My s****r and I

MY s****r AND I
It all started when I saw my s****r naked she was about 17 and I was about 13. My s****r was about 5'6 her boobs were at least a D if not MORE! I was around 5'5 at the time 95 pounds. Well I was getting into the shower it was around 11:00 pm so I went to open the door and I saw my s****r crystal about to shave her pussy hair. I walk in didn't even see her drop my shorts and look in pull the showe curton back abd she said "dude what the fuck!" and I just stood their waiting.. She got up and told me tower me in her bedroom in 5 minutes. The water trinkled off her body down her big breast and into my growing hard cock. I wAited for what seem forever. She came into my room instead and said lay down so obeyed. She took her towl off and that body man that body. Her nipples stuck out like a thumb almost wanting to be sucked. That pussy was hairy as my wifes now. She got on my chest put both knees on my forearms and said do you want to fuck me and what do you think I said.,.. Well what ever Other male would say ya! She pulled my boxers and my shorts off with one tug then she licked to my chest down around my cock in between my legs. She put her head in my 7 1/2 inch cock and licked slowly at 1st then she would lick my pee hole wich almost made me cum right there. While she was doing on this she was playing with my balls. Up and down she went like a dog liking
The gravy out of a bowl. She gaged a few times saying I haven't suck one like this since my dads! …


Let me know how I did!
56% (15/11)
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1 year ago
you dit not too goot...
2 years ago
nice needs detail
2 years ago
Wow people this days if you didn't like it go fix it yourself... Gosh don't complain....
2 years ago
nice idea just too short
2 years ago
One of two things, either English is not your native language or, you ain't never graduated fro the 3rd grade. Most likely though, it is both. As for your imagination, it sucks... Don't get discouraged now. Just go do some reading and brush up on your spelling and grammar and try again. Those who say you did a great job, they are either lying to you, you paid them or most likely, they are dumber than you are. No offense people, but WTF, get real.
2 years ago
Please continue...
2 years ago
Do want to hear more thanks it was good!
2 years ago
not to bad i like