massaged my back. basically she was rubbing her body to mine the whole time. She asked me my name and said that her name was Sunni. Then came time to tug. She was standing in front of me and I could see her tiny feet through the hole in the table where you rest your face. She was lightly stroking my whole body then she started paying extra attention to my ass and trying to pry her hands under my mid section to get access to my cock. I reach out with both hands and grab both cheeks of her ass and squeeze. That didnt last too long, she asked me to turn over. I turned she was bringing her face closer to mine when she said " You have beautiful body" and that's when I lifted my hand to her beautiful globes that were on display for the world to see. I told her you are very pretty and tried to gain access to the tits but she wouldnt have that. I smiled at her and said "Is it ok, yes?, yes?" and she shook her head and said no then moved to sit on the table in between my legs facing me. She grabbed my cock with two hands and started stroking up and down so softly and blowing on my balls. Then she used one hand to run her finger over my asshole. I looked up and saw those magnificant tits spilling out of her top while jerking me off with her finger on my asshole. Too much to hold back so I let it happen. I shot a huge four or five spurts of thick cum into the air. She knew just how to satisfy. Some girls keep jacking like there pounding meat and others just dont stroke at all. She was perfect.
So all in all it ended up being a good day.
Lately I've been playing with butt plugs and a long pink vibrator to train my ass to stretch. I wanna try some big black cock real soon, just the thought of it makes my dick hard, for real. So I'm trying and having so much fun. In the begining it was uncomfortable, I used a small butt plug and always lots of lube. I eventually increased the size to the largest plug in the kit, which by the way when I first got the kit I thought that the largest one was for porn stars. I never thought it would fit. I started by pushing as far as I could until I felt the muscle stretch, then I would clamp down on it for a few seconds then relax, as my muscle relaxes I would slowly back off with the butt plug for a tiny bit then push back in slowly. I kept doing this until I felt the tip of the butt plug hitting my inner sphincter. I clamped down again and would relax and repeat the same until I felt the opening stretch to make room for the butt plug. By the way as I'm doing this I'm standing in the bathroom naked with my right foot up on the counter and my hand working the hole. I could actually feel the widest point of the plug and again clamp down on it then relax. I did ths several times and pushing in and pulling it out a few more times it started to pop out by itself then I started to fuck my ass real hard with this pink butt plug. was sliding all the way in and right back out with total ease. So now its time for Mr. Pinky, the 10" pink vibrating dildo. I greased it up real good and placed the pointy tip on my asshole then slowly penetrated and now was in. I push in slowly and could feel the emptiness of my bowels being filled. It was awesome, I completely understands how a woman feels when she has a nice hard cock in her filling her up. I was getting hornier so I backed off a bit with the dildo and then pushed deeper and kept doing it until I had the whole dildo up my ass right up to the little dial thats sits on the bottom part. I was sliding the dildo in and out slowly getting used to the stretching and getting hornier by the second. I wanted more, It was tight not painful, just tight. I enjoyed this activity for 15 minutes until I decided to stop. I knew that I have to take baby steps to get my ass to accept a fat black cock. I wanna do it the right way and I'm having so much fun doing it. I fantasize that My gay black neighbor is shoving his huge hard cock into my white ass.
Another member of my private anal assault team is a 10" dildo that has a rubber sheath on it that inflates. It has a squeeze pump on the end and its modeled after a black cock. When fully pumped which is about six pumps the girth is equal to a soda can. I was looking forward to using this toy soon. I tried putting it in me a couple of weeks ago but no way no how was it going to fit without me screaming. Since I've been training my ass lately I wanted to see if it would go in. I lubed it up heavily and rubbed it around my asshole and imagines that it was my neighbors huge black cock. It did slip in and I felt filled up already. So I applied the same rule of measure; push in, clamp down, back out a bit then relax and push in deeper. After three or four atempt I had that black cock half way in and I started to pump my ass slowly. It felt awesome, I started to pump faster. Then I would go a little deeper after a few thrusts. I finally got that big black cock inflatable dildo all the way in my ass and I was smiling from ear to ear. Now I would release and let the cock exit as my nerve endings were tingling with pleasure, it was complete satisfaction and so erotic. Afetr a few more thrusts I was fucking my ass like a slut, going all the in and pulling all the way out. it was so hot to feel that cock slide in and out to its fulllest length. I still wanted more, I was insatiable. I really started pounding my ass, with my foot up on the counter and my ass pointed outward I was literally fucking the shit out of my own ass.

The next step was to get more girth, so as I was pounding my ass with my right hand holding the dildo and I used my left hand to squeeze the pump to inflate the cock. HOLY SHIT!! I was feeling sensations that I didnt know existed. I was now stretching my ass and I was doing it as I fucked myself hard. That cock was as thick as a soda can filling up my ass and slamming me to the hilt. I had the shower running so I could make as much noise as I wanted or needed and I did need to make noise. I was fantasizing that I was being fucked by my neighbor again. I was slamming that cock into my ass saying " yeah Greg thats it fuck my sissy slut ass" The more I said things like that and imagined that I was his bitch the faster I went. I was moaning so loud and telling Greg to fuck my little white ass. I pumped it up some more but this time I squeezed three times as I was sliding it in and out. WOW, did I feel the difference, holy shit this is a huge cock stretching and r****g my virgin ass. I love it. I cant wait to go bigger.

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7 months ago
fuck the below comments ... its ur game, pull as much pleasure while ur alive. Think outside the box
1 year ago
like that story would be next to work my toy into that ass
1 year ago
more dude!
2 years ago
nice story... girls sound hot
2 years ago
I'd love to see it when you'll go bigger