love at first sight!

some people like to say that there is no such thing as 'love at first sight'

on the 10th of September i went to Alton towers in England. it was the best weekend of my life so far.
it was full of beautiful English girls. they were every where it was great.
everywhere id go id see a really pretty girl. but as i q'd up for a roller-coster ride called 'air' i seen this girl with blonde hair and a grey hoodie, i stared at her and she looked right back at me. i have never felt so in love with any other girl in my life. it was pouring rain too. she was just so beautiful.

every time i looked at her she looked at me for at least 5 seconds. her smile lit up my world and made me smile. i could not describe what i was feeling. as it was her turn to hop in the seat of the roller-coster she looked at me for the last time. the roller-coster slowely pulled her away from me and i never said a word to her. i was with my two b*****rs and i didn't have the courage to say anything to her. i wish i did. on the 11th i went around looking all over for her in the theme park but she was no where to be found she was clearly gone back to her home in England somewhere. i was upset and i regret not saying anything her so much! i never seen this beautiful girl again shes in my head and always will be. i've being looking all over Facebook for her but i don't even know her name.

my advice is to any man or woman that sees that special person who they really have a crush on should always have the courage to talk to them even get there name so you can add them on Facebook twitter or my space so you can always see beautiful picture of her/him
i will never see this girl again, but i hope i will.

love at first sight is real its the most beautiful feeling you will ever experience.

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