The Date that changed our marriage

About a year ago my wife and I were out on a date she asked her 25 year old niece to baby sit. She of course agreed to. especially since she was living in our guest room temporarily. My wife and I were out late, we went to a movie then afterwards we went to a small cafe for a late dinner and drinks. The place was dark and not crowded at all since it was so late in the evening.
We ordered some drinks and talked a bit before we ordered the food, we actually finished a bottle of Cabernet. After dinner we had some drinks as well. My wife was feeling a little tipsy and I was provoking her to tease me.
She was wearing a little black dress and I asked if she had the nerve to play with herself under the table with people in the same room. She did get up and go into the ladies room to remove her red lace panties. I know this because when she returned from the ladied room she dropped them in my lap as she sat at the table again, with a very mischievious smile.
I felt a wave of bl**d course through my body from my feet to my head and my cock was at full attention in a flash.As she sat in her chair she lifted her dress to just below her ass cheeks and sat in the chair. Looking into mu eyes she asked if I liked what was happening.She had opened her mouth and raised two fingers, after she licked her lips she put them into her mouth and dropped them to her "special area" she opened her legs and started rubbing her outer lips ( she's telling me what she's doing now) and my cock is throbbing.She said she saw a man in a corner seat looking at her and he was smiling. She was so horny that it didnt matter where we were or who was watching. The wine and drinks took all of her inhabitions away. She was sitting erect in her seat and really rubbing her pussy now. Shes telling me how nasty and slutty she feels and loves that I'm there with herknowing that shes gonna have my cock in her when we get home.
Dinner and drinks are over and I cant drink anymore because I'm driving so we get the check and leave. On the way out she purposely dropped her sweater so she can bend oveer and give her friend across the room a good view of her neatly trimmed blonde bush. I see his face light up when she looks directly into his eyes and smiles. He must've assumed he was getting some of her sweet pussy, well he was wrong. He only saw a preview of what I go to bed with every night.Outside the door we held hands and walked to far end of the parking lot where the car was parked. The further we walked, the darker it got. We got to the car and I stopped to open the car door for her and kissed her, she kissed me back HARD and wet. I put my hands on her ass and lifted her dress to expose her milky white skin. I love to jiggle her sexy ass while standing and she loves when I worship her ass also. We were french kissing passionately and I had her dress up and then pulled the top of her dress down to let her breasts out. She was moaning as I ran a finger up and down her wet pussy. I started to carress her breasts and kiss the back of her neck wow was she horny she instinctively dropped to her knees right there in that dark lot and unzipped my pants to expose my hard cock. she undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants as well. The pants fell to the ground as her little creamy white hands carressed my ass she pulled my ass to her face and put my cock in her mouth. She was making very loud slurping sounds and gagging trying to put my cock in her throat.She complained that she was hurting her knees on the ground. So we regained our composure and opened the car door, she got her side and as I walked around to open my door I saw the man from the restaurant walking to our car. He was watching us the entire time. As he came closer to the car I saw his hands in front of him as he walked. He was stroking his cock. It was glistening in the night air, I saw it as he was stroking it slowly. I felt another head rush.
As he came closer to where we were he asked if I didnt mind him watching us. At this point my wife realizes that he's actually there and talking to me. I see the surprised look on her face, she quickly adjusts her dress and turns to hide. I opened the car door and tell her that he wants to watch us. She looked over at him and he was slowly stroking his now very hard cock. He looked at her and said " I saw your little show inside the restaurant, how about showing more?" She looked at me and I smiled and I said " whatever you want, no pressure."
The man walked closer to her window still with cock in hand hand and said "Dont you like what you see? She just stared in awe as he stroked his big dark skinned cock. She looked up at me and I just smiled and gave her the approval sign. The man saw this and stepped closer to the open door. My wife couldnt take her eyes off of his big cock. Shes used to myne as its 7" hard, same dark skin but his cock was at least 9" maybe 10" and thick. He had big balls that were shavena nd I could see then swinging in the night air as he aproached the open car door. My wife just sat there looking at his cock. He got to the open door and was standing there with his big cock twitching only inches from my wifes face. I could see the big head throbbing, I was getting a hard-on watching all of this. Thoughts and memories of her oast fantasies were right here and now. I was in ecstasy, and so was she when she put her hand out and tried to wrap her hand around his cock. She looked up at me and said, Oh my God honey, is it okay? I just grabbed my crotch and said oh yeah!!
I saw her eyes go back to his meat and she put her other hand out and grabbed his big balls. her eyes rolled over white as she opened her mouth and took his massive cock into her mouth. She loved it so much that she didnt realize that she swung around and was sitting in the seat facing outside and her dress was all the way up while her pussy lips were glistening with pre sex. She was trying to fit his cock into her mouth as she rubbed under his cock inbetween his balls and his ass. He was on his toes now with his head looking up to the sky in pure ecstasy. She was stroking his cock and sucking on his big purple cock head while squeezing his big balls. I was enjoying my wife blowing this stranger in the parking lot, and she knew it; she watched me stroke my cock as she was sucking his. She spread her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy with her hand as she sat in the seat. She was now bobbing up and down on his cock furiously. I think she was having fun! lol She said outloud " Oh my God I can't believe that I'm sucking this guys huge cock in a fucking parking lot honey, I feel like a dirty, nasty, slut!! As she put the cock back in her mouth her words were muffled by his huge manhood. She was absolutely beyond the point of return. To be continued... I had about another thousand words and I accidently erased them, so I'll finish it at a later date.. It's got a lot more great sex I promise!

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1 year ago
great so far. how does the baby sitter get involved?
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Thats sooo hot!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
its great. man. bring it on!!!
2 years ago
more please!!!
2 years ago
Sounds like a wonderful date ! For sure