anna's visit to the adult theather part 2: th

We drove for a bit around the downtown area, the air was nice and crisp but not cold yet. we were talking quickly and excitedly about everything that had happened, already making plans for a future visit. We found a parking space and decide to go eat a bite. We chose a neat diner and shared a big platter of smoked meat... kinda surreal to be in a place so neat and gleaming with nickel- polished covered walls and chrome everywhere ,when but an half a hour earlier, my little slut was getting fisted in a dark, slightly musty adult theater sourrounded by a dozen or so perverts.

I was just mentioning it to her when I noticed a glint in her eye. That glint is always the first sign that she is about to switch from submissive to more aggressive dominant. Up to this point in our relation, i hadnt allowed her to get more dominant but as i am getting more confident in myself and my domination i felt i could let that side of her personality come out.

"wait till we get to the room" is all she said when she noticed I wasnt trying to counter her more dominant banter. "I'm gonna get your ass" little did i know she was being quite literal.

when we got to the room, I quickly opened the window to feel the cool breeze.I undressed and joined her on the couch, we kissed and my mouth began to wander on her body. She was sore from having being pawed by so many men so i had to be gentle on her.... in no time her nipples were solid and she was cooing

" I want ur ass" she repeated, this time i understood what she meant. My little slut had wanted us to stop on our way to the big city to a sex shop and there she got a very small , very slim vibrator.... she ordered me to go into the bedroom and lay on my back, I promtply obeyed. She joined me a few second later with a tube of astroglide and the aforementioned toy... my cock was already rock hard and leaking precum... she sat down next to me and began stroking my body, running her hand in my thick chest hair, pinching my nipples and stroking my hard tool. she whispered in my ear "now im going to take your ass virginity" and with that slid ever-so slowly a lubed finger in my ass.

The experience was new to me, i had had people licking my ass and play somewhat with my ass but this was the first non-medical ( ya i had that part of the physical done) penetration. She quickly switched from finger to toy. The toy was about the size of a pinkie with a small quiet motor. After taking a second to re-lube everything, she laid next to me and started sliding the toy in.

The sensation was not unplesant but took a bit of getting use to. Contrary to a lot of what i had imagined, it didnt hurt at all, at the most it was a bit of discomfort. anna took her time and worked that little vibe in my ass. It didnt take her long to notice my cock was litterally throbbing and pulsing, she re-arranged herself so she could stroke it and fuck me simultaneously...

"you're not gonna cum yet... you're gonna fuck me good first" and with that she took the vibe out of my ass and straddled me. in no time i could feel her sopping wet pussy engulfing me.... she was riding me hard, her hips pumping me and working my cock, milking it with her strong vaginal muscles

"dont fucking cum yet.. im gonna have you begging to shoot your load !" and with that i held on for dear life as my sweet little submissive slut was transformed into a hot minx, working my hard tool like a demented horny porn star... i was grasping the sheets, knuckles whites, sweating ...

"please let me cum" i said meekly
"please can i cum" this time with more conviction and trying my best to ignore the incredible grip her cunt was putting on my tool. Her only reply was to ride me harder.I was about to lose my mind, all the excitement of the evening, the bjs, the stranger fucking her, my first taste of anal sex and now her riding me like crazy ...
"please...can..i...cummm please... can i cum...please" i was about to lose it, the intensity was almost too much for me
" cum ...NOW...NOW...NOW" and i began to fill her hot nasty pussy with my seed. I always cum a lot but this one had to be a record breaker... thick salvoes of semen ripped into her,flooding her completly.... our climax last a solid 3-4 minutes, we were both left panting and sweating... she kept riding me slowly, we kissed aain and slowly we began to relax. our embrace softer, our caresses more gentle. We were both tired and finally relaxed and satisfied

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3 years ago
I liked it!
3 years ago
Stunning squared. ~.~