Helping Hand

Back around 1986 I happened to be in Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the army.They have a real nice gym complete with a steam room one for men and one for women.After my work out I got undress and went in and laid down on a bench in the middle of the room.I was the only person in there,I got a little sl**py and started to have a real erotic dream.
while this was happenning another soldier came in and I did not hear him.I must have been semi hard from my dream as the guy came over to me and reached out and shook my cock a little and said kinda warm in here huh.All I could do was moan in the posative.
The next thing I know he has a nice firm grip on my cock and is stroking it nice and slow at the same time he is jerking his own as well.He would drag his finger nails ever so gently over the head of my cock driving me crazy,that and the knowledge someone could walk in at any time.
I got so wet that you could hear the juices smacking with every stroke.I looked and his cock was just as wet.This went on for quite a while and finally I blew my load all over my belly where apon he massaged it in to my skin.With in minutes he was cumming as well.
We talked alittle after and made plans for another session later in the week.I waited and waited but he never showed up.Perhaps it was all a dream i do'nt know.I do know that my belly was sticky when I left the steam room.I am thankful to that soldier for the helping hand to releive the stress of a HARD day.So if your are out there G.I. Thanks again and I owe you one.
88% (9/1)
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1 year ago
I was in A.I.T in 1986 at aberdeen. Wasn't me in steam room
2 years ago
Love the stem rooms on post.
3 years ago
Great story...i could think of a couple of great alternate endings.....