my s****r

Hi guys if your into taboo or your s****r you will envy me lol! im a 20 year old horny guy my s****r is 4 years older than me so when i was growing up she was always 4 years old i see her boobs rise and her face blossom. my mum worked nights my s****r worked and finished at 4 and i was at schol i finished at 3 so when she got home i was ready from shool and had a hard on. roll on 4 she would walk in she is a p.a she wears relly elegant cloths and wears galasses she is really sophisticated. so we'd be in the kitchen and she would start getting undressed ready for a shower. she was stood there in here bra and french knicers she lit a ciggertte which i thinks a turn on. my lil chap grew bigger and bigger so eventually she would get in the shower and i would look the the gap and open the door slightly i would wank and climax withing 30 seconds where she was so hot! so this was a routine for me for the next 2 years she never knew about this! untill i was starting to get greedy and filming her while she was showing and changing and smoking. 1 was 17 at this poimt she was coming up to 21 i was near here 21st she came in from work early crept upstairs into my room and she was perving on me for a while then se stormed in i was caught red handed she starting asking me loads of uestions about this weird fantasy. after this i was really worried about everything so i never done it again! her 21st b day turned up she went out with all the girls she looked so hot in the playboy bunny outfit! look on my pics to see. my mum and dad were aout tht night too. she came home about half 12 d***k i was in bed she came into my room wearing a bra aand knickers woke me up grabbed my cock said this must be your birthday too sucked it i was fingering her with 4 fingers i was in my element she jumped on my cock and rode me for ages i was the best day off my life now she works away but when she come home we always meet up and go to a a hotel! see y pics and comment on what you think xxx
70% (26/11)
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2 years ago
mmmmmm what a luck man
2 years ago
I have PMd you but this story explains a lot, you lucky bastard. Would love to help you peep on her again and get sneaky stuff on her
2 years ago
Your sister and you are HOT!!! Good story! Thank you for sharing! ;)
2 years ago
wow, awesome, sexy story.

more, more!
2 years ago
Story is nice, but writing is worst than mine.
2 years ago
Wish she was my sister
2 years ago
omg im sooooo wet