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In 2003 I was freshly out of school, temporarily unemployed, in a depressing and unhealthy long-distance on-off relationship of the sort that young people who don't know what they want often find themselves in and, further, was newly and angrily "off". I went to a bar with some friends to blow off some steam and got a few drinks down the hatch in short order. There was a new girl working as a table waitress and, while nothing special to look at, she was curvy, showing a lot of strong-looking leg and had a cute smile. We flirted a bit every time I placed an order and I eventually asked what she was doing after her shift. She didn't have any plans but said she may be up for something fun after hours. When 2:00 AM rolled around I left the bar and waited in the parking lot for her to finish her side work. I could tell that she wasn't expecting me to be there, but I wasn't going to leave the sexual tension on the table. I had a line on a house party in Houston's Memorial neighborhood and thought we could go there. On the way there I pointed out the Houston Arboretum and Memorial Park. She said she wanted to stop briefly to look around, being new to Houston and a total hippie free spirit. We parked the car and sat on the swing set to talk for a while. I took a chance a leaned in to kiss her at the slightest sign of a segue; she accepted it. Good, soulful, trusting kisser. When the kiss ended she looked in my eyes and said "So what do we do now?" I didn't recognize how aggressive she was being and said "I don't know. Do you still want to go to the party?"

"I would rather go home."

I thought she was ending the evening and started to get up, a little disappointed.

"So I shouldn't just suck your dick right here?"

The only thing I could think of to say was "Hello!"

She grabbed my belt and pulled me closer, pulled the zipper down and started trying to get my cock out into the air. I was getting hard very quickly and it wasn't working. Heart pounding and fingers shaking a bit, I unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the front of my underwear to reveal what I had for her. She took it in her hand and stroked it a couple of times, looked it over carefully and proclaimed "You have a good penis. It's thick." before putting her mouth on it. That didn't last long. A car on the road behind us slowed to a stop and started honking. Time to leave. Memorial Park at 3:00 AM isn't a great place to have a confrontation, so the blowjob was cut short and we hustled to the car.

She was staying at the apartments near the intersection of 610 and Richmond and it was in an advanced state of dishevelment. She made me wait on the couch while she cleaned up the bedroom of God-knows-what. I was getting tired, but when she called me in she was naked on the bed. I laid on top of her fully clothed and kissed her for a few minutes before moving to her nipples, then down her belly before plunging my tongue between her labia. Her clit was huge and, apparently, extremely sensitive. She started grinding her pelvis and moaning as I licked her pussy up and down. The noises coming from that woman made me rock hard. She arched her back as I slipped a finger inside her and shortly thereafter she did a crunch, grunted and I could feel her asehole rhythmically contracting as she came. I kept working her clit; she tried to pull away. Too sensitive. I kept going. She finally grabbed my hair and pulled my face away.

"I can't take it!"

I undressed while she pay on her back panting. Once naked, I slipped into bed alongside her. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I could see a shiny spot on her thigh where my cock touched her. When looked at her face her eyes were closed. She grabbed my cock and rolled the Pre-cum around the tip with her thumb as she said "I'm exhausted. I'll make it worth your while in the morning if you let me sl**p for a while."


I was tired too and fell asl**p almost immediately. She woke up before me the next morning and started making breakfast. When I came to I could smell bacon and thought "Oh. That's what she meant by 'make it worth your while'"

I went to the bathroom and took a piss, put on my underwear and walked to meet her in the kitchen. She was naked under her apron while scrambling eggs and frying bacon. She smiled at me and told me to get back in bed. That had some significant impact on me; I obliged.

A minute or two later she brought a plate of food to me and implored me to eat. Good cheese eggs and perfect bacon. While I ate she pulled the sheets down and fondled me to an erection. Before I finished eating she pulled my underwear down and started sucking. Wow. I put the plate down and watched her. She met my gaze for a moment and smiled, a little embarrassed. A moment later she pulled away, reached into her bedside table and produced a condom, which she put on with her mouth. She straddled me and we fucked like that for what seemed like a long time. I was getting nowhere and she was exhausted, so she stripped off the condom, laid down at my side with her leg over mine, spit on her hand and started stroking deliberately. That was working for me.

I felt myself edging closer to orgasm with every upstroke. She would start at the base and squeeze her hand up the shaft, allowing every finger to slide over the head of my cock, then reverse the motion. The tingle started at my toes and I said quietly "Oh my God, baby."

"Are you gonna cum? Yeah?" she asked rhetorically.

She kissed me violently and laid her head on my chest to watch my orgasm. I loved it. She moaned when she saw my toes curl. I had been extremely aroused several times without a release that morning and the night before, so the volume of cum expelled was very impressive. I watched the first spurt land on her neck and heard a surprised exclamation from her. She didn't start aiming away from her face, however, until the next spurt hit her chin. I saw the next ribbon land on her shoulder and drip down her back; she started laughing. It felt like I came a quart.

When I was done she played with tip for a little too long for revenge. She sat up and looked at the mess of semen on my belly as she felt her neck. There was a ribbon of cum across her tits as well.

"Can I tell you something? That is the biggest wad of cum I have ever seen."

She turned out to be a terrible stalker.

Never cum inside a stalker. Ask me how I know...
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