My Mom and Dad have always been sexually liberal and they are also avid nudists. We lived at a nudist camp for years and I was totally use to seeing them run around naked and I knew for a fact that they were also swingers. I use to lay in bed at night and I could hear them with other couples and single guys and girls at night and when things got quiet, I knew that they were all in the bedroom together and every now and then I could hear my mom or one of the other women that came over moaning or getting their head banged against the beds headboard! I would lay there and jerk myself off, thinking about what they were doing in their bedroom with all these people in there.
One morning, I woke up and heard them all out on the back deck talking and saw them sipping coffee and I knew the other couple had stayed the night for sure. I went into my parents bedroom and saw a strap-on dildo on the floor along with a few other things I couldn't identify at that time..LOL
I picked up the strap-on and was looking it over when my mom suddenly came into her room and yanked it away from me. I asked her what it was and she told me that she would tell me later but for me to get out of there and go have some breakfast she had made.
The other couple finally left and the day went on as usual. I went down to the pool and checked out the naked women there and as the day wore on and it started to get dark, we had dinner and Dad then told me that he and mom wanted to talk with me about something that had been on their minds.
We all sat down in the living room and as usual, they were butt naked, and mom mentioned me looking at her strap-on that I had picked up off the floor. I apologized but dad said that they both knew I was just curious about it and that they wanted to explain their lifestyle to me. The told me that they had what was called an "open" relationship and that they both liked having sex with people other than each other. They went on to say how much they loved each other, blah, blah, blah, etc. but that they felt it was time I knew about it (even though I already knew ALL about it I acted like I didn't) and that they also felt it was time that maybe I would like to experiment they way they did! I wasn't sure what THAT meant but I had an idea so I asked what they meant and mom said that maybe I would like to meet some of their sexual friends and even possibly join them for some parties. Dad explained that now that I was of age, I might have some fun doing it. Honestly, I was a little surprised but I was all ears and ready for anything by now.
Dad told me to follow him to their bedroom which I did and he pulled the strap-on from the bedside table and let me hold it. It was really big (larger than my cock for sure) and it was made of some kind of soft plastic that felt real to the touch. Dad explained that mom liked to wear it and shove it in his ass. He bent over and placed the head of it against his hole and kinda demonstrated how it worked without actually shoving it in. I was a little freaked out to tell the truth but really starting to get horny and since I was already naked, dad noticed it and reached over and took my cock in his hand and kinda stroked it a bit and told me that they would love to teach me a few things tonight.
A couple hours passed and I was out by the pool when mom came up to me and asked me to go to their bedroom real quick. I went in and dad was already on the bed, laying on his stomach and I noticed that a dildo was sticking out from his asshole. Mom got on the bed next to him and motioned fior me to come over. I sat beside her and watched as she fucked dad with her toy. He started moaning a lot and then rolled over, stroking his own cock and that's when I saw cum shoot from it and spew all over his stomach. legs and down over the crack of his ass. Mom was smiling and she leaned over and licked some of the jism up and then asked me if I was ready to learn. I told her yes of course so she had me get on all fours while she put on her strap-on and she lubed my hole up real good, inserting a couple of fingers at first and then I felt the dildo start to enter me. It hurt at first but she was gentle and finally got the entire thing stuck inside of me. She began thrusting her hips and honestly, it felt weird but good at the same time. Dad was on his side now and he reached over and took my cock and started stroking it till I was hard as hell and ready to cum! Mom noticed I was about to blow so she puled the dildo from my ass and rolled me over, my cock was sticking straight up and dad then leaned over and locked his lips over it ,letting me cum in his mouth! I felt like my orgasm would never stop and when I finished, dad leaned toward mom and spit my young cum in her mouth! Mom kissed me and I felt her tongue swirl around in my mouth mixed with my own jism. They both laughed a bit and told me that they had wanted to do this for years and finally they have. We all went on to bed a while later, sl**ping side by side and mom occasionally reaching around me to play with my spent cock.
They next day, they had several other couples over that were also nudists and I had met most of them before. My dad had apparently told everyone about our little sex party and everyone was k**ding me about me no longer being a virgin!
Mom mixed some drinks and everybody went out to the pool and that's when I learned a lot MORE about sex! Dad had me sucking off all his friends and mom had me eating cum from the women! It was a blast and that afternoon, they all took me upstairs and bent me over the end of the bed where I was butt fucked by all the men while the wives watched and then the girls took turns using a strap-on on me! I didn't realize that an ass could be fucked so much and not bust...LOL.
Now, I am at all their parties and they let their friends use me in any way they like and I LOVE every minute of being a CUM slut and an ASS WHORE. Dad has even taught me how to suck and lick a mans ass which is my favorite!

87% (59/9)
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1 month ago
HELL YEA AWESOME SEXY HEAVEN wish it happened to me sweetie,love to join sweetie
4 months ago
Liked it for lots of reasons!
4 months ago
Wow!!! Ok im sooo jealous lol...ur parents are the coolest on the planet!!! Yes, i wish i could be adopted??? Lol...great story, please keep ur stories cumming...we want more!!
5 months ago
loved it my cock is real hard due to menory
7 months ago
very fucking hot
8 months ago
Lucky boy! Never had my Mom involved, but my Dad was a MACHO MAN!!! HAHAHA! Just one question- did you ever wish you had a sister? Great post!

9 months ago
Good story.
9 months ago
If only.
Alas it is not to be.
1 year ago
Great story as always, would love to join you
1 year ago
damn that was a good one
1 year ago
so nice to used by parents
1 year ago
Wanna read more!
1 year ago
sounds like a hot time to us mmmmmm
1 year ago
nice fun your having
1 year ago