Anna's Visit to the Adult Theater

We got ourselves to the downtown area early in the afternoon, the room was already booked so we could make our way slowly to the room and not worry bout traffic or tight schedule. The object of our little vacation was pretty simple, I wanted Anna to enjoy a little visit to the adult theater.
This was to be our second visit, the first time we went to the theather, it was early in the morning on a week day, needless to say the place was pretty quiet. the did have a lot of fun in the VIP section in the upper balcony but i knew anna was hoping to get to try out some of the local meat and i was more than willing to share her with my fellow perverts.

By 5pm we were both having a snack in the room, discussing final preparation for the evening. there was still a lot to do and the time to get there was coming awful fast. First I had to make sure my little skank was properly attired, we chose a nice skirt for her, no panties of course or bra, and a nice green cotton top. Her perky little nipples were already rock solid just looking at the dress. Next on the list, i had to trim and shave her little pussy, i wanted her to look and feel her best ...

after i myself shaved and we both took a shower (together of course) and got the final details settled. i grabbed a big handfuls of condom and off we went.

Luckily for us we founded a spot for parking close by, I could feel anna was nervous but also anxious. her nipples could have cut diamonds... thats how excited she was... We walked in the theather and the cashier greeted us with a nice smile and had the theather attendant show us the layout of the lower level. The place was dark and the movie was already playing, it both took us a bit to adjust to the darkness but already we could see the shadows of the other occupants lurking about.

We took our seats and soon after, 3 men were sitting in front of us... of course anna had her leg wide open and i was slowly fingering her warm tight box.... after a few minute of this treatment she told me she wanted to suck my cock, i was of course more than ready to give her my fat uncut cock to munch on... the second my cock was out, the other men nearby started pawing at her, fingering her pussy, caressing her skin, playing with her nipples... As much as i wanted to blow a load, i wanted her to enjoy the crowd and within a few minutes she was getting fingered by a guy while she was sucking a smaller dicked men... the fingered left his postion to a more able men who manage to almost fist her... he brouight her close to climax and after i gave him a condom manage to fuck her doggy style ... he came pretty fast and hard....

various guy came and went about until i decided to make my lil slut cum hard. I started to play with her nipples, tweaking them hard and pincing them ... she was twitching everywhere... begging for more... i made her beg louder, asserting my dominance on her, seeing the look of pure bliss in the submissive eyes... i manage to get down on one knee and started to finger her... first 2 fingers... followed by a third... then the pinkie.... i had almost my entire hand in her. by the time i looked up, three gentlemen were stroking their cocks behind her, one was playing with her nipples and behind me a full row of men had taken a vantage position, one elderly patron even had a small flashlight illumnating the action. After a good 5 minute of serious fingering i sesned she was ready for more and slowly i started to slide my thumb in... her body was tensing up.... the men were pumping their cock faster, looking at me fisting my sexy slut...

I cant tell for sure but when she came, she was i believe louder than the moan of the porn actress on the screen... by the time she climaxed i could count easily 12 to 15 men looking at us... she came hard and long, breathing heavy and swearing. Then, just as i slid my hand out of her dripping wet pussy, the crowd slowly dispersed, we both rearranged ourselves and slowly left the theater...

In an hour and a half, my little slut had given 3 bjs and fucked one dude... i was a very proud master and im sure we gave the good people at the theather something to talk bout tomorrow night round the watercooler...

As we walked away from the theater, anna said she'd rather not go to new york, " cant we just come back here instead?... but this time stay longer? "
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1 month ago
MMM wounderfull story.. id love to been there.. i like this .. sad that you dindt taped it :P kisses
2 years ago
sexy story
3 years ago
really wish i could find a theater like this to visit
3 years ago
5 stars!
3 years ago
Very nice story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
terrific story
3 years ago
mmm how exciting
3 years ago
Nice story..nice submissive slutwife.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
wow great