My shemale boss part 1

I knocked at my bosses door and on her reply went in. She was standing with her back to me looking out of the window and talking on the phone.

She failed to agknowledge me so I just sat down in one of the leather chairs opposite her desk. I looked at her as she stood by the window and perved over her black stiletto leather knee high boots and tight black leather skirt which covered her ass beautifully.

After about five minutes she turned to me, her black hair to her shoulders and her black shirt partly Unbuttoned showing off her cleavage, it has hard not to get a semi hard on as she moved closer.

She sat behind her desk put on her black rimmed glasses and read some paper work, shortly after looking up at me. With her looking directly at me through her glasses I could feel my dick getting hard.

Rob she said, yes miss Jones I replied, your performance within the company is not good enough, with things the way they are I'm going to have to let you go.

Please miss Jones I replied I need the work and money, I've just put a deposit on a house. Well I suppose you are kind of cute she replied it would be a same to see you go.

Is there anything I could do to change your mind, mam ?

Perhaps, she replied. Come round here Rob and we'll see.

I got up and went over to her, kneel she said in a stern voice. I got down on my knees and just as I did so she grabbed my hair and f***ed my face on to her soft leather black boots. Lick them you little shit she shouted. Taken aback I started to lick her boots starting at the bottom and slowly working up. As I licked her boots I noticed some staining on parts of them, the taste was different to that of the leather.

As I got to a particularly large stain miss Jones grabbed my hair and f***ed my face hard on to her boot. Lick it you shit, lick my dried cum of my boots. I tried to pull away but she held me hard and so I continued to lick getting the taste of her cum on my tongue and in my mouth.

She then released my hair and on looking up I saw her hitching up her tight black leather skirt with both hands. As it got to her waist I couldn't belive my eyes, miss Jones had a big fat thick 9 inch cock between her legs. Pulling her knickers to the side she exposed it all slowly running her long nail along it.

I looked at her and she looked back still through her glasses and just smiled at me. Before I could say anything she grabbed my hair again and f***ed her now rock hard dick in to my mouth. It was the first time I had touched let alone sucked a cock and now I was sucking on the bosses but it felt strangely good. She slowly moved it in and out and I struggled to take the full length in my mouth, gagging when she pushed it all the way in.

I took the base of her dick in my hand and slowly started to move my head back and forth feeling her cock pulse as I did so. I looked up at her and she whispered Your my little bitch now Rob get use to sucking that dick.

I continued to suck her rock hard cock and wanked at the base of her dick with my hand. I was aware of the sucking noise I was making as my saliva and spit covered her cock but also aware of miss Jones moaning as her knob went in and out of my virgin mouth.

Suddenly she grabbed my head with both hands and really started to mouth fuck me, keep your mouth tight around my dick she shouted. She was pushing her hard dick all the way in really pounding my mouth. Suddenly I felt and tasted her pre cum in my mouth shortly followed by her cuming at the back of my mouth. The cum took me by surprise filling my mouth with her white sticky warm mess. Keeping her dick in my mouth she took hold of my nose and held my nostrils shut. Not being able to breath I had no choice but to swallow all of her hot spunk. On doing so she smiled at me and whispered Good boy as she pulled her long dick out of my mouth.

Placing her cock back inside her silky knickers and pulling down her leather skirt she told me to get up and go back to work, I did as she said, still a little shocked but having enjoyed giving my first blow job. Just before I left the office miss Jane said, Rob your mouth was lovely I can't wait to see what your arse is going to be like, back here Fri at 12. She then looked down at her paperwork and hand motioned for me to leave.

To be continued

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6 months ago
Would love to be her employee :)
12 months ago
on to part 2. what a fantasy scene!!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
mmmmmmmmmmm what a great Boss
1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
can you fax me an application? nice story!
1 year ago
1 year ago
well thats what I want a sexy job I would such her cock and eat out her asspussy make her so hard she could than fuck my tight asspussy
1 year ago
You lucky guy, bet you're looking forward to Friday.