My first ORGY with my COUSINS

I was always a little horny even when I was little and would play with myself while in the tub or in my bed at night. I even tried fucking myself in the ass a couple of times with things I found around the house.
My cousins use to come over to spend weekends at our house on the lake and we would do some experimenting sometimes with each other but nothing really too wild. I might grab my cousins cock or he would grab mine and sometimes his s****r Leslie would come in the room and would let us rub her little pussy or something. Like I say, we were really young and not to aware of what was good or not. We just all knew that it felt good so we did it.
One summer in July, we had a f****y reunion and everybody was there. Dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We were all having fun and then came the night and time to go to bed!
The adults put me, my cousin Mike, Glenn and two of our female cousins, Leslie and Patti, who were s****rs, all into one cabin that was a good ways from the main house. We all had sl**ping bags and were snuggled in for the night but being young and at our age, no one wanted to sl**p so we all sat around with a couple of flashlights and started talking and cutting up with each other.
I was sitting there with a blanket around me and wearing only my pajama bottoms on and I felt my cousin Mike (who was several years older than me) reach over and under the blanket. It was still kinda dark and when his hand reached along my thigh and up to my little cock. I had a feeling that he wanted to play with it. We had done this before but never with anyone around so I figured that no one could see us so I let him do it. He started rubbing around my cock head and then on my little balls till I had a hard-on and he then started kinda stroking it up and down. I acted like nothing was going on since I didn't want to get caught.
Honestly, it felt really good and I was having fun while he did it but after a while, we all settled down and he stopped. The lights went off and we all tried to sl**p but after about 20 minutes, I looked up and saw him and my cousin Glenn get up and go outside. I followed them and when they got over by a picnic table, Glenn dropped his pants and I watched as Mike took his cock in his mouth and started sucking on it. I was getting a hard-on again watching them do this and I wanted in myself so I walked over to them and they both jumped a mile in the air! I told them that I was cool with it so I pulled my pants down and let Mike play with my little cock too. We all fooled around for a bit, I sucked them, they sucked me and thats when Mike said he wanted me to try something fun. He told me to get on the ground on all fours so I did and I felt him start rubbing my asshole and then he stuck a finger in it. He told me that he wanted to "cornhole" me. I had never heard of it but it sounded fun and thats when he stuck his cock in my butt! He fucked it for a while and then my other cousin took his turn! It was fun, feelng their cocks in my ass and all of a sudden, a flashlight was on us and their stood my cousins Leslie and Patti!! I was horrified and so were my cousins and we had just been caught red handed butt fucking each other! I felt like shit and my cousin Glenn even started crying, thinking they were going to tell on us.
The girls were laughing alot and actually, I was freaking out to because both the girls were always telling on us for any little thing we did. Leslie then told us to keep doing it and that if we did, she wouldn't tell. Mike didn't want to but after a few minutes, he got down on the ground and I stuck my cock in his butt! Thats when I was surprised at what Leslie did. She reached around me and started rubbing my little balls and ass. It felt good and I was thrilled she was being so cool about it. Patti was still laughing but I could tell she was getting turned on a little and she started playing with Glenns cock! She got on her knee's and took Glenn in her mouth and was rolling her tongue and mouth all over him. She stopped after a couple of minutes and said that we should all go back to the cabin before our parents caught us. We all agreed and headed back. When we got inside, Leslie laid down and let me finger her pussy and she even asked me to kiss it which I did and that was my very first time licking a girls pussy. While I did that, Patti was on the floor with Mike and Glenn and they were rubbing her little pink clit and taking turns letting her suck their cocks. Leslie then sat up and told me that she wanted to watch all the guys do each other while she and Patti did their thing so we did!! I started sucking Mike while Glenn butt fucked me and we all were watching as Leslie licked Patti's pussy and they fingered each other! I felt Mike kinda tense up while he was in my ass and I think he came because I could feel myself getting all wet back there and then Glenn did the same. After about an hour of this, we heard the back door of my parents cabin open and close so we broke everything off real quick and got back in our sl**ping bags. We were right too because just about a minute later, my dad appeared in the doorway to check on us. The next morning, we all woke up and nothing was said about it at all!

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22 days ago
You are one great sensual writer
10 months ago
Always a fun time!
1 year ago
Hot story!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good stuff! I hope there's more to this story!
1 year ago
very hot and arousing story!
1 year ago
Great story, I wish I was there.
1 year ago
Great story, had my cock hard.