First Time Anal

Well it was my first time with something up my butt. i was bored in the shower with a hair comb. It was smooth and was about 7 inches long. I inserted in my butt nice and slow feeling every inch in there. It felt so good ! I moaned as i Kept sticking it in. I got all 7 inches in my asshole. I started fucking my ass slow first. Then i moved to a faster stroke. It felt amazing i wanted a real cock in there. My cock was throbbing hard and i kept fucking my ass. I felt my ass gaping as i kept playing with the comb in my ass. I really want to experience a real dick in there now. It felt so good! I found my new toy. I will keep practicing with it.! Anyone wanna be my first dick?
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Posted by bigbabym24
3 years ago    Views: 1,176
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27 days ago
I did something similar. I'd played with toys before but this time I really started going at it and felt a pleasure radiating from my ass that I'd never felt before. A real cock must be even better.
2 years ago
You sexy boy id love to lick your spunk filled sex star,after jjesr has fucked you xxx
3 years ago
I felt the same way when I fucked my ass the first time. I'm still looking for that dick to be my first but for now I play with my self and practice getting the male g spot
3 years ago
Baby, I would have you on your knees,your hands spreading your sexy cheeks.I would lube my throbbing cock and slowly slide into you. My seven inches and thick shaft beg to be inside of you.MMMM