I fucked two teachers at school

This was my first time when I was 15. I have always had a crush on teachers and bbws. This happened when I was 15, my mom's friend work as ateacher in our school, she was a very good friend and used to give me rides back from school. Any way, she is 42 years old , she is stocky and a bit plump, she has big C cups boobs that never.lrt my dick down she has a big fat ass that always kept me horny. She is readheaded and she always smiles at me and jokes with me. She has two k**s a boy who I don't know his age and a ten year old blond cute girl. One day she was giving me a ride home and I was too tired and wanted to sl**p so I slouched my car seat's back and laid down. This day she was wearing a tight pullover which made her boobs standing out as hell and blue pants which where wide legged but very tight at her thighs which made her ass sway beautifully making me as horny as hell. I was sitting next to her in the car and her daughter in the backseat. As soon as I shut my eyes in the car I visualized her ass and got a boner. I hears her daughter talking to her and then asking her what was that pointing at my boner.I felt ashamed a bit as well as her mother. She told her it was nothing , but the girl insisted on knowing so her mother made sure I was asl**p which I was faking and then told her its a peepee, she asked why too big and the answer was because I am happy. She wanted to touch it so her mother did it then allowing her girl to do so which made me on the verge of cumming, it was the first time some one would touch my dick. This day passed. The next day she was also going to give me a ride , but she had extra work to do at the teachers lounge so I waited there sitting in the corner surfing xhamster on my cell. After a while the other teacher who was also a french teacher left for 30 min as she had a meeting. This teacher we will call babs and the first we will call mahi, babs is taller than mahi and has bigger boobs but less saggy and a smaller but tighter and more pettite ass, that you would never get bored off. After babs left I had an ache in my back so I stood up to stretch and forgot I had a boner which mahi recognized. She was turned on as her husband is always travelling and has a small dick and never satisfy her. She called me over and asked me whether she is fat or not she stood up and turned around , bent over and asked me again I told her she looks beautiful and her reply was that she feels neglected by her husband and feels lonley I told that he is an idiot for doing so and you are a catch. She hugged me very intemetly which mad my dick dig in more making me hornier and she felt it I also had a good look at her cleavage and touched her preSsed boobs. Out of no where I suddenly found her holding my dick and stroking it while saying that she is so horny and hadn't had sex in months. I groped her boobs and got them out of their layout while she completes stroking my dick. I started sucking on them for about 5 min and bited on her nipples as hard as I could making her scream , then we switched to 69 position where I reveled her pussy for the first time it was a thrilling fealling that made my heart skip a beat. It had a musky smell that made me faint. I kept on sucking until her pussy was all wet while she gave me a blowjob that I never dreamed of. We were so intimate that we came in the same time. Suddenly we found the door open wide and babs entering, she seemed shocked but I felt she was horny by the way she looked at my dick she reprimended mahi who jumped of the table and her pussy was dripping on the floor.
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