My Blue Eyed Diner Waitress

Taking my seat at the counter I picked up the menu an scanned not sure of what I wanted to. Seconds later my usual waitress came over smiled and asked if I knew what I wanted tonight. I replied that I was not sure what I felt like eating. She responded "that tonight special is me." Not sure as to what I heard I looked up to see her flashing her beautiful smile followed with a quick wink of one of her pretty blue eyes that are the color of the Carribean torquois blue sea. Leaning in closer to me she said she gets off in a half an hour and would love it if I could give her a ride to her apartment. Smling back with the world's biggest grin I said I would gladly give a ride. With my statement she again smiled at me, gave me another wink and said just have a cup of coffee because the pie she has at home has at her place is much more sweeter and tastier than what I could get there in the diner. As I sat there sipping my cup of coffee I watched my young beauty of a waitress whose name happens to be Shelly gracefully move around the diner finishing up her duties of her shift. I first met Shelly about 3 years ago. I had been coming to the diner nightly for 2 years to get my evening meal. During those 2 years I always had the same waitress but when I returned to the diner one night after being away on vacation my usual waitress was gone having gotte married and move away. In her place was Shelly this gorgeous blue eye, natural blonde 20 year old slender woman. Nervously flashing her beautiful smile she explaned that I was her very first customer ever as a waitress and she was scare she might mess up my order. I told her not to worry because I was going to make it easy on her by only ordering apple pie and coffee. She again smiled at me and thank me for giving her an easy order.

Snapping out of my daydream shelly wispered into my ear that she was ready to go feed me her special pie. As we approached my car I opened the passenger side door so Shelly could climb into the car. However before getting in she reached up and placed her hands on each side of my face and gave me a passionate kiss. When we finished kissing she winked at me again and then climb into the car.

The drive to her apartment only lasted 5 minutes. Unlocking the door to her aparment, she took my hand and lead me straight to her bedroom. In the bedroom we stripped off our clothing without hesitation. As soon as we were completely naked, Shelly asked me if I like her body. I told her what is there not to like; your a 5'7" natural blonde goddess with perfect tits, long perfectly shaped legs, a perfect ass and nice sized breast that teenager would die to have.

Happy to hear my description of her body and looks, Shelly threw her arms around my neck, pressed her lips to mine and shove her tongue into my mouth. Feeling her sweet hot little body pressed against my naked skin instantly cause my 9" black cock to go rock hard. Feeling my black spear pressing into her abdomen Shelly said "I want you inside of me now. I've waited 3 year for this and I cannot wait any longer." Grabbing me by my cock Shelly laid back on her bed spreading her legs , pulling me with her. As I came down onto her she guided my cock to her pussy's entrance. As I began pushing the head of my black love spear into her soaking wet pussy I could feel how incredibly tight she was. I continued to push but then it felt as though there was something blocking my way. Looking into Shelly's pretty blue eyes she smiled that beautiful smile and said yes I'm a virgin and I have saving myself for you so please fuck like like I'm your property because I am all yours. With that I gave one hard push. Feeling her hymen giving way I then easily slid into her pussy until my balls rested against her asshole. There I remained still to give her a chance to get used to my size. However, Shelly began moving her hips intising me to fuck her. As I picked up the rythem of fucking she soon started pushing her mound up to meet each one of my down strokes. As she was grinding with me she was wimpering in pleasure. As our tempo continue to increase and as my black cock pounded down into her Shellys wimpers soon became loud moans as her entire body began shaking from her very first interracial and very first intercource orgasm. As soon as her body began shaking in orgasm her pussy also began pulsating which only servedd to trigger my explosion deep inside of her pussy.

As we laid there still stuck together in each other arms enjoying the aftergow of our mutual orgasm Shelly looked into my eyes and softly said I told you my pie is better than the diner's and it's all you want anytime you want it. With that she rached behind her grabbed her extra house key, handed it to me while aso saying that her pie taste good as well. But that is another story.

Shelly's apartment was only a 5 minute drive from the diner. As soon as we arrived and got out of ths car, Shelly grabbed my and lead me into her beautifully one bedroom apartment. After unlocking and opening the door, she again grabbed
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Oh Shelly is a luck girl her first being a BBC and a hot one at that