I was from Atlanta and use to living in the city but on occasion, I would take my

little jeep up into the hills to drive around and have some fun. I was a small guy in

size, only 5'4 and about 120 lbs and I haven't even had my drivers license more

than a few months. I was VERY young looking even for a high school guy and I

would get asked my age all the time.

One day, I headed up into the hills just shy of the North Carolina mountains when

my jeep started having issues, it was over heating and steam was coming out

from under the hood and I knew that it needed to be turned off. I shut it down and

stood there like a dumb ass, way up in the mountains and back then, we had no

cell phones so I figured I would walk back down and maybe find a house where I

could use a telephone.

After a few miles, it started raining to add insult to injury and I was soaked from

head to toe. Finally, I saw this beat up little house down in a valley and they had

a porch light on. I went down the dirt road to the place and knocked on the door.

This older guy answered and I asked to use his phone. He told me that he didn't

have a phone there but to come inside and dry off and he would get me a ride to

his b*****rs house about a mile away.

I went in his place and there were deer heads on the wall, along with stuffed fish,

etc. The old guy handed me a towel and told me to get my clothes off if I liked

and he would put them in his dryer. I didn't think that would be too cool so I told

him thanks anyway but I was just fine.
I started drying off best I could and went into the bathroom to take a leak when I

heard the front door open and several voices speaking. I opened the bathroom

door and saw three big guys standing there and one of them looked over at me.

The guy was kinda scary looking and I started feeling really nervous about this

whole thing. I walked into the little living room and one of the guys grabbed me by

the arm and asked me why I wasn't undressed already and dried off like the old

man had told me to do. At that point I was really scared so I went back into the

bathroom and removed my wet clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist and

walked back into the hallway. I peeked around the corner and just saw the old

guy and one other man. I went on inside the living room when the old guy told me

to go into his bedroom and I would find some clothes to put on. I did as told,

thinking it would be better to obey than not, but when I got in there, the other two

guys were standing there and the biggest guy jerked my towel away and told me

to get on my knee's and don't ask any questions.

I did as told, got on my knee's and by now, I was really scared and almost

shaking. One guy got behind me and placed his large hands on my shoulders and

the other guy came up to my face, pulled out his cock and told me that I better do

as told. He ran his cock head over my lips and then told me to open my mouth

which I did, knowing that by now, I was going to be sucking this guys cock no

matter what. I parted my lips and he f***ed his cock all the way in my mouth till I

was gagging on it. He fucked my mouth for about 2 minutes and then I felt a rush

of cum spewing against the back of my throat. I had never tasted cum much less

sucked a cock before, It was kinda like my own cum which I had tasted after

jerking off once, but his was stronger in taste and was thicker than mine. When

he pulled his cock out, I started to spit it out but he told me to swallow it so I did.

The guy wiped off on an old towel and then the other guy came up to me and

stuck HIS cock in my mouth! I figured it was best to just do a good job so I could

get the hell outta there so I held his balls in my hand and squeezed them while I

ran my tongue all over the head and up and down the shaft. I finally deep

throated the guy and felt him shoot a load! I swallowed it down like the first load

and sat back on the floor. He came back up to me and had me suck on his balls

a little more while he jerked off, trying to get it hard again.

The guys left the room and I heard one of them talking on the phone about this

COCK SUCKER city boy. I figured they were talking about me and I was right


After about an hour and a couple more blow jobs later, several more guys came

in the house. Two of them came up to me and told me to get on the bed. I did as

told and they took some rope and hog tied me while I was bend in a fetal position

with my ass in the air. I felt someone put some lube all over my asshole and then

felt a couple of fingers slide inside and swirl around in there. The one guy

seemed to enjoy fingering my hole but while he did, I watched several of the men

take their pants off and head toward me.

The first guy had a smaller cock which went in without any pain really. He fucked

my ass and was also slapping it with his hand. He came after just a minute or

two and pulled out. Another guys then pressed his cock head against my hole

and I knew this one was huge. It hurt so bad I screamed but he stuck it in even

harder and started pounding away! I thought I would pass out but actually, it

started feeling good! I was surprised but I realized that this was getting my cock

hard and when the guy shot his load in me, I came myself!!! My cum spewed out

and all over the dirty bed sheets and the guys saw me do it and they figured that

I must be a fag or something.

They all took turns fucking me for about another hour and I was by now really

enjoying being their fuck hole slave. I had never in my life thought about being a

sub slave but here I was and I was liking it!

They finally finished with my ass and untied me. Cum was pouring from my

stretched out asshole and I just wiped off on the cum stained sheets they had

me laying on.

I had to suck a few more cocks and swallow several more loads but finally, all of

the men except three left the house. The three that stayed told me to take a

quick shower which I did and when I went back into the bedroom, they were all

three playing with each other! I was thinking that these guys were all straight but

kinky mountain guys but NO, they were all bi if not gay! I sat down and watched

them suck each other off as well as me and the four of us did everything you

could think of. The biggest and scariest guy there loved sucking on my cum filled

asshole and he also liked having me fuck his ass while he sucked cock.

They all finished after cumming several times each and the two younger guys

left. As they were walking out the door, I heard them both say "BYE DADDY" and

he said "see ya'll later son's"..and that's when I realized they were all related.

The old man turn to me and asked me to let him suck my cock once more so I

pulled my pants down and let the old guy suck my cock and balls and I even

licked his asshole for him before cumming in his mouth. After he finished, he

handed me a $100 bill and told me that it was best not to tell anyone what had

happened. I took the money, used the phone, got my Jeep fixed and left town!

That event taught me that I LOVED having my ass gang banged and that the

more cum I can swallow, the better I LIKE it..Now, I guess I'm a sub CUM slut for

COCK! Now I just have to find the right guys to use and fuck me like the filthy

slut I am!

100% (28/0)
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4 months ago
well isn't that the truth once you get a lot of cock your a cum slut for sure I know I am
4 months ago
Great story, good luck baby!
7 months ago
would love to be either sides of that!
7 months ago
11 months ago
11 months ago
Super hot story and it reminds me of several times where I was in a room bare ass naked with a group of men and ordered to suck their cocks. They thought that they were forcing me to do things but if the truth was known I was doing it because I loved it. There is just something about being a piece of meat and being passed around from man to man that was very exciting to me.
11 months ago
Fucking hot story got me really hard :p
11 months ago
well hot and horny