My WHORING YOUNG cousin and my COCK

I was in a junior in high school and the year had just ended. Everyone was

looking forward to the summer and having 2 1/2 months out of school. My f****y

always had a big event planned every July 4th and I could hardly wait to go but it

would be another three weeks until the event. Every year, the parents would

have a big bar-b-que, shoot fireworks and drink lots of beer while all the younger

members swam in the lake or went out on jet boats or floats. We always had a

good time but this past year was REALLY special as you are about to find out!

My cousins Mark and Linda were coming over with my aunt and uncle to our

house to speak with my folks about planning out the 4th of July party. My cousins

and I went out back to our swimming pool and started jumping of the diving

board, swimming and generally just fucking around out there while our parents all

sat on their asses in the house, planning out everything.

Linda and I were in the pool, side by side and leaning over the edge while talking

with Mark. I felt Linda suddenly place her hand right on my bathing suit, in my

crotch, and she kinda gently squeezed my cock and balls but she never quit

talking to Mark the entire time. I knew that she HAD to know what she was doing

but I kept my cool and let her massage my sack! It felt really great but at the

same time, seeing her act like she was doing nothing at all while talking with

Mark amazed me. She continued this for about 5 minutes so I reached over to

her, my hand underwater so no one could see, and tried to squeeze HER crotch!

She shocked me by pushing my hand away and she let go of my sack and swam

away. I figured that I must have fucked up doing that but paid no attention at all

like I had never done anything at all.

We continued playing in the pool and when we got out, we all sat on the pool

chairs and had a few soda's to cool off. Linda was sitting right across from me

and Mark was to my left. Linda had her hand down near her bathing suit, just at

the piece that covers her little pussy and after I glanced at it a couple of times,

she pulled the material aside and there before me, if just for a second, was her

sweet looking little pussy. I know she was doing it on purpose and I could feel my

cock growing under my swim suit. I put my hand over my junk so she wouldn't

know I was getting hard as a carp while sitting right there in front of her. I could

barely take my eyes off of her but I knew that if I didn't, I would be humiliated if

everyone saw my hard on sticking out from my suit!

I got up and told them that I needed to take a leak. I got up and went into the

downstairs bathroom and pulled my now hard dick out. Pissing helped a little and

after that, it went down some so I went back out to the pool. By now, she had re

-entered the water and was just swimming around while Mark sat on the pool

side with his feet in the water. I sat down next to him and thats when Linda

swam back up to us and grabbed both my legs just above the ankle. I could feel

her soft hands rubing my calves up and down and the look in her eyes drove me

crazy to tell the truth. They were saying to me, in my mind anyway, that she

wanted me to fuck her! LInda then started rubbing the bottoms of my feet. Mark

couldn't really see what his s****r was doing, but it felt great and I was again

getting hard.

I got up from the side of the pool and headed to the cooler for another soda

when my mom popped her head through the door and told us all to get dressed

and that every one was leaving. We got out of the water, dried off and I watched

Mark and Linda leave with my aunt and uncle.

That night, while laying in bed, all I could think of was my cousin Linda and I

fantasized about seeing her naked, fucking, etc.,etc. My cock got really hard so I

pulled my underware off and sroked myself till I blew a huge load all over my

stomach and balls. I cleaned up the best I could and went to sl**p.

FINALLY, the 4th July weekend came and we all met at the lakehouse the f****y

owned. Everybody was there including my cousin Linda and she was looking as

hot as ever too! The folks were all hanging out together and the younger group I

was part of basically just started playing in the lake or exploring the area around

us. I went out to the boat house that we used to keep the jet skis and stuff in and

when I had been there for just a couple of minutes, Linda came in.
She stood next to me and asked what I was doing and I explained that I was

suppose to get the jet boats in the water for everyone to use. She asked to help

so I readily agreed, still thinking of what she had done and MIGHT do if I was


We got the jets down and lowered them into the water and she asked if I would

take her for a ride. I fired up one of them and with her on the back, we headed

out across the lake to the far side. She had her arms around me and was ever

so slowly, inching them down toward my bathing suit waist band. My heart was

beating a mile a minute, hoping that she would reach into my suit where my cock

was waiting! We were riding out there at around 35 MPH but she continued her

downward hand movement until she hand reached under my waist band and was

just a few inches from my cock! I was expecting the best but all of a sudden,

here comes Mark on another machine and she quickly pulled her hands out of

my suit and put them back around my waist! I was pissed about it but played it


Mike and I slowed down and he told us to meet him on a small island on the north

side of the lake. I followed him out there, with Linda as my passenger and we

slid the jets up onto the little sand beach there. Mark told me he wanted to show

me something so Linda and I followed him up this trail to a group of old tree's.

LInda told me she had to pee so she walked on past us to the woods to take

care of that.

Mark and I sat down on these big rocks and that's when I got the biggest

SHOCK of my life! Mark explained that his s****r (LINDA) had confided in him

that she wanted to fuck me in the worst kinda way. I really didn't know what to

say to him but he went on to explain that both he and his s****r are cool with

whatever and he has actually watched her fuck guys and he had even joined in

with them! I asked him if she was really interested in me since I WAS her cousin

and he told me that he himself had fucked her the night before because she

needed to get off just thinking about me...LOL Now I WAS really shocked but the

thought of Mark fucking his own s****r really turned me on!

Linda came walking back down the trail and she sat next to me and Mark told her

that we should all just get naked, have some fun and what happens happens! He

laughed as did I and Linda just stood up and peeled her bathing suit top off,

exposing her tiny pink nipples, and then her bottoms! She had just a very light

growth of pubic hair and since she was blonde, the hair was barely visible at all.

She sat down with her legs just slightly apart and I could see her cute pink clit

sticking out from between her pussy lips. They were just begging to be licked

kissed and fucked, even though I had never done ANY of that before. You see, I

was a virgin, but I sure knew what nature was telling me to do even though it

may be wrong doing it with your own cousin!

She came over to me and while I sat there, got on her knee's and put her cute

face right in my crotch. I could feel her warm breath rushing over my cock and

balls and I instantly started getting hard. She looked up at me and without saying

a word, parted her lips and lowered her open mouth over my now swollen cock!

She began licking all around the head and up and down the shaft. Then she

would put the entire thing in her mouth and move her tongue all over it. She put

her hands on my ball sack and while sucking me off, massaged my balls and she

even touched and fondled my asshole too. I glanced over at Mark and he was

sitting there, naked, and jerking himself off while his s****r did her thing with me.

This was feeling so good and after seeing Mark watching me and Linda and jerking off to us, I

was about to blow my very first load right there in her wet mouth but I guess she

could tell that so she raised back up and told me to stand up. I did as asked and

that's where my cousin Mark came into the picture!

While LInda sucked and played with my balls. Mark came up behind me and I

could feel him reach around my ass cheeks and between my legs. He grabbed my balls first and played with them, rolling them around like little marbles. Linda started jerking off my cock and Mark got on his knee's and I could feel him start licking around my asshole and even along the space between my nuts and my now wet hole. I was a little freaked out having another boy do this to me but I was in heaven and didn't want it to stop! I felt my knee's getting weak so I laid back down on the sandy ground and pulled my legs up so that "hopefully" Mark would continue licking my balls and ass. He scooted around between my knee's and popped my cock in his mouth and was sucking me just as good as Linda had been doing. Linda then stood over my face and lowered her cute pink pussy over my mouth. She then just sat down over me and I inserted my tongue in her the best I could.

She rode my mouth for a few minutes while Mark kissed my balls and sucked and licked my hard little cock. Lind's pussy was really wet and her juices were draining down all over my face and into my mouth! It was great and just as I was about to cum, Mark stopped, Linda got up and she told Mark to go ahead and do it. I wasn't sure what she meant but Mark got over my face and jerked off and shot a huge load of cum all over my face and into my mouth. I seemed to know instinctively what to do and I wanted that sweet dick in my mouth so I raised my head up and allowed him to stick it down my throat! I could taste his cum and I was amazed at how slippery it was. He face fucked me for about a minute whan Linda told him to get off of me and to lay on the ground. He did as she asked and she then pulled me up and told me to cum in Marks mouth!

I was a little shaky, having just swallowed and tasted my first cock and cum but I got over his face as he had done to me and I jerked off onto his face and then into his open mouth! He seemed to really like my cum and he sucked me so hard that I know he got every last drop of it! We all then just laid on the ground, breathing heavily, covered in cum and sweat and really worn out. Linda walked over to the woods and I saw her squat down and take a piss. She came back over to me and told me that it was her turn to have some fun. There was a broken tree on the trail and she leaned over in letting her ass and pussy face us. Mark went first and started fucking her. He came really quick and when he pulled out, his cock was dripping with her juice and his cum. He walked around to her face and she licked and sucked him clean. I was standing there playing with my cock and she yelled at me to clean her up.

Her pussy had Marks sperm leaking out so I got on my knee's, placed my mouth over her fuck hole and sucked everything I could from her. I swallowed it down and when I looked up, Mark was standing there looking at me. He told me it was my turn so I inserted my dick in her and it only took about 6 strokes and I had shot my load inside! I pulled out and did just like Mark, allowing Linda to clean me up. Mark went behind her and sucked every drop from her wet slippery cunt! His face was all wet and he seemed to be really happy about it and he even licked and sucked her asshole a little bit.

We all went back down to the lake to clean up some and then took our jet ski's back to the lake house. When we rode up, our parents were all sitting around talking and they had no idea at all of what we had done! That night, after everyone was asl**p, I met Mark out by the boat house to have a little ass fucking fun but that's another story!

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3 months ago
Damn, buddy! That was fucking hot!!!
7 months ago
Very kinky story!