Me, My mom, and My Aunt

This is part III of my story

They didnt want to sl**p next to each other because it would be weird. So i was in the middle of them Cherly who was asl**p when my aunt D came into the room and wispered “ Allasay? Dan? are you awake?” Allasay said “Yes mom what is it?” She said she needed us in the living room for a min. It was dark when i came down the steps so allasay clung to my bare back. We got down the steps. There was a light coming from the bathroom, I knock it was my mom. She said aunt D was in the RV. We walk outside to a warm night. We opened the door to the RV. Ill never forget it there was my aunt with a dildo. Allasay came in with an embarised look on her face. Almost that split secaound my dick went rock hard. I ask what the hell she wanted us to do. She said to go up to the drivers side there was a note saying “ GO FUCK ALLASAY THE BACK ROOM IS YOURS” I showed allasay the note and she didnt say anything at frist but she agreed. We went back, This wasnt he frist radieo. she put on a show, she sucked me like the world was going to end. I put my dick right in that wet hole........

there will be more
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2 years ago
nice but needs more details