Lunar Fantasy

I lie on the bed, without a garment to hide under. He is standing above me, drinking in all the milky whiteness that is my pale body. There is no expression on his face, and he does not move to touch me. Instead, I follow his eyes with mine own and see that he does not linger in the expected places. Rather, he shapes my curves with wonder and fascination, as if he has never really seen this subtle curvature, or plumpness, before. My ghostly pigmented cheeks are tainted cherry, momentarily.

Throwing a pillow at his face, I curse myself for not thinking to cover my nudity instead. He catches the fluff, and sets it aside. A simple smile turns his full cheeks into the cutest pair I've ever seen. "And what exactly was that for, hmmn?", he coos into my ear, as he slides into bed behind me. He is still dressed, but I can feel his heat extinguishing the iciness of my own body. Spooning, I believe, is the technical term for the position we're in. His hands don't dare cup my breasts, as if he has never even considered vanquishing a guard that doesn't stand before them. Instead, his arms criss-cross about me and, lay those five fingered creatures about my hips.

"You were staring!", I feel as if I can't hide the raging fires that burn at my cheeks. In truth, I don't mind his eyes gliding over my skin as if he has found perfection in it, beneath it, within.. me. Rather, I cannot see those hands and not yearn to feel them retracing the journey his eyes only began. He knows it, too. He can feel me squirm, and deprives me of what I want.

A grin upon his lips as he questions, tauntingly, "Is there something wrong, love? Are you uncomfortable? I can move, if you'd like.." He makes as if he is going to leave me, needingly, alone. I grasp both his hands, crossing my arms against my torso. Glancing over my shoulder at him, I glare at with only my eyes - my lips can't seem to wash away the smirk living there. He looks at me, innocently enough, as he asks.."Yes?"

"If you move another inch...", and of course he does. I turn in his arms, releasing his hands. They, however, don't stray from my hips but grip them tighter. He kisses me, deeply, and I forget how that line was supposed to end.

"You'll do what, exactly?"

"Stop talking...", I lean in to kiss him again but he slithers away, completely. He has gotten out of bed, and is looking down on me, again. This time, though, I'm reminded of a wolf surveying its prey.

"Mmmn.. I think I'll let you suffer a bit longer, love."

My hands trace the very curves he attempted to memorize only moments before. My smirk reasserting itself as I gaze into those eyes, which until now have followed my hands.. " Maybe, I'm not the one who's going to suffer...."

His jaw drops, but only for a moment before he regains his composure. My wolf, my strong-willed lover.. My eternal mate.. Through the night we tangle ourselves in one another, half in play.. half for pleasure. It isn't until his passionate kisses fade into playful nips of worship that we survey one another's body. The markings found along them are not long lasting, but the subtle burn does seem fan smoldering embers. For now.. he whispers of the hunt, and how he'll bring me something to quench my thirst, as he scampers off to the kitchen.

I watch him, delightfully naked, as he leaves me soaring, giddy with my head full of pleasant things. And, I know.. I have not a doubt, that this.. this is how life should be. The moon, outside the window, is the only light that glitters down on me, and my waking dreams. Still, she seems to promise that he will never leave. He is a gift from herself, to a loyal follower, and I should wallow in the love he brings. A huntress after the heart of Luna herself, I deserve the spoils she lavishes me in.

Catching a glimpse of that toned buttocks, and those icy blue pools, as he returns with arms clumsily full from his own hunt, I can't help but thank the goddess. Giggling at my love, as he starts hashing out boundless treats, I glance at her white round face and smile...
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1 year ago
i really like your stories and blogs. you put a lot of thought into them. have you had someone make them a reality yet?