Fucking my Buddy and his TEENAGE Daughter

I am over 50 and even though I'm in decent shape, I'm STILL over 50 and thought that I would never get another chance to fuck a young sweet teen again.

One day, a buddy of mine and I had just come back from a hunting trip and I dropped him off at his house. While there, I saw his young daughter for the first time since she was little and she had grown into a hot little thing with tiny tits, long legs and that sweet little face you see in high school all the time.

I spoke with her a bit while her dad poured a few drinks and just before I left, she gave me a big hug and a little kiss on the cheek. I thought nothing about it at the time and took off to my house about 20 miles away. About two weeks passed and one night, I got a frantic call from my buddy and he told me that his daughter had run away and could I help him look for her. I went over to their house and with him in my car, drove around for several hours looking for her in various hang out spots but couldn't find her. Finally, she called him on his cell phone and told him that she was ok and would be home the next day. He was understandably pissed off about it but I took him home and told him to call when she arrived so I wouldn't worry.

I got back home around midnight and guess who was sitting on my front porch...his daughter! I got out of the car and told her to call her dad to pick her up and that I would even take her home if she wanted. She followed me into the house and I noticed that she was cold and a little wet (it had been raining some) and I told her to go in my bathroom closet and to get a towel to dry off. While she was doing that, I poured myself a glass of beer and picked up my phone to call her dad but before calling, I glanced up and she was standing there with nothing around her but a towel. Truthfully, she looked HOT as hell but I needed to get her home so I told her to get dressed and if needed, I would loan her some dry clothes. She then asked if I would mind if she took a shower real quick before I called her daddy so I told her to go ahead but that her dad was sick with worry about her and that I wasn't going to delay anymore.

She went into the shower and I could hear the water running but I heard her then call my name out so I peeked in the bathroom door to see what was up. She was completely naked now and had the shower door wide open and asked me if I could hand her some shampoo and a washcloth. I couldn't keep my eye's off of her young little body and secretly wanted to just pull my cock out and stick it in her. I handed her the items and she asked me if I would like to shower with her if I promised not to tell her dad anything about it and to my own shame, told her that I would love to do just that!

I took my clothes off and joined her and as the hot water passed all over us, she took some soap and started rubbing it all over my stomach and then down to my cock. Having her little hands rubbing soap all over my cock and balls, I got an immediate hard-on and she just kept on stroking it and finally, she went down on her knee's and placed her lips over the head and then slid her mouth down the shaft and back up again! I could barely stand up while she did this and I was shocked that a high school girl could suck cock like that and especially be turned on by an old man like me. I kept my hands on her head while she used her mouth to fuck me and when she stood back up, I got on my knee's and licked at her little pussy best I could in the confines of the shower stall. She had just a light covering of pubic hair and her little clit just barely stuck out from her pussy lips but it was enough to get my lips on. I licked it for a few minutes and she raised one leg to give me better access but it was still just to damn tight in the stall so I asked her to get out and go to my bed. She agreed so we dried off best we could and jumped in my bed.

She laid back on the bed and had her long thin legs wide apart and I was getting a great view of her teen pussy and the light hair that surrounded it. I crawled in between them and gently started licking and sucking on her little hole and clit till she was soaking wet. Her little pussy seemed to get wetter every time my tongue went in it and she seemed to be getting off because she was pulling back her legs and moaning. I picked her tiny ass up so I could get even better access to that sweet, sweet hole and thats when I decided that I wanted to eat and lick her little asshole. I rolled her over and got her on all fours. I then placed my mouth over that tiny pink hole and let my tongue swirl around her button and then I stuck it in as far as I could. She told me that I was a nasty dirty old man and that she knew that I might like doing filthy things with her and that's why she had come over to my house. I didn't really pay attention to what she was saying so much as to what her young tender body was doing.

Finally, I rolled her back over and stuck my cock in her mouth and started pumping those sweet young lips and warm mouth as hard as I could. She took every inch of it and even used her hands to play with my balls and asshole while I was fucking her mouth! I was about to cum but didn't want this to end too quickly so I pulled out from her mouth and laid on my back and signaled for her to ride my cock. She got on top and the feeling of that young pussy sliding over my old cock was incredible. She rode my dick for what seemed like forever and while doing it, talked filthy to me, telling me things like she had always wanted to fuck a daddy and feel his cum shoot in her and that she couldn't wait to have a few old men use her as a slut for the weekend! Everything she said made me harder and when I came, she took in every bit of my cum and when she crawled off of my cock, cum was everywhere and even dripping from her tight little pussy. She leaned over and licked my cock clean, then my balls, and finally the insides of my thighs and down my ass crack. She looked at me and while licking her lips, asked me if I would mind getting the cum out of her. I didn't know what she meant so she said she would show me.

She straddled my face and while I was looking up at her freshly fucked teenage hole, lowered herself over my mouth and told me to suck out my own cum. I was kinda freaked out about it but complied and gently sucked on her till I had a mouthful of my own cum mixed with her pussy juice. I swallowed it down and she got off of me and sat by the bed.

We talked a few minutes and at the same time, she gently stroked my cock and played with my large balls. I could feel myself getting hard again and asked her if she wanted to fuck some more before I called her daddy about getting her home. She told me that she was ready for anything and she got back on the bed, on all fours and asked me to fuck her in the ass as hard as I could! I was more than ready and stuck my cock so deep up her tight little asshole that I thought she would scream but she didn't. I fucked her for several minutes before shooting my load in her butt and when I pulled out, a bunch of my jism seeped out. She reached around and scooped some up with her little fingers and stuck them in her mouth and told me that she loved the taste of her ass juice mixed with cum! I was amazed at how slutty this little 9th grader was but in a few hours, I was going to find out!

I had her get dressed and called her daddy on the phone and told him that I had just gotten home and that she was sitting on the front porch when I got here. He thanked me and I told him that I would drive her home and see him within the hour. We got in my car and headed to her house.

When we arrived, I went inside and he was a little pissed at her, or so it seemed, and the two of them went to the back of the house to talk. I was sitting there and a little uncomfortable seeing as how I just just fucked my best friends teenage daughter. After a few minutes, he came back into the den where I was sitting and she came in right behind him. Weird part was that she was wearing only a light cotton robe with nothing on under it and the robe was opened up down to her navel and both her tiny underdeveloped tits were showing. He looked at me and grinned and told me that she had told him everything and he wanted to know what I thought about fucking this little girl. I was freaked out by this point and couldn't think of what to say at all. I stuttered a few times and that's when he told me that he knew his little girl was a slut and that he knew that she loved fucking older men.

I started to get up but he told me to just sit back and enjoy and that everything was cool with him. His daughter then sat beside me and opened her robe completely. Her dad sat on the other side of her and began fondling her tiny nipples. I was speechless by now but figured out that she and her dad had something going on that was better left unsaid..LOL.

I reached under her robe and started playing with her still wet pussy and clit and she leaned over and started sucking my cock while her dad played with her clit and nipples. It wasn't long before we were in the bedroom and she was fucking us both and we were taking turns cumming in her as much as two old men could.
That's when things turned 180 degree's again when her dad (my best friend of twenty years) got under us while I was fucking her doggie style and he pulled my cock from her pussy and popped in to his own mouth! His daughter then rolled over and watched as he sucked my cock, licked my balls and stuck his tongue in my ass, all while she was watching. She told me she loved watching her daddy suck dick and she actually helped him by stroking my shaft while he sucked on it. I felt myself cumming and when I did, he took the entire load in his mouth, leaned over and kissed his daughter so they could both share the cum.

We spent the rest of the night fucking her and taking turns using every hole she had and just before we went to sl**p, she asked me to suck his cock which I did and I got my first taste of a mans cum ever! It was kinda gooey but good and to tell the truth, mixed well with his daughters juice too!

We have gotten together a few times since and now when I go over, I fuck him in the ass while his daughter strokes his cock but that's another story!!!

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9 months ago
Love it. Wish I could fall into something like that. Just the thought of Daddy/Daughter gets me rock hard.
11 months ago
wish it would happen to me
11 months ago
Amazing hot story!
11 months ago
HOT!! give me more erotic details... nice story...
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Nice story
1 year ago
very hot story