Dad taught me how to SUCK COCK

I was in high school and lived with just my dad. Mom had long since left for parts

unknown and I really never knew why she left but she did.
Dad and I had a really close relationship and he did a great job of raising me and

taking care of things.

One afternoon, dad was at work and I was snooping around his bedroom and I

found an old show box in the very back of his bedroom closet. I took it out and

opened the top and inside was a stack of old pictures, polaroids mostly and and

a couple of VHS tapes with no labels. When I looked at the first picture, I was

shocked to see my dad sucking some guys dick!

I went through the pix and saw him doing all sorts of stuff and even one pix of

him on his knee's with three guys holding their cocks just above his open mouth

and they were coming all over his teeth and tongue. Another pix had him butt

fucking some guy and then more pix of dad getting fucked in HIS ass! I couldn't

believe that my own dad was gay, much less sucking guys off and getting fucked


I put the box back where I had found it and when dad came home, I couldn't help

but think of what he had done or what he might still be doing for that matter.
We had some dinner and dad told me that he had to leave for a few hours but

would be home before 11 tonight. I told him good bye and he left the house.

For some reason, I wanted to see those pix again and maybe even see the

video tapes too. I grabbed everything from the shoe box and went into my room.

As I looked at the pix, I realized that I was actually getting turned on by seeing

them and my cock started getting harder by the minute. I played with it some and

stroked myself hard while I looked through the pix.

I took one of the videos and popped it into my VHS player and when the tape

started, there was my dad and 6 or 7 other men, all sitting around stroking their

cocks and balls while they talked. Dad then moved over next to one guy and

leaned over and took the guys cock in his mouth. He pumped his head up and

down over it till the guy shot a load of cum up and into dad's mouth! Everybody

on the tape were k**ding him about getting cum up his nose when the guy blew!

I was by now hard myself and I wanted to cum. Seeing all these guys sucking

each other off was making me horny for some reason and I actually found myself

wanting to be in that video too. As the tape rolled on and I was jerking my own

cock off, I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door and before I could cover

myself up, my dad burst in to tell me that he was home early but it was too late

and I was caught with my cock in my hand and when dad looked at what I was

watching, he kinda turned red in the face!

I thought that I was gonna get it but dad just sat down on the bed next to me and

told me that I shouldn't be fucking around in his room much less looking through

his personal items. He grabbed the remote from me and turned off the tape. He

picked up his pictures I had spread around the bed and the tape and put them

back in the shoe box and told me to come in the living room in a few minutes that

we needed to talk! He left the room, my dick went limp and feelings of dread

came over me as to what he was going to come up with for punishment.

I did as dad told me and sat down on the sofa in the living room and dad came in

and sat beside me. He explained to me that he wasn't gay but he was bi. I didn't

really know what that meant so he explained that he likes having sex with men

and women! I thought about it a second and figured that since I had gotten hard

seeing those pix that maybe I was bi myself!

Dad then went on to explain that he belonged to several swingers clubs for bi

men and that the tape was made at one of those parties. I told dad that it was ok

with me and that I thought it was pretty cool to and went on to say that he must

have a lot of fun at those things. Dad nodded in agreement and we both laughed

about it.

The next day, I got home from school and dad was already there, having gotten

off work early. He told me that he wanted to let me watch those tapes with him

so that I fully understood what they were all about. I told him that I would like that

alot and I thought it would be fun to see. Dad and I went into the den where we

had a big screen TV and an old VHS player. Dad popped the tape in and it

showed dad and a bunch of other men all naked everywhere! There were guys

fucking each other, sucking cock, licking ass and a few other things as well. One

guy was even sucking the toes of a man while that man was sucking cock! It

was cool seeing this big orgy and I had never even heard of stuff like this


As the tape went on, I noticed dad was reaching under the bath robe he had on

and I thought he was playing with himself but I wasn't sure. Dad saw me looking

down at his crotch and he told me that masturbating was ok and for me not to be

ashamed of doing it, even in front of him. With that said, dad pulled the robe

open and his big cock was sticking straight out and he left hand was kinda

rubbing the head. I was mesmerized for a second, this being the first time I had

ever seen a mans cock other than my own. It was a lot bigger than mine but I

figured me being so young, it would grow to be like his.

Dad told me to go change out of my school clothes and to put on only my bath

robe which I did and the whole time I was changing in my bathroom, I was

anticipating what was coming next. I went back to the Den and sat down next to

dad. The tape was still going but I couldn't keep from glancing over at dads giant

cock sticking up! Dad then reached over to my robe and pulled it open exposing

my near hairless cock and balls. Dad told me to start stroking myself and to

enjoy watching the tape with him. So there we both were, Dad and son, jerking

off together!..LOL

After a couple of tense minutes, dad reached over and placed his hand around

the shaft of my cock and he said that this is how I should masturbate. He started

stroking it up and down and it got even larger. Dad then took my hand and placed

it on his meat and had me beat him off at the same time. It was fun and I was

enjoying it a lot and then things got even MORE fun! Dad leaned over and gently

kissed the head of my cock! I felt a shiver go up my spine and I mean that in a

good way too. I kinda jumped a little and dad told me that he could teach me a lot

about how a man has sex and that he thought I might be willing to learn. I told

him that I would love to learn and dad then asked me to come to his bedroom.

I followed him to his bed and dad had me lay on my back with my head on his

pillow. Dad then got in between my legs and took my cock in his hands and

lowered his open mouth over it. It felt really warm and good and when dad

started swirling his tongue around, I thought I was going to cum right then and

there. Dad licked all around my balls and up and down the shaft of my cock and I

was by now in a bliss! I couldn't believe it was happening and even more,

enjoying it! Dad kept his mouth on my cock for at least 10 minutes, licking and

sucking every little part and I could feel his tongue trying to enter my pee hole


Dad raised up and told me that he had one more thing to show me. He told me to

get on all fours and when I did, I felt his tongue run up from my hanging ball

sack, up my crack to my asshole. He licked all around it and then stuck his

tongue in as far as he could. I could feel it in there, swirling around and at the

same time, he was playing with my cock and balls. Dad licked and sucked my

ass for about 10 minutes I guess and when he was done, my hole was dripping

wet from his saliva!

I was still in a doggie position and all of a sudden, I felt some pressure against

my rectum. I could tell it was dads cock but I didn't say anything at all. I just kinda

braced myself for what he was going to do. Dad then whispered to me that he

was going to show me what getting fucked felt like if I was willing to learn about

it. I told him that I thought it might be fun so with that, dad shoved his dick in me

but was very gentle. I felt the head go in first and that kinda hurt a little. He

eased in a little more and then a little till he was completely in my ass. I couldn't

believe it would fit being so long and thick but it did! Dad started pumping my ass

harder and harder and I could feel him tensing up! The bed was really shaking

and I knew that I was about to get filled up with daddy's cum!

Finally, he exploded inside of me and I thought he was going to have a heart

attack or something. He pulled out of my butt and rolled over on his back. His

cock was covered in cum and my ass juice but it looked so good to me that I lost

control and lowered my mouth over it. It was my first time sucking a cock, albeit

a nasty one, but I didn't care at all and just wanted to lick and clean dads big dick

and giant balls! After I cleaned him up with my tongue, I rolled over next to him

and hoped that we were going to still have even MORE fun. Dad looked at me

and smiled and said that we would resume our play in about an hour and that I

should be ready to go! I asked him where and he told me to get dressed and be

ready to go in an hour and it would be a surprise!

We left the house and arrived at a place called the "Mens Club" informed me that it was a club for gay and bi men to meet and workout, etc.
We entered the building and I saw men of various ages walking around with towels around their waists and nothing else, He led me to the locker room where we both undressed and were handed towels by the attendants. Dad seemed to know lots of people there so I knew right away that it was a place he frequented a lot!

We went down the hall to a room with a large hot tub where 11 or so men were in and dad pulled my towel off, then his own and we climbed in. Dad introduced me to several of them and it wasn't long before I felt someone's hand grabbing my crotch. I didn't say anything and let them have a good feel but my dick was now hard and when we got out, my cock was sticking straight out.

Dad and I went into a small room with a bed in it. Dad told me to have a seat and that he would be right back. I sat there till he returned and with him were 6 guys, all totally naked and sporting hard-on's! Dad told me that it was now time to learn how to suck cock so he had me get on my knee's and had those guys kinda line up around me in a semi circle. I took the first one in my mouth and while licking on his cock, I felt compelled to play with his balls to. The guy didn't take long to cum and when he did, I could barely hold all of it in my mouth! He moaned kinda loud when he came and started fucking my mouth even harder. Then another guy started moving toward me saying that he was coming too so I took the one guy out of my mouth and let the other cum on my tongue. I licked his cock clean and squeezed it get the last drop. He pulled out and it was followed by another and another till all the men had cum either on my face or in my mouth!

Dad was just sitting there smiling at me and while I hadn't come yet, I knew I was going to dump my load in someone at this place. Dad took me to another room after I had wiped the cum from my face and this room was an orgy room where you can do anything you want or just sit and watch. We sat up on this sofa that was elevated to give you a good view and we watched men fuck, suck, eat ass, get fucked and jerk off. Seemed like everything was going on here and I liked it all.

Dad finally stood up and pulled me onto this big mattress right in the middle of the room and he bent over in front of me and told me to fuck his ass while his friends all watched. I used my tongue and spit to lube daddy up and then I rammed my cock in his tight asshole! When I started fucking him, lots of guys stood around us and were jerking of while they looked on. Dad told them that if anyone needed to cum that his son (ME) was a swallower and for them to use my mouth! It didn't take me long to cum and I filled dad's ass up with a ton of my sperm! When I pulled out, Dad spun around and wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked out the last bit of cum! Two of the guys watching then came over to me and shot their loads in my mouth and on my face. Dad then sucked off a couple of them.

I got up and sat back down on the sofa and watched as my dad got fucked a few more times and he also swallowed down a couple more loads. Dad seems to enjoy licking and sucking on balls which I also do so that must also run in the f****y.

All in all, we had a blast and we even went to the glory hole room and sucked some more dick and we took turns fucking a couple of guys and their son's who were with them.

Dad and I now do all sorts of things together and recently have started hosting father/son bi swingers parties where even some of the mom's join us! Those are lots of fun and I get to fuck guys my own age and some even younger! I DO like a tight young hole to fuck, fill and suck out

87% (90/14)
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13 days ago
Cldnt suck my dad he was too fucking Big. Huge cock 11"-12" fucker as my arse found out
1 month ago
lucky daddy getting 2 suck and fuck a high school boy
1 month ago
luv u 2 suck mine
2 months ago
great story ........................................dick
3 months ago
sucking cock is good, sucking mature cock is better, sucking daddies dick is the best!
5 months ago
6 months ago
wis he was my das
8 months ago
very nice and horny..i love this and anyone wants to share experiences let me know
9 months ago
What fun!
11 months ago
Dad's are good teachers to young boys, and girls
11 months ago
Shit & Fuck of
11 months ago
very hot story thanks
11 months ago
I'm glad you used bold type and paragraphs--it made readinig your story a lot more fun. I have always been interested in "incest" stories although I never had any interest in my ouwn father--except for his cock. Many gay guys get upset about father son sex relationships. Since no child will ever be the result of such a union all the hand wringing is bs. My only criticism of your narrative is the father calling himslef "bi". Maybe he was at one time but even gay men have made children but that didn't make them bi.
11 months ago
well hot and horny
11 months ago
very hot
11 months ago
Nice story and hot... give me more dirty action with good plot...