Neighborhood fun part 1 (Introduction)

My name is Mike, I am a 30 year old emergency room physician, just your average guy standing 5'7 and 170 lbs with average looks and a charming personality, but I pack a 10 inch long 5 inch diameter cock. That's one of things my wife loved about me, the way it stuffed her tiny pink cunt and stretched her little pink ass. My wife had a daughter Hayleigh, from a previous relationship but I loved her like she was my own.

When my wife died in a car crash about 3 years ago, my stepdaughter Hayleigh and I decided to move out of the city and get away from the hustle and bustle. We found a house in a small country town about 40 min from the hospital I worked in. It's a beautiful neighborhood, every house has about 2 acres of land, and sits on the edge of a large river with good hunting and fishing, and all of the people are your typical down home types. One of those "everybody knows everybody" and the k**s come home when the porch lights come on type of neighborhoods. Most of the people that live there are military being there is a small base a about 20 miles away. It was perfect!! Ya see, I love the outdoors - hunting, fishing and all and so does Hayleigh.

She was young when her mom and I got together, and I taught her everything I knew. At 15 years old standing about 5'0, she could shoot a deer at 100 yards with her bow and hit it perfectly every time. She loved the outdoors almost as much as I did and agreed this was the perfect spot.

The day we started moving into our new house, almost everyone in the neighborhood came to welcome us. I met a lot of the parents and Hayleigh quickly made friends with 3 girls, Jessica, Mindy, and Becca (all about the same age).

As I met the girls moms, Amber- Jessica's mom, was a sultry redhead with green eyes and a petite body. She stood about 5'3 maybe 100 lbs with nice C cup tits and a tiny ass. Krystal- Mindy's mom, had short brown hair and hazel eyes. She stood about 5'7 and had some meat on her. Not fat but just a little meat. She had huge tits and an ass to match. Rachel- Becca's mom was a smoking blonde. She stood about 5'5 maybe 125 pounds with perfect D cup tits and a tight heart shaped ass.

I learned that their husbands were all in the same unit and had just left on a 15 month deployment, so it would be just the moms and daughters for the next year.

As the girls all ran off down the street to play, I finished talking to the moms. They were impressed that I worked in the emergency room and they were glad to know I was there. I told them if they ever got hurt or sick to just come on over and I would fix them up. The moms giggled and said they would take me up on my offer.

As we finished talking and the moms started heading back home, I couldn't help but think about how hot these moms were and how horny they are gonna get over the next year and how I may be able to hit the jackpot with them.

I let Hayleigh stay out and play with her new friends as I finished moving stuff into the garage. It was going on 5pm now and most of the parents were hollering for the k**s to come in for supper. As Hayleigh came in the door, she hollered " Hey pops, what's for supper"? I said I didn't know and asked what she would like. Hayleigh jumped on the counter and thought for a min, and then I heard a knock on the door. As I opened it, there stood Jessica looking all cute in a tight pair of shorts and a small shirt that hugged her frame and allowed her hard young nipples to show. She was about the same height as Hayleigh, and had small perky tits like her mom, and her little ass looked so inviting. As Jessica stood there on my porch with her hands in her tight pockets, I could feel the bl**d start to fill cock. I asked her what she needed, and she shyly said " mom was...uh..wondering if you and Hayleigh wanted to come over for dinner? Being you all just moved in". Before I could answer, ..Hayleigh came up behind me yelling "can we, can we?" I could see Jessica's eyes widen as she waited for my response. I looked over at Hayleigh and saw the same look in her eyes, so I said "Sure what the hell." Both girls squealed with excitement and Hayleigh ran out the door and practically jumped into Jessica's
arms giving her a huge hug. As she leaned into Jessica, Hayleigh's shapely little ass stuck out toward me and for a second I thought about giving it a squeeze and at that moment I got rock hard. Trying to hide the huge bulge in my pants, I told the girls to head down and that I would be there in a few. With that, Hayleigh and Jessica took off down the road skipping and laughing.

As I went up stairs to change my shirt, I couldn't help but let my mind wander a bit and imagine what it would feel like to slide into the tight pink folds of their young cunts and how sweet their juices would taste. I shook myself out of it saying to myself Jessica is too young and Hayleigh is your step daughter. .it's not right!!

I finished cleaning myself up and headed down to Amber's house and could smell she had the grill going. As I walked into the back yard, I was taken by surprise to see Krystal and Rachel sitting in chairs on the patio, both with a cold beer in their hands, and Amber was skillfully handling the meat on the grill. As I said hi to them, Rachel asked if I wanted a beer, and grabbed one from the cooler and handed it to me. Amber turned away from the grill and on her apron it said " kiss the cook". I opened my beer and said to Amber, " it's nice to meet a woman who can handle meat". And then I realized what came from my mouth and I turned a little red. The moms giggled and Amber sternly said to me "so you just gonna stand there or are ya gonna kiss the cook?!" I looked at Krystal and Rachel and they both nodded in encouragement, so I walked over, leaned in and kissed Amber on the cheek. Rachel giggled and called me a pussy, then Krystal said "he is probably not used to southern hospitality". Amber hollered at them telling them to behave and be nice to the new guy.

I sat down at the table and watched as Hayleigh and her new friends were having a water balloon fight in the yard. As I watched the girls in their tight short shorts and wet shirts that were showing off all of their perfect young perky form tits, and watching their tight little asses jiggle as they ran around, I thought to myself "damn mike, it can't get much better than this, 3 hot moms, and 4 sexy teenagers! Oh the fun you could have!!" To be continued in part 2.

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6 months ago
Great story, looking forward to seeing more
6 months ago
very hot I want more more please
6 months ago
more please
6 months ago
I can't wait to read part two.