Pact With A Fallen Angel

I can feel you on my skin. The last hands that have known my body, and all its secrets, still remain a haunting reverie I won't soon forget. I feel them.. Grasping, pulling, and claiming.. All things they used to do, things that used to sate me. Now, they leave me.. hungering for a life I try so hard to forget..

And, how use to my wanting you are! A silly human, an average.. impractical pet, that I make. To have my love raining over you, in abundance, this is something you have come to expect. It isn't something new to you, as all the others before have given you the devotion you so require, but feel a thirst you cannot quite sate... The difference, however, with me is .. you can't quite understand what draws you back, time and time again.

Imperfect, completely wrong, and utterly contradictory to everything I promise, you.. you desire me more than any of the others before me. Drawn to me, and wanting me, you push me away. Cannot make me feel all too important, for then I'd know the truth.. I am your one true weakness.

I scream as your teeth bore into me, as your fingers carve their trails into my back, as your body pries mine in half. This is to be expected, and others have worshiped you in such ways in the past. However, I crave this punishment that you rain upon me. I plead for it, and bare your name upon my lips as you sate my desires, by ravishing your own. The scars of lust are the only proof to the physical claim you've made, though there are others far deeper... Those that will out last any upon the flesh...

What have you unearthed inside of me?

Clutched close to you, I feel my body collect the energy it needs to make it through the day you will leave. I soak it up, like its some kind of d**g, and I can't get enough. I stare at your face, hoping that I can memorize its shape, the colors, every single hue.. Maybe, just maybe, I can call upon them, after you are through with our latest rendezvous and feel not so alone. The addict, grasping at crumbs of her only smack.. The scabs all healed, now scars, can't even open them and feel the sweet kiss of my last pain from you..

The world around me vivid and full of colors I don't want to see, when you are away from me. Awake in the night, you drowned out the absurdity of reds, purples, and yellows.. I have no need for such visions. Green is the only color in your eyes, and those lips that drain the void from inside of me are black, just like the heart they speak so sweet too. You laughed at me when I asked about your wings.. Angels, I was told, flew from the heights of heaven after all. Some cryptic thing fell from those dead lips, "hard for them to survive the fall", before your claw carved feathers upon my back. I scream, agony as the sheets turn that forbidden hue.. but you whisper your promises to me, and I feel a forked snake trace my wounds.. burning, scalding... these are scars I will never lose, no matter what time attempts to fade..

"You are mine, no matter whose hands defile you... Mine, alone."

And, I am shivering in shock when you push me on to my back.. The scream is lodged into my throat as burns sizzle in the puddles soaking in my mattress. I cannot fight, too weak to even try, as your hands manipulate my body. The carnal crave started the moment your eyes, starved and intense, demand my obedience.

What have you unearthed in me? What sort of addiction, what sort of sweet sickness inherits me that I should die without your pain personified through me, and our collection of scars?

And why... Why does this darkness excite me?

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very nice