Learning to FUCK from MOM and DADDY

My name is Mark and I have a true story to tell you about my first time having sex and my first time doing a few other things too!

My mom and dad were both avid nudists and on weekends, we would all go to this place where everybody ran around naked! I was use to it by the time I got in 7th grade and I kind of enjoyed watching people, especially the girls my age at that place. We were all too young to have even any pubic hair much less experience with sex, but one night, I saw something that would change that forever!

Our parents had told me, my b*****r and my s****r that they were going to visit some friends for a few hours that night at another cabin in the resort and after they had been gone for about two hours, I needed to get something I left left in our car but the doors were locked so I went over to the cabin they were suppose to be visiting and when I went up to the front door, I could hear moaning sounds coming from inside. I went around to one of the side windows and peeked inside and saw my mom, sucking their friends cock and my dad was fucking the guys wife! I was shocked but mesmerized at the site and I kept on watching them through the window. Dad was fucking the woman doggie style and the other man pulled his cock out from my mom and went over to my dad and stuck his cock in dad's mouth! I saw the guy shoot a load of cum all over my dad's face and then mom went over to him and started licking the cum off and she then sucked the guy a little more. The man then got on all fours and dad got behind him and I saw him put his cock in that guys asshole and start fucking him! The man's wife then started licking mom's pussy and ass and I was freaked out by all of this and thought that my dad was now a fag, mom a lesbian and I knew that both of them were sluts now too! I ran down the road and went back to our cabin but didn't tell any of my siblings anything about what I had seen.

Mom and Dad came back about an hour later and made some coffee and sat on the sofa across from me. I kept staring at them both, thinking that mom was a slut lesbian and dad was a fag! I was glancing down at her crotch too, thinking about how much it had just been fucked when I surprised myself by starting to get a little hard-on! I had a towel under me that I was sitting on and I pulled it up and covered my crotch (we were all still naked) and headed to the bathroom to let it calm down a little.

That night, I went to bed in a room I shared with my b*****r and s****r and I reached under the covers and started playing with my little cock. I was getting pretty hard and all I could think of was what I had seen but it was turning me on for some strange reason! The next morning, I jumped in a golf cart with dad and we went down to the pool area where mom and my s****r had already set up some chairs, etc for the day and the couple they had been fucking sat right next to us. I couldn't take my eyes off of them and was secretly wishing that I had been in that bed too!

That evening rolled around and my mom told me that they were going back over to their friends cabin for a couple of hours and I knew right away what THEY had planned so me, being a smart ass told mom that I knew what they were doing over there and that they were all having sex together! I went on to explain what I had seen so mom led me in their bedroom where dad was and told him what I had said! Dad wasn't as pissed as I thought he would be but he told me that he and mom were what he called swingers! He explained it all too me and when I asked him about the guy fucking his mouth and ass, he told me that both he and mom were BI? I didn't know what that meant but figured that it meant he liked cock too as well as a pussy! Dad pulled out a photo album and showed me some pix of both he and mom fucking each other, several other people and a few of him sucking some cock and sticking his cock in other men's mouths! It was actually turning me on and dad must have noticed it too and told me that he would have more to tell me after they got back from their visit. Mom and dad took off and I was left standing there with a little hard-on and nothing else!

About two hours later, dad called me on the cell phone and told me to come down to that same cabin I had seen them in before and that he had something to show me. I grabbed a towel and took headed over there thinking I was in big time trouble for looking through their window. When I arrived at the door, mom opened it up and told me to come inside! I went in and there sat the other couple, my dad and another boy and girl that looked to be also around my age. I had actually seen the girl at the pool several times and thought she was cute as hell too!

Dad told me that they though it was time to learn about their lifestyle and he had that same girl lead me into one of the bedrooms. We both sat on the bed and then the other boy came in too. I was actually shaking some and nervous about everything going on. The girl reached over and grabbed my cock and started playing with it and the boy was kinda behind me a little and I could feel his hand on my butt. The girls name was Linda and Linda asked me if I had ever done this before. I told her no and she said that my mom and dad wanted me to learn about some things. With that, she leaned over and took my cock in her sweet little mouth started licking and sucking on it. It felt awesome and I didn't want her to stop either. The boy then came around toward my face and since he was already naked, put his cock up to my face and told me to open my mouth! I did it too and he popped it in there. It was really weird feeling, having his dick in my mouth but still was fun so I sucked on it a little and kinda ran my tongue around the head. We all played around a bit and that's when Linda asked me to kiss her pussy. She laid back, spread her legs and I leaned over and licked it at first but then stuck my tongue in it as best I could! She said I was good at that and she took her hands and spread her hole open a little more so I could get a better lick..LOL The other boy was now behind me and I felt him start rubbing and playing with my asshole. It felt really good and when he started licking it, I felt REALLY good and so good in fact, I still remember THAT to this day..LOL

We were all kinda playing around with each other, doing this and that and I saw a big FLASH! I looked around and it was dad and the other man and they had some camera's and were snapping pictures. Dad told me that he wanted to take a few pix of us and then they showed us what to do in some poses. Linda was great at it and she told me that her dad loved taking pix and video. That's when I found out that the other man was her dad and the boy was her b*****r! We did some fun poses of me sucking him, he sucking me, pretend butt fucking..I hadn't done that yet and some pix of me eating out Linda, etc, etc.

We had a great time and I left with mom and dad and we headed back to our cabin. I was horny as hell by now and although I had had some new experiences and lots of fun, I wasn't really satisfied and wanted more. Mom and Dad then headed off to their bedroom and I did the same. My b*****r and s****r were asl**p by now so I was really quiet and didn't want to wake them. I was naked of course so I reached under the covers and started stroking my little cock some. It was getting pretty hard now but then the bedroom door slowly opened and I saw my mom standing there, she came in, kissed me on the cheek and told me to be really quiet but to come into their bedroom. She left and I got up and went to her. She closed the door behind me and told me to come sit on the bed. Dad was laying there naked of course and he had a huge hard-on and was fondling his cock and balls. Mom took me by the hand and asked me to lay down next to him which I did and my mom leaned over, kissed me on the lips and then ran her tongue down my chest and tummy and all the way to my cock. She licked it a few times and then squeezed it lovingly. She looked up at me and asked me if I was ok with what she was doing to me. I told her yes and she opened her mouth and lowered it over my cock!

It felt so good as she pumped her mouth up and down and she was gently squeezing my balls sack too. Dad was still playing with his big cock and then he sat up and got on his knee's. He inched over toward me and put his cock right in my face. I knew what he wanted me to do so I slowly opened my mouth and let him slip his cock inside. It was so big (MUCH bigger than that other boys earlier) but it was nice and I licked all around the rim of the head and up and down the shaft. I placed my left hand around the base and then started pumping my face up and down, just like mom was doing to me! Dad seemed to enjoy it and no one even said a word. I felt dad start to shake some and he whispered to my mom that he was fixing to cum! Mom looked up at me and to me that I was going to get some of Daddy's MILK as she called it and when he came, I felt my mouth suddenly fill up with his warm, wet and gooey sperm! He pulled out of my mouth and I kinda swished the juice around in my mouth and even felt it slip between my teeth and gums. It tasted kind salty but sweet at the same time. I didn't know what to do with it and mom must have noticed so she told me that it was ok to swallow it. I did as she said and she leaned over and kissed me and this time, She slipped her tongue in there and our tongues intertwined and the cum daddy had left made everything really wet!

Mom then asked me to watch them fuck so I sat on the side of the bed while dad fucked mom doggie style at first. Then he pulled out of her and asked me to suck his cock some and to make sure it was really wet with my spit! I did as asked and he then told me to lean over to my mom's ass and lick her pussy and then her ass. That was really fun and something about my tongue inside my mom's butt was cool! Dad then pushed me away and stuck his cock in mom's butt hole! Mom yelled just a bit as daddy when in it but she seemed to settle down as dad fucked her. When dad came, he really fucked her hard and when he pulled out. I could see his jism seeping from her ass. Dad told me to go over to her and lick it clean which I did!

After we were done, mom told me that they had always wanted to have me join them and now that I had, they were going to make me a part of their sex lives and introduce me to some of the friends who also like to fuck their f****y members! Dad told me that the next step was to get my young asshole ready to get fucked but that it would take lots of practice until it would take a grown man's cock in my young ass. I can't WAIT to do that soon and dad even said we are going to start making videos of our sex play and of me learning how to fuck and suck cock!

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1 month ago
wow I love this story
1 month ago
OMG,AWESOME SEXY ASS HEAVEN,wish it could have happened to me what life sweetie,what a SEXY LIFE to grow up with sweetie
3 months ago
Great fucking story - lucky you!
3 months ago
Wish id been taught by mum and dad, had to learn how to fuck my sister myself
4 months ago
great story need a wank now
4 months ago
love it
5 months ago
wild story guy
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8 months ago
hot fun story
8 months ago
I love incest it is great