My first time

I sat in the car outside the address and to say I was nervous is a understatement. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I was half thinking of just driving away.

I had got messaging to Sara a month ago after liking the pictures they had posted. I was really in to clothed sex and the pictures showing Sara in a selection of boots whether they be leather or pvc, knee high or thigh high I didn't care as long as they have a stiletto heel l love them.

As for clothes I get hard for the slutty secretary look, a nice tight pencil skirt with some stockings and high heels is sure to make me cum and as for pvc or leather dresses well let's just say it can get messy.

I decided to bite the bullet got out of my car and knocked at the front door. It was answered by Sara and I nearly cum in my pants straight away. From the feet up Sara had on a shiney pair of high heeled black pvc knee high boots. A black short shiny latex skirt which looked like it had been sprayed on and a matching top. A black pvc belt went around Sara's waist.

'Im glad you came Rob, come in' Sara said. I went in and on shutting the door Sara took my hand and started to lead me upstairs, I'm sure she could sense how nervous I still was. As Sara went in front of me up the stairs I had a perfect view of the latex covered tight arse. I was so tempted to grab it but I kept my hand to myself.

We went in to the bedroom and Sara sat on the bed, crossing her legs, so the skirt got even tighter. She looked at me and said "I've got dressed up for you so I want you to strip for me" Sara was clearly not interested in small talk which suited me.

I took off my clothes and from seeing Sara in those sexy boots and skirt I had a small hard on which seemed to please Sara as she didn't say anything but just smiled.

"Your a lover of boot licking arnt you rob ? Sara asked. "Er yes" I said sort of embarrassed. "Well get your Fucking tongue over here and get to work then " she said. I didn't need to be asked twice, I got down on my knees took one of her pvc boots in my hands and started slowly licking the sort material. I could feel my dick starting to harden as it was a real turn on for me. Suddenly Sara said "what the fuck are you doing ?" "Sorry am I doing something wrong ?" I said.
"Get your tongue on the sole first, lick the dirt off the sole of my boot you little perv" She lifted her leg so as to show the sole of her boot and I started to lick the rough sole of the boot.

"Now work your way back to the heel, I want to see you take that 5inch heel in your mouth and suck on it, trust me it will give you some practise for later" sara said.

I held the toes end of her boot and slowly placed my mouth around the thin stiletto heel, moving my head so that the hole length of the heal was in my mouth. "Now suck on it like its a little prick you want to keep hard" she said.

Whilst holding her boot in my hand I went backwards and forwards with my head taking the full length of the heal in my mouth and then takings it back out again, a slurping sound starting to sound as my saliva built up.

After about 5 minutes Sara pulled her boot away and told me to look up. My actions had obviously got her hard as I could she her thick and rather large cock trying to escape from her tight skirt. "How do you fancy the real thing ?" She asked. I had never sucked a cock before but it looked so inviting covered under the latex skirt.

I peeled back her skirt so that it was up to her waist and released her rock hard standing to attention dick. I placed my right hand on the shaft and pulled it down so that her her red head was fully exposed and then placed my virgin mouth around the top. As I sealed my lips around it I could hear Sara moan with pleasure. I then slowly lowered my mouth so that all her dick went inside me, this time she moaned even louder and layed fully back on the bed.

As I went to work on her rock hard cock she wrapped her pvc booted legs around me and scrapped her heels down my back, the sensation was amazing. As I sucked away sometimes slow some times hard I must have been doing a good job for my first time as Sara was virtually screaming with pleasure. I loved the sound my spit and saliva was making to as the cock went in and out of my mouth. Sara's cock then changed and seemed to get even harder in my mouth and I could tell she was close to coming. I took her cock out of my mouth and began to wank it hard with my right hand, mouth open ready to catch her juicy white spunk.

With a few more quick jerks her body tensed up and the end of her dick exploded in to my mouth. Her white warm cum sprayed in to my open mouth and I lapped it up, l placed my mouth around the end to suck out the last bits. After giving her dick a good lick clean Sara looked at me and said "I can't belive that was your first time at cock sucking, it was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had". With that comment I has quite pleased with myself

Sara then looked down at my cock which after that experience was well up for some action. She told me to stand up and reached back returning with some lube. She rubbed it on my stiff prick nearly making me cum there and then. Sara then got in to the doggie position (probably my fav position, although it makes me cum awfully quickly) looked back at me whilst rubbing some lub around her arse hole and fingering herself. I couldn't hold off any longer and for the second time that day I broke another vigin duck and pushed my dick in to her tight arse hole. The feeling was amazing so tight and slippery. The tight black skirt covered the top of her bum cheeks and it made me think I had just grabbed her, bent her over and started to fuck her in some office store room or something.

I fucked away loving every minute of it pushing my dick as deep in to her as I could go, my balls full of cum banging against her. Sara was screaming with pleasure "spank my Fucking arse, please spank me" she shouted, as if I needed asking. With my right hand I spanked her arse cheek over and over, Sara screamed with even more pleasure from the pain.

As I thought and as long as I wanted to keep fucking this arse hole I could feel myself cuming and with that I shot my load deep in to her arse hole. Once fully empty I pulled myself out and looked down to see my dick smeared in my sticky mess. We both then collapsed on to the bed.

Sara then looked across at me with a big smile on her face and said "We'll have to swap roles next time, in all aspects"

The end.

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7 months ago
got me hard
11 months ago
another good one. swap roles next time!
1 year ago
Great story! It's got me rock hard :)
1 year ago
wow fantastic story looking forward to more thanks
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
awsome such an easy read
1 year ago
Very Hot
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Hot story!
1 year ago
Cant wait for more. So hot. Xxx
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i like it
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1 year ago
very hot and please add more
1 year ago
nice story!
1 year ago
Great story:)
1 year ago
well thats what stories are for I came so hard and so much
1 year ago
Horny as hell, hope there is a part two x