me and my mum

I'm Bobby and I'm 14 years old around 5ft 7 and have a 8.5 inch cock which is quite thik. My mum on the other hand is 39 years old with 12dd boobs and a smoking hot body. One day I got home and I was so fucking horny but I couldn't wank or anything cos my mum was home so I waited till it was bed time where I took out my thriving cock from my undies and started to wank, I was about to cum and I couldn't stop moaning and as I was cumming my mum walks in asking "what are you doing in her, staring at my cock" through her nighty I could see her nice juicy pussy which was stuck to her nighty cos she was wet. She came next to me still looking at my cock telling me it's allright u can keep going cos it's all part of life and I said no not in front of my mum. So my mum said ok then and graves my cock and started giving me a handy and bj I pushed and argued at first but it felt so good so we kept going. I told my mum to lie in my bed, as she did I got on my knees and started licking and scking her pussy it tasted so good and then she told me to fuck her in every hole. As I did she screamed harder and harder and moaned and cried and then I came into her mouth and I screamed cos it was the best cum if my life . It was now morning we had fallen asl**p together with my cock up my mums ass as we got up we kissed and then the door bell rang I told my mum stay here I'll be back to fuck some more I got up changes and answered the door it was Johnny my best friend who I watch porn with wank with and talk about anything with so as he came in I told him everything and he's like to my canvi fuck her to and I said why not. I took Johnny to my mum and she was happy cos she got two big mother fucking cocks in two holes at the same time. We got in to action fucked her heaps hard and filled her with endless amounts of cum. While my mum was givving Johnny head I started to wank but I got bored so asked Johnny "do you trust me" and he replied he'll yeah so I got up and fucked him up the ass it felt sovgood for both of us. Then as I fucked my mum he returned the favour of fucking me and the I sucked his cock until he came it tasted so good. Now every day after school my and Johnny fuck eachother before my mum gets home and when she does get home we fuck her.
56% (13/10)
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3 years ago
Great story but to short...
HOT, I loved to hear you and friend fuck after fucking your mother I loved big cock
3 years ago
I think you should go back to school and take extra spelling classes. Just saying.
3 years ago
yeah, right