A Story For Her

Steamy Shower For 2
Just imagine me in the bathroom with you pinning you against the shower wall with your hands to your sides licking the tip of my tongue over your nipples. My knee between your legs allowing you to grind on my leg. Then slowly working my way to you neck kissing here and there over it sucking on your ear lobes. The warm water running over us warming are already hot bodies lust in our eyes as I reach down with one hand and slide 2 fingers into your dripping wet pussy as I bite your neck mixing pain and pleasure into one sensation. As I press my body into yours I slide my fingers deeper and as you open your mouth to moan I slide my tongue into your mouth kissing you and taking you breath away in one motion. Then taking your nipple into my mouth sucking on it and swirling my tongue around it fingering you faster and faster I make you cum all over my fingers. I then stand up pick you up turning you upside down throwing your legs over my shoulders one on each side bring you pussy to my mouth my hard throbbing cock staring you in the face and as you take my large cock into your mouth I burry my face into the hot juicy folds of your pussy licking your juices up greedily then taking your clit into my mouth sucking on it and while sucking on it flicking my tongue over your swollen clit and every time I moan from you sucking my cock it creates vibrations that you can feel on your clit. Sucking harder and flicking my tongue faster I quickly bring you to another orgasm that I quickly clean up using only my tongue. Then setting you back on your feet your week knees shaking I pick you back up wrapping your legs around me my cock rubbing your clit teasing you then reaching down I slide just the head of my cock into you then placing both my hands on your ass squeezing tightly I lower you halfway down my long shaft then back up and dropping you impaling you on my large cock making you scream with pleasure as I start pounding my cock into you leaning you back angling my cock into your g-spot and leaning down sucking on your nipples then kissing and nibbling on your neck and as I get faster your moaning gets louder till the most powerful orgasm falls over you and as it does I cum inside you filling your pussy with my cum and I hold you there my half hard cock still inside you as my cum starts leaking out of you I kiss you passionately.

P.S. Please comment and let me know what you think.If you like it I will right more.
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