The I-45 Porn Shop Oddysey...

I've had moments of curiosity whilst in the midst of a furious internet porn masturbatory frenzy, but I've never been even remotely curious about men. That said, I think a dude may have sucked me off once. Let me explain...

There is a porn video store off I-45 about 150 miles south of Dallas. I used to drive that stretch fairly frequently and was only able to drive past it twice before I went in. Their stacks are completely unorganized, so it took me forever to find anything that I was looking for. I walked up and down the aisles for about half an hour before I had to piss. In the bathroom I noticed that there was a gloryhole in the stall on the Northern wall. It was a little disturbing, but vaguely arousing as well. I pissed, resumed my search, found a nice Azlea Antistia gem and continued driving.

A couple of months later I stopped at the store again because I was driving at night and had fondled myself into a raging erection. What can I say, when you need porn you need porn. The selection in the store was completely different so i had to start from scratch. I had to piss again so went to the restroom. I did my business and as I was shaking it out I noticed a pair of fingertips in the gloryhole. Holy shit! I had a huge rush of adrenaline, fear, arousal, the urge to flee, the urge to fuck, a whole lotta urges and a suddenly half-hard cock. I approached very deliberately, having to make up my mind to actually stick my cock in the hole all over again with every step. As I approached the fingertips disappeared and I heard shuffling on the other side of the wall. Someone over there was getting on their knees. The hole wasn't at an ideal height for me, I had to spread my legs fairly wide to get to the right height and I still wasn't 100% certain that I wanted to trust a complete stranger with my favorite appendage. "Fuck it." I was really hard by this time and placed the tip of my cock on the rim of the circle. The fingers gently enveloped the head of my cock and lightly pulled me farther into the gloryhole. My pulse skyrocketed. Holy shit, is this actually happening? I felt the tip of a tongue probing my cockhole for pre-cum, circle the head twice, and then I felt the unmistakeable sensation of a mouth enveloping me. I didn't take long. I was so turned on and the blowjob was absolutely expert. I heard myself moaning as the climax started to take hold, and I distinctly remember that the mouth on the other side was alternately going slack and sucking as hard as it could with every pulsation of my cock. That was an amazing sensation that prolonged the orgasm by about 20%. I felt as though quarts of semen must have been spilled. When I was done the stranger made a ring around my cock with thumb and forefinger and squeezed any remaining cum out of me onto the tongue. My head was so sensitive it almost felt like another orgasm. My eyes crossed, my knees buckled and I yanked my cock back to my side of the wall.

I inspected my equipment briefly. Shiny, covered with drying cum mixed with saliva. I couldn't really believe what had happened.

"Thanks. Very well done." I said. No response.

Anyway, I went back outside to my car and hauled ass. I'll never go back. That was just too much of a "pro" blowjob. I've never had anything like it before or since. It was either the fat whore behind the desk or some dude hiding out in the ladies room gloryhole at an interstate porn store. I'm not sure I believe that the fat whore could suck cock like that.
100% (9/0)
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