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Discovering real gay teen sex? maybe just RAW SEX

It was another hot summer day and we were kinda too old to play in the yard and too young to drive so we just hung out in my room. It was me my cousin Joe and my friend al. I had discovered my older b*****rs porn stash and since there were so many magazines, I figured he would never miss them. After a while there were so many in the bathroom cabinet that they would actually fall out when the doors were opened. The point is that there was more than enough jerk off material to go round.

I had a pile of mags in a box and decided to take them out and show the guys what I had. BINGO, instant success, eyes peeled on the hot sluts with their pussy lips spread open while sucking a big fat cock . All in the perfect semi gloss, perfectly lit and dead on close up paper lust that we drooled over. Well this particular day we were all with our pants down and cocks in hand stroking away. Nobody ever came though.

I forgot to mention that in this story I'm 15 years old and my cousin is 12 years old and my friend Al is 13. Al and I would sometimes meet at big f****y parties that one of the parents wiuld have. At one particular party we were all horned up and decided to take a walk outside, We grew up in the suburbs but my f****y was second generation farming f****y with a road side stand near the homestead. Well this night we were headed toward the farm stand with the intent on breaking in ( with the hidden key that everyone knows where the hiding place is) Once inside we headed uo to the attic where the office was. A messy hot and dry space in the attic converted to office area. A desk, some files, a couple dozen boxes, a twin size bed and some other shit. Well the bed was on an upper level sort of an eighteen inch step from the high ceiling below. Anyway, we were up in that bed and I remember like it was yesterday.Al was on top of me grinding his rock hard cock into my pelvis and hitting my balls and sliding past my asshole. I was in horny heaven.

We would go into the bathroom together at his house after we went swimming. I would kneel and suck his cock then he would get down and try to fit my balls in his mouth and ended up licking my asshole while I jerked off. People right outside the window and we were only six or eight feet away while sucking cock and licking balls.

The first time I saw his cock I noticed that the head had two pee holes and I was like " hey Al what the fuck is that all about?" he was like yeah thats what it is, So I'm like ... okay, fuck it.. it's hot dick and for me I didnt feel like I was gay or even acting gay. I just loved the sexual charge, and that's all it was and still is today . It's hot raw, perverted, what ever gets you off sex and I love it.

When we were in his pool by the ladder in the deep end there was a view from the kitchen and we knew that his mother and aunt as well as his s****r were in there. We were hanging by the ladder and I grabbed his ass and slipped my under his suit and grabbed his sack. He then in turn grabbed my rock hard cock and was stroking it violently under water, I pulled him around me and had him facing his f****y while he was holding onto one of the steps on the pool ladder. So he was looking right at them and I was pulling his suit down to his ankles and I spread his ass cheeks and started to pound my cock into his crack. I was humping like a mad man. Then I finally slowed down a bit and started to work my cock into his asshole but the water was making it impossible to penetrate, too much friction.

The girls were sitting at the table on the patio with their purses out on top and that's where they remained when they went inside for whatever reason. So we get out of the pool both of us sporting hard huge boners and we're rifling through the pocket books looking for vaseline. Low and behold there were two jars found, so we took one and headed back in the water. We went right back to the steps and still toting hardons that were steel like. Trunks down again this a handfull of grease on my dick and a shmear on his ass and I was trying to put my cock in his ass.

I finally felt a pop and Al jerked back and let out a scream and we laughed, he laughed because the pain turned to pleasure, I figured out that I had to push my dick in and back out and wait a few seconds and go a little deeper each time.
I ended up plowing my dick into his ass right in the pool by the steps facing his f****y looking out the windows in the kitchen. They all thought we were monkeying around. The action in the pool stopped and we got out of the water to dry off. We then went downstairs into his basement where they kept the washer/dryer. There was a pile of clothes as usual on the floor in front of the machines. As we disrobed to change into shorts again, we started fucking around. I grabbed his chubby body and gave him a bear hug with my hardon pressing up against him. He commented on my hard cock. I asked him to put it in his mouth, as he did I felt precum at the tip. He lapped it up and sucked on my peehole looking for more. Well he got his wish, I felt that familiar tingling sensation like before rising up from my balls right up my neck to the back of my throat as my cum shot into his mouth. I held my hands around his head so he couldnt move and I just unloaded strand after strand into his hot mouth. He did like the feeling as he was moaning and lapping it all up trying to swallow all of it. I looked down at his dick as he was dry humping the laundry pile. I helped him up to his feet and I started to lick his balls and tip of his cock. then started to stroke his cock and actually feeling it swell in my hands. I felt and saw a twitch as he started cumming. I tried to catch it in my mouth but he shot it over my head and I lifted my head to catch the following few shots of cum into my salivating mouth. It was pure erotic SEXUAL energy being spent and I loved it. It wasnt a gay feeling at all, just nasty hot perverted sex. AWESOME.

Posted by bigcans 2 years ago
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10 months ago
Nice! Hot story!
1 year ago
fucking hot story buddy i have similar ones
2 years ago
good story..i had a couple friends we played some
2 years ago
Awesome. Reminds me of my buddy and I.
2 years ago
wish i'd had a friend like that growing up